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  • Can I ask who does and who doesn’t eat breakfast on fast days? If you don’t eat it when is your first meal?

    For the first seven or so weeks, I ate breakfast followed by a very small lunch and a very small dinner. As an experiment yesterday I tried water only (well, lots of coffee and water) and I felt much better not eating at all.

    To start with, it suited me well to eat a little breakfast. I run to and from work most days so it was nice to have something after my run. But now that my body is more used to the fasting days, it felt even better to have nothing at all for the entire day.

    I think it’s a good idea to experiment a bit and see what suits you.

    Breakfast = break fast.

    I don’t break mine before 11-12 on non-fast days.

    On fast days, it’s easier if I put off eating for as long as possible, ideally with just one evening meal, although I do sometimes need a small something (corn cake and marmite will do) at 4ish to tide me over.

    I must admit I was several months into fasting though before I managed to go 24 hours without food!

    I’ve only been doing 5:2 for a week Now but I have breakfast at 11.30 so only water before that and then water again until dinner at 5.30 or 6pm. I find that if I eat breakfast any earlier then I’m more hungry through the day! Probably best to try different ways and see what suits you best.

    Thanks guys. I so pretty much the same so it’s good to know I’m not alone 😁

    Hi there,
    I am about to start the fast diet. Still reading the book. Is it possible to do the breakfast at lunch time 1pm and dinner at 7.30pm? I get up very early and it is not practical eating at that time and I would rather to have the breakfast at lunch time as it is easier for me to scape the breakfast. Can anyone help with this please? Many thanks.

    Hi Linda and welcome:

    You can eat any time you want – it makes no difference as long as the calories are within the 500 per day for diet days. Many find eating only one evening meal high in fat and moderate in protein works best, while many don’t eat anything at all on their diet days.

    This will answer most of your questions or concerns:

    Good Luck!

    Hi Simcoeluv,

    Many thanks for your reply and very useful explanation. Thanks.

    I don’t eat at all during fasting days. Zero caloric intake. For me it is just easier to have another glass of water. No worries about count calories planning a meal or two.

    Glass under water jug tap lift fill and drink.

    On day 5 of my monthly 5 day fast and I’ll break fast tonight with some melon and blue berries with heavy cream.

    Hi MommyPenney, when I began 5:2 I started the day with a small bowl of porridge, which was great. But after a while I decided I needed my cuppas (with milk in them) and if I cut the porridge I would keep under 500 cal. Plus winter was over, so porridge wasn’t so attractive.
    Then (apart from cuppas) I broke my fast at lunch time with miso soup with chicken in it, but after a couple more months I decided I didn’t need the miso soup until the end of the day, and dropped the veggie soup I had been keeping for supper.
    So over 6 months of fasting my first meal moved from breakfast, to lunch to my evening meal. And now I am beginning to think I could go a day without any meals (but still my cuppas! 😉 )
    So my tip for anyone making this decision, is to try things and let them evolve!

    Hi Mommypenny,
    for the first couple of fast days I drank black tea with some cream for breakfast – that was about 80 calories off my 500 cal budget.
    After a while I thought I might as well stop wasting these precious 80 calories and I stopped having breakfast. Works well enough, I don’t eat anything now until noon or the early afternoon.

    On non-fast days I really want my breakfast, though – 1-2 oranges (cut up), ca. 125 grams of full-fat curds and about one tablespoon of flaxseeds – a sort of fake muesli which keeps me fuelled until noon.

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