Best low gi and low calorie yoghurts

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Best low gi and low calorie yoghurts

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  • I have only just started fasting and I was having 1 weetabix, milk and a greek style muller yogurt for breakfast coming in at about 180 calories which left me 20 calories for flavoured still water in the day and 300 for dinner. I have read oatibix is better for my gi but higher in calories. Can anyone suggest a great yogurt that is both low in gi and calorie count. Even yogurt with fruit any combo.


    You should only eat plain full fat Greek LIVE yogurt Yeo has a good one but there are many others

    Most low calorie yoghurts are full of additives. You would be better off to have natural unsweetened full fat yoghurt and eat less of it as the healthy fat it contains will fill you up for longer and is better for you. Consuming low fat or fat free milk products means not getting impottant fat soluble vitamins.

    Jemz84, full fat is the way to go. If you need a little bit more, throw in a few berries or some slivered almonds for crunch. Low fat anything is manufactured food.

    Anyone know where I can find the GI values of foods?


    Look on-line, there will be numerous sites with the information you require.

    @jemz. Are you in Oz? Best full fat yogurt Ive come across is Jalna plain greek yogurt. 10% fat and less than 5% sugar content.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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