Can I eat after 9pm?

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  • Hi,

    Hope this is not a stupid question as I’m just beginning to start on the Fast Diet.

    My working hours are normally quite erractic and that means I will have my breakfast at around 9am to 10am and my dinner at about 9pm. I’ve once heard that you don’t normally consume dinner after 8pm so not too sure if this is a myth or fact? Today is my first day of Fast Diet and I’m planning to cook Tofu Tomato soup for my dinner/supper tonight. Probably won’t be able to have it until 10pm. Please help! Thanks.

    HI Yongbeng, eat your dinner at the time that works for you. Basically you are wanting to aim for 36 hours from the start to the end. By my standards you also eat breakfast pretty late so it all stretches out quite nicely.

    I normally have dinner around 7pm and breakfast around 7am so very close to the same time spread that you have.

    Good luck with your first day, and know that this fasting thing gets easier with time.

    Like Ghost said, it’s all about how you spread it. It is true that your sleeping rhythm has an influence on your metabolism and all that, but that’s all so complicated I don’t wanna talk about it. Just aim for 36 hours, like said.

    Cool! Thanks!

    Hi yongbeng, I’m in trouble if you can’t eat after 9pm if it makes you feel any better. I’ve been eating my full 500 calories as my only fastday meal at 9:30pm on Mondays (yep – that means today) and sometime after 8pm on Wednesdays for the past 4 or 5 months now. It’s just the best way to fit in the fast for my work/ workout schedules and it seems to be no better or worse than when I was eating my meal at around 6pm.

    pretty much agree with Nika

    Whoohoo! 😉

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