Can I buy the documentary as a DVD?

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Can I buy the documentary as a DVD?

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  • I am searching everywhere – but didn’t think to ask here!

    I have been 5:2 since March after seeing the BBC Horizon documentary from an online link. I have a friend who has started in June, just based on my success and what I’ve been able to tell/describe/explain. However, I don’t own the book and my friend doesn’t own a computer! I would love to buy a copy of the DVD that I could own/watch again and again and also loan to my technophobic friend.

    I know they play it sometimes on PBS here in the U.S. but I don’t know how to find out when that might occur in time to tell her so she can watch it.

    Surely there is somewhere that wants to make a little money off the very informative program?

    Please? 😀

    I second this request! 🙂

    hi Shanti christine67

    i guess it has gotten lost in this gigantic forum


    Eat, Fast and Live Longer, Michael Mosley

    Hi wiltldnrUSA.
    I’ve seen both of the programs on PBS, but it would be great to have a DVD copy to loan to friends. I’ve borrowed my Fast Diet book to a friend, but the documentary is what really inspired me. Hopefully Michael and the producers of Eat, Fast and Live Longer will find someone to produce a DVD. 🙂

    Thanks wiltldrnUSA – I’ve seen it loads of times online and I do have those links in my ‘favorites’. What I really would like to have is a DVD copy that I can loan to friends and also that I can watch myself. I have very slow internet, so it takes me at least two hours to watch the one hour long program online and I have a dear friend at work who does not have internet at all, but I’d love for her to see the documentary.

    I guess I will continue to hope someone will produce it and sell it to me! 😀

    It’s been quite some time since I posted this question – and thank you again for the responses I received. I would still be eager, willing and very appreciative to be able to find/buy the documentary as a DVD! My internet connection makes viewing online very difficult at best and I have numerous friends and family members to whom I would love to loan the DVD or even gift them their own copies if it were for sale anywhere.

    I can’t imagine the company who originally made the documentary wouldn’t benefit from the income generated by selling copies of it, surely?

    Is “Horizons” the name of the company? Perhaps I should direct my inquiry there?

    Suggestions, anyone?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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