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  • This is how I look now – I am looking for a photo pre 5:2 but I was always reluctant to be photographed 🙂

    NICE, Lindyw!!! Soon 6:1!


    u kook healthy & proud


    Its not a before and after if you don’t put up the before! Its just an after.

    Looking good! And what stunning scenery!

    lovely curves Lindyw, totaly understand the “always reluctant to be photographed” pre-5 2 statement, it would be nice to see how far you’ve come, so when you feel ready please do share, and thank you! xx

    Okay ljc1011 I knew someone would say that 😛
    Looking through my photos I realise there are very few of me. This is mostly because on ‘Photo opportunities’ like holidays, my husband whips out his ‘video camera’ and I take the stills – so if you want to see one oh him it would be no problem. I star in all the movie things – Judith Chalmers eat your heart out. (only Brits will understand that as JC presented a holiday programme for years)
    However I did find a couple one where I am hiding behind a huge bouquet given my on our anniversary and this one, taken at a party where the wine had obviously dropped my inhibitions!

    OMG Lindyw what a transformation. Well done 🙂

    Wow, what a difference! Congratulations 🙂



    still love the pride in ur stance/look
    on the after pic

    Thank you 🙂
    I am blushing now…..

    Good lord, LindyW, what a transformation! You must be feeling on top of the world! Really happy for you 🙂

    There you go. Now its a before and after. Wonderful. Good going.

    that’s fabulous, well done you ! 🙂

    Hi Lindy

    That certainly is fabulous transformation-way to go girl

    In the previous photo: is this the weight you were just before you started the fast diet?

    Congratulations! You look fabulous x

    Lindyw thankyou! what an Inspiration to us all, you look amazing x

    Hi BooBoo – the ‘before’ photo was taken last October. Due to a very stressful 8 weeks having our en suite updated between Jan and March this year, and plenty of comfort eating which is what I do when stressed or bored, I added some extra ballast 🙂
    The ‘after’ photo was taken earlier this September in Norway.

    Hi Lindy

    I meant; was that the weight you were immediatly prior to starting the fast diet? because you look as if you have lost quite a lot in total.

    Lord have mercy! You look fabulous! Good for you and congratulations.

    That’s Amazing Lindy! You must feel a lot healthier (and it must’ve been a lot easier climbing those mountains than with your before weight 😉 )

    I already have my proper before picture from when I just came to China, looking forward to showing you my before and after in a while! (Just started, so may be some months)

    Thank you everyone. 🙂
    Nika I went up the mountains in a bus – and arrived just in time for waffles with raspberries and soured cream which was delicious! We were on a Norwegian cruise and food was sparse (not) as you can imagine 😀

    Ooooh so you took the lazy route 😉 As you should, being on a cruise! Hope you had a great time and didn’t worry about dieting for a while!

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)

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