Back on this after 7 years away. Week 1, first fast day.

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Back on this after 7 years away. Week 1, first fast day.

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  • Hi all!

    Just writing a short accountability diary. I did 5:2 for around 6 months about 7 years ago. It was the longest I have every stuck to any kind of eating plan, and it changed my relationship to food in a really positive way.

    Lockdown has undone some of these good habits, and I need something to reign in my constant consumption. I don’t mind putting on a bit of weight during this crisis, I mean, if the worst thing to happen to me is I put on a few pounds then, lucky me…

    But! It’s getting a bit daft now and I don’t want to have to buy new clothes so…

    Back on it!

    Today I had an apple, and some bean thing which I reckon puts me around the 500 mark? Who knows! Getting peckish now but think I will go for my daily walk.

    Welcome back Velvet.

    Welcome back and good luck!

    Ok managed the first week. I do 5:2 in a very approximate way, and one of the days was probably more like 650 cal, but hey, I did it.

    Today on a fast day. Have had an apple. Food plan is a microwave meal (383 cals) and a boiled egg for tea.

    I tend to find the microwave meal route is easiest for actually knowing calories.

    Do you find your microwave meals to be very filling? Just curious! I do a lot of scratch cooking and don’t consume too many packaged food items, but the few times that I have eaten them, I’ve found myself quite hungry! I’d love to hear what sorts of microwave meals you are buying, because I am sure they must be quite handy to have around. 🙂

    I’m the same. Many years since I did this. I’ve lost 1/2 stone during lockdown just cutting back but I’m on this now to get another half if not a stone off. I always struggle to maintain weight loss whatever method I use. Plus I’m always chopping and changing things. So I’m trying now to just follow this with fasts mon and thurs making tues and wed sensible with just a couple of meals and time restricted eating, then fri sat and sun do brunches and an evening meal with alcohol allowed on 2 days out of 3. I need a framework and some self imposed rules otherwise I get out of hand!! See how it goes 🤞

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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