Can you REALLY eat anything you want to on non-fast days? I gained 4 pounds.

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Can you REALLY eat anything you want to on non-fast days? I gained 4 pounds.

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  • Hello. I started my first fast day 4 days ago (Thursday). From Friday to Sunday I ate what I wanted. Not my normal diet though. I usually don’t eat fried foods or big sandwiches or pasta or ice cream. I had all of those and then some, plus a several cocktails on the week end. Results: a 4 pound gain. I actually expected that.

    I read TheFastDiet. But maybe I misinterpreted what to eat on non fast days. They seemed to suggest that you can eat anything and still lose weight. But that approach does not work for me.

    I would like some real guidance for eating on non fast days. What has been your experience?

    No you can’t just eat anything!
    Basically the way I read it from any of the books is you increase the daily intake from from 800 cals & 5g fat to 1000cals/ 20g fat, on the nonfast days.

    I am glad it only took you one week to realise that eating high calories from fat sugar and alcohol led to weight gain. Lesson learnt!

    The current recommendation from Dr Mosley is to follow Mediterranean diet guidelines.

    @ogdebhannes – just be sensible on non-fast days. Remember, eating ‘whatever we like’ is how we all finished up here. There’s no magic bullet. Counting calories on non-fast days might help you to reach your goal. Stick to your Total Daily Energy Expenditure (TDEE) on the days you’re not fasting. There’s a calculator on this site, & plenty of apps to make the calorie-counting relatively painless.

    Thanks for clarifying this. I’m still fasting but eating more sensibly. I appreciate all of the tips 🙂

    I’m a Newby! Do I restrict eating hours on non-fasting days? Should eating be restricted to an 8 hour period or not with the 5:2 program?

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