Big fella in need of HELP!!

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Big fella in need of HELP!!

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  • I am having problems with this diet, so ive came here for some advice. basically i have a high intensity job where i am constantly lifting heavy boxes and walking for 8 hours a day, im very tall and keep myself fit and i run 4 miles 3 times a week. BUT i have done 6 fast days so far and i have only managed to lose 1 pound? all i can think of is that im eating too much on my non fast days? When ive been on diets in the past i have lost 1-2 stone in anout 2-3 months so just pondering over whether i should stick this diet out? Some advice and tips would be great thanks.

    Big Fella, did you take your body measurements before you started?
    It sounds to me like a lot of your weight is actually muscle mass, and you probably don’t want to lose that. I have an active job and have also only lost about 1lb, but my clothes feel looser and I’m told by colleagues that I’m looking slimmer, so I think my “fat” has redistributed itself, not actually gone.
    Keep a food diary and add up the total daily calories on both fast and non-fast days, it’s easy to exceed your recommended amounts on any day without realising it (I was shocked when I worked mine out).
    Stick with it, this is a plan for life, and the benefits to your body are so much more than mere “weight-loss”, the imaginary holy grail of the serial dieter. You are probably more healthy than when you started, if not much lighter.

    Have you considered that this diet is about more than just losing weight? Maybe you don’t have that much weight to lose, but should look for other improvements instead – lower cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure, internal fat around your vital organs, percentage of body fat vs muscle, etc. Go to you GP to have some blood works done; maybe the results will show up there 🙂

    Thanks all for your kind comments. Yes measured my waist before I started and I’m going to re measure in a few weeks after a good month or so on it. Thanks again.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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