Beating the bloat

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  • Hi.
    I have been reading through the thousands of posts on the site all week a little dubious about posting.
    I tentatively tried my first fast day last week not sure how/if I would survive a whole day on 500 calories but hey – I’m still alive…

    So enough of the pretending I’m not overweight and enough of starting the day with my trousers done up and finishing the day with the trousers undone, enough of coming home and changing into a robe because my stomach has bloated again, I need some help.

    My plan is to start tomorrow and try the basic 5:2 approach, But I would love to be able to track my meals to be able to monitor any bloating to try to eliminate certain things. Can anyone recommend a reliable app please?

    Thanks in advance

    Fasting might not do anything for bloating, unless you are Water Fasting. Try GasEx.
    good luck

    Hi there, I have used Easy Diet Diary for ages now. Easy to search and add foods etc. can scan barcodes and make recipes to save for later, for example making a prawn stir fry with heaps of veges, you can add all foods with their weights, save meal as Prawn stir fry, makes 4 portions, then add 1 portion of Prawn stirfry for today dinner and one portion for tomorrow lunch. You can also add notes to the bottom of each day

    Sounds like a good plan, TigerAnne. And welcome to Fasting.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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