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  • This is only my second day of fasting (day one was Monday). My blood pressure is usually about 130/85 (I’m not on any medication and never have been). Since fasting on Monday it’s been up around 150/100, making me feel pretty rough, today is no different. Has anyone else experienced increased BP since starting the 5:2? What’s causing it? Will things improve? Grateful for any advice. Thanks

    Hi Daz, I am 65 yr old grumpy old man. Have been on the 5:2 since Jan this year.
    Prior to this my blood pressure was within acceptable “normal” levels. I actually took my blood pressure this morning after my 2nd fast day this week, it was 120 over 81. I am 5-9ins now weighing in at 14st 8lb having started at 15st 12lb. I am not a medical man so cannot give any medical reason for your increase readings. If you have your own monitor then I suggest you take several readings around the same time each day,3 or 4, record the time and the readings. Do this for say a month taking specific note of readings just before each fast day and just as you finish and are about to resume a “normal” day of eating. I suggest that this will, over time give a more accurate average blood pressure reading and may indicate peaks and troughs at particular times. Also diary your food intake each day for the same period, this will give a history that may help you identify certain foods that impact on your blood pressure.
    Good luck.

    Hi Couscous. Thanks for replying, that sounds like good advice. I need to do some analysis over time to understand what’s going on. I’m not throwing the towel in just yet. I’m a 47 yr old grumpy male, 6ft 1″ and 13st 7lb, so not too overweight really. Your BP is good, hope mine is that good at 65! I have my own monitor. Just taken BP at 10.30pm, it was 130/90. Well done on the weight loss. Thanks again.

    I wrote about a similar increase in BP happening to me. I have been on the 5:2 diet for 3 months and lost 12 lbs, and 4 inches from my waist. My BP before the diet was 130/80, but on the diet it became consistently 150/90, even though I was on 40 mg/day Micardis (contains Telmisartan ā€“ an angiotensin 2 receptor antagonist). I have now increased my dosage to 60 mg/day, and BP is now down where it was. Iā€™m very disappointed in this, as I was hoping the diet would enable me to get off my BP tablets, but in fact I have to increase them. I do not eat red meat, do not add salt, I eat a lot of vegies and fruit, I do not have any caffeine and only have no to low fat dairy, and I exercise for 1/2 hour most days (skipping and elliptical trainer). Could it be the low salt – on my non-fast days I take in about 750 mg of sodium each day. On the two fast days I only take in about 380 mg of sodium each day. Am I now getting too little salt??

    Hi Daz and Jens BP, I am interested in your comments concerning how fasting seems to have increased Blood Pressure. I googled “Fasting and raised blood pressure” and google came up with a myriad of sites, some with interesting reading. Google Scholar may also be a better research tool for this. I will not repeat some of the sites I visited save to say that there are some interesting comments out there along with some research that may or may not be of help. Just a thought that may nudge you into a little google research. Jens, re your low salt comment. I am no medical expert but like most am aware that too much salt can increase BP. I am also aware that our bodies need to replace certain nutrients, including salts after exercise but I am not sure by how much or when exercise has been vigorous. Try a little research
    Good Luck.

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