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  • Hello 5:2ers. How is it going?
    I am on eighth week of this thang! Going well so far. I have lost over 12lbs. Not sure if others feel this, but doing ok, but could do with a buddy or some such additional support…
    I have done pretty well, but my goal seems stones away as I have a lot to lose… anybody there who wants to buddy up via forum?

    Hi orangeblossom, I’m also doing the 5:2 fast and could do with a buddy. I’m on my second week, going on hols on Fri so wanted to shift asap. Have loss a tiny bit but am determined to keep going (won’t be able to fast on holiday though). How much are you hoping to lose? I need to lose a stone but am finding it harder the older I get. Unfortunately, I have been a ‘yoyo’ dieter for many years and this has taken it’s toll!!! However, this way of eating seems pretty sensible to me. When is your next fast day, mine is Thurs. Good luck, let me know how you do……..

    Hi Katser how are you doing? I have fasted today after being away on holiday for 2 weeks. I managed to do 2 days while away. I have lost a stone last year using mindful eating techniques and nearly a stone since beginning of May starting intermittent fasting. I usually do Tuesday and Thursday. Where are you off on holiday?
    I live in south west England. I too have yo-yoed a bit. I would like to lose another 6 or 8 stone. A challenge but after a solid consistent 2 months on this plan, I feel really empowered..
    Sounds like you are making good progress too!

    Hi orangeblossom, I dabbled with IF but found it too hard. I am really trying to stick with 5:2 but go on holiday this week so will have to take a break. My fast days are Mon and Thu. I have definitely changed the way I eat but find I have to work so much harder these days to get the weight off. I live in south east England but used to work in south west England, where abouts are you? Good luck and stick with it.

    Hi, I do Monday and Tuesday. Every so often I do Friday too – particularly if there a ‘heavy’ weekend coming up. Lost 11lb so far in 4 weeks although gained 0.5lb this week (3 meals out over weekend and lots of wine!). On another thread, there was talk of the 16:8 pattern where you eat during an 8 hr window each day and not outside of that – from today I’m going to give it a go on non fast days.

    All the best and keep us posted with how you get on…

    Hi, that’s a great weight loss in 4 wks, well done. I tried 16:8 but couldn’t get on with it. Good luck and let us know how you do.

    Hello and how are you all doing? I swapped to Monday this week and had a bit of a tired headachy day, but got through it, feel good this morning and also lost 5lbs over last fortnight. So pleased. Keep on keeping on x

    Hi all, how are you doing? I am not fasting this week as on holiday in south of France and eating and drinking far too much. Back to England on Sunday, not looking forward to my inevitable weight gain but will start with renewed vigor on Mon. Good luck all.

    Hi Katser, hope France was tres bien and full of bonne viveur!
    How are you doing Goldfinch?
    I had a good week and have lost 3lbs!

    Hi orangeblossom France is TRES AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY HOT. Unfortunately, I have eaten and drunk far too much and very little exercise so not looking forward to weigh in on Mon!!!! Never mind, I am on my holidays so I think I can excuse myself. Well done for your weight loss, that’s brilliant!! I will start fast again on Monday. Keep me posted. Are you doing 5:2? Which are your fast days? I will be doing Mon and Thu.P.S. where in England do you live?

    Hi everyone, hope your all well, I’m just starting the diet and have my first fast day tomorrow, I’m a little apprehensive lol. Hope your holiday has been fab Katser 🙂 x

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