Calories for women on fast days – now 700?

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Calories for women on fast days – now 700?

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  • Hi,

    I can’t seem to find an answer to this anywhere on the internet.

    The revised version of the 5:2 states that 800 calories instead of 600 on fast days has been proved to not make much difference to weight loss

    I’m assuming therefore that this means 700 calories for women since the allowance was originally 600 for men and 500 for women.

    Would appreciate some clarification on this.

    Certainly that extra 200 calories makes fast days much more bearable!

    I’ve only seen the number 800 for both men and women. It comes from a different diet, the BSD (Blood Sugar Diet).

    Funny you say it makes the fast more bearable, for me it would be unbearable. I’m fine with fasting until I eat. I’m find fed and I’m fine fasting, in-between it is uncomfortable.

    Yes, Dr Mosley has recommended that if the 500 calories a day is too difficult for you, that you try 800 calories maximum. It is a blanket amount for men and women.
    If that allows you to make 5:2 a sustainable way of eating, then the results will be just about as good as if you ate less on your 2 ‘fast’ days.

    ‘Bearable’ is everything if you want to make it a way of life.
    Cheers and best wishes.

    “Certainly that extra 200 calories makes fast days much more bearable!” It would really depend on what the extra 200 calories were composed of. Two extreme examples. The additional 200 cal was composed of allowing me to have 13 teaspoons of sugar with my coffees instead of no sugar. I could easily see you “crashing and burning” with this additional calorie count. The 200 cal were composed of cruciferous veggies. Very filling, satiation levels would be high. Same additional calories, but if I had to guess Id say one would be a success and the other wouldn’t be. What you eat is in my opinion more important that how much you eat. Choose your 800 calories wisely.

    When I did this successfully before several years ago I would eat 700 cals on fast days and I was amazed at how easily it worked. By the second month my jeans were super loose. And I ate fairly normal plus wine on other days. I am back now to re lose the weight and get to a maintenance level because I’ve learned the weight comes back if one ( me ) is not on maintenance.

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