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  • Hi

    Apologies if this has already been asked and answered, I scanned through the topics but couldn’t find any posts where I thought this might be covered.

    Do people avoid carbs on a fast day? I’ve read conflicting things with some recommending porridge and other low GI food, and yet I’ve read other saying to avoid carbs as it impacts the fat burning process. Any advice?

    Some of the staples I was planning to use on my fast days were porridge, green smoothies, and fish and eggs – I’ll mix things up a bit more but these were things which were easy for me and I liked. I’m just a little concerned that the smoothies and porridge could be too many carbs and impact the benefits of the diet?


    Depends a bit on how you react to carbs as they can trigger hunger in many of us.

    In my view everybody who wants to loose weight should consider going seriously low carb. Fat is much better, well maybe not on fast days but on all other days. Carbs inevitably need insulin to be processed and insulin makes us fat.

    Insulin does not make us fat, eating too much sugar is the problem.

    maralgil, have you read the book? I tis very useful to do so when starting this WOE. There is also a thread on this website for newbies with lots of information.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes I read the book but it didn’t seem to decisive one way or the other on carbs (apart from processed carbs and refined sugars which I know are bad for a diet). It was more what I read on here that confused me a little.

    Today I had porridge and got some smoked salmon and egg for dinner so not too carb heavy, and the porridge is low GI and definitely helped keep the hunger pangs at bay during the day.


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