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  • Hi

    I have been following FD since 2017 May, had great success losing weight. I went from 168lbs to 133 lbs on my lowest weight 2 years ago.

    Last year I stayed between 140-150 lbs.I kind of on/off followed 16:8. This January I am starting back again. I will like to come here for accountability. I will like to keep a weekly post here.

    Week#0: 151.2 lbs starting weight


    Hi Sabina,

    This will be my third attempt!
    I’ve had success using 5:2, but I always fall off the wagon and put it all back on.
    2015 109kg – 88kg January – June

    Pregnancy & small child-rearing break

    2019 107kg – 91kg January – March

    2020 106.5kg – ? January – July

    This Year it has to work – I have a wedding to go to in July and dozens of people who haven’t seen me since my own wedding 8.5 years ago will be there.

    82kg or less or bust (that was my wedding weight).

    Welcome Sabina and Mamie Muse,
    This forum is great for accountability, good luck with 5:2 this year.

    Good luck! I am beginning for the first time this year.

    Week#0: 151.2 lbs
    Week#1: 146.9 lbs -4.3lbs(3 FD)

    I had a great first week. I tried to fast 3 days. Mon/Wed/Fri. My first FD was extremely tough. It gradually got more manageable. I did track my calories for the weekdays. I missed tracking on weekends. I must say I had a fair bit of treats over the weekends.:-)

    As for my workouts, I am keeping up with Jillian Micheal’s Body Shred program week 3/4 4x/week and running/walking on my new iFit enabled treadmill. I love how I can walk across the world with trainers motivating along the way. Although I usually walk/hike a lot during summer month, my winter months used to be very long. I am so excited to keep up with my running/walking during these cold months. I will be very prepared this time for the 10 k race that I signed up for the end of May.

    @mamie Muse, let’s make it all the way this year. 6 months seems like a plan we can stick to. Please feel free to drop by and share your journey.

    @cinque and @taysic, thanks for your encouragement. I always found this forum very supportive as well.


    I am trying to start again. I have gained some covid-19 weight that I have to lose one more time. GOAL is to get to 145 lbs by July 1st. I have 4 weeks to lose 4.4 lbs!

    Start Day–>11th May
    Week#0: 152.2 lbs
    Week#1: 150.5 lbs -1.7 lbs(2 FD)
    Week#2: 149.4 lbs -1.1 lbs(3 FD)

    Good luck Sabina! I am like you, I was able to get down to my lowest with 5:2 (127 lbs.) in 2017. I started at 145 lbs. (Thursday), doing FD 800 calories for a few weeks to get a good start. Yesterday was a little challenging, but feeling better today. After June 11, I’ll go back on 5:2.

    Hi Sabina, haven’t heard from u in a long time. Please let us know if u avoid carb during week or and on the weekends? I am a lady 43, weighing 68,5kg, need to loose 6kg. But I feel that when I eat carbs on my eating days i keep loosing the same weight and gaining it back recently. I started this journey in June 2019 at 72,5kg falling off the wagon several times. I started this year again doing 4:3. I really want to loose this 6 kg but my weekends are a challenge with the kids and hubby when we eat all the carbs on the weekend.
    Would like to hear from u.


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