Can't get it to work for me!

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Can't get it to work for me!

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  • Can someone please tell me what and when to eat for the just the first week so I can see some results? I did it for 3 weeks and only lost 2 lbs. Please give me a “roadmap” and I will follow it to a T!!! Thank you!!

    Did you take your measurements?
    Some people lose 1/2lb a week and others lose 1 lb.
    You may well be shrinking without any change on the scales.
    I made a note of bust/chest, under bust, waist, hips, thighs, calves in January and found today that I have lost 15″ since then! Big regret that I didn’t do upper arms too.
    I found that increasing exercise really helps on a fast day as well.
    I choose not to have breakfast, but split the 500 between lunch and evening meal.
    Have you got the 5:2 recipe book? Great ideas for tasty food that is all worked out for you calorie wise.
    You will have to create your own road map by deciding what meals work best for you to miss and whether you can up the exercise daily. Walking is fab, get a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps every day. Most folk only manage 3/4000 steps a day.


    I fast on Monday and Thursday, on these days

    1 mug of tea with milk, in bed 7 am

    Breakfast about 9am
    I have 28g of porridge, 100ml semi milk and 80 ml water, I sprinkle sweetener on this. I also have 10 raspberries and two strawberries
    1 mug of tea with milk

    Dinner about 5.30pm
    I have half a chicken breast or 3 slice cooked ham, lettuce, half boiled egg, half sliced peach, a couple tomatoes, celery, cucumber, spring onion, also 2 tbl spoon low fat salad cream
    1 mug of tea with milk

    I have this menu on every fast day as its easier. It is under 500 Calories.

    Non Fat Days

    28g Porridge
    1 shredded Wheat
    30g Cornflakes, but only one day as not a good breakfast

    Homemade Soup or fresh fruit sald, mainly, sometimes a sandwich made with two slices of bread and I slice of ham.

    I have the usual home cooked normal food but smaller portions, could be yorkshire pudding , gravy, veg and roast meat/ chop, rice with chilli chicken or beef in a sauce, very little bread and cut down potatoes. A yogurt or fromais Fais for afters. A couple of salads but more meat than a fast day. Also a couple of glasses of red wine, maybe a couple of whiskey during the week. No eating between meals, no biscuits or sweets. Maybe an odd cake or an ice cream but only on a weekend.

    We are trying to keep to this for at least a couple of months and it’s working, three meals a day and that’s it! Not really bothered about the in between picking.

    In two weeks I have lost 5lbs and some inches.
    Husband has lost 6 lbs

    Friday is our third weigh in hoping for a pound each.

    Hope this helps as it suits us

    kt, I had a slow start aswell but I’ve lost 1.5 stone now since June 24. I eat a weightwatchers yoghurt, soup for lunch and 2 boiled eggs on toast for tea, about 550 cals. I’m also doing 4:3. The key is to not overindulge on the feast days otherwise that defeats the object.
    Good luck.

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