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  • Good morning everyone!
    NOT HAPPY JAN!!!!!!! I have put 2kgs on since Friday’s weigh in. wieghed this morning 81kgs.
    How can this be? I feel I did not do anything stupid with my eating. how can 2 glasses of wine with ice cubes, 1 date scone, frankfurts x2 with 1/2 bun do this over 3 days go figure!!!!! so today I am fasting again.
    I repeat NOT HAPPY………Go Gal

    Good morning girls, how did you go with your fasting. You should be finding it getting easier each time you do it. I guess you are getting quite proficient in cooking low cal meals too. Don’t beat yourself up if you slipped up somewhere through the day, the main thing is you are now more conscious of what you are putting in your mouth, this is our new way of life and there are bound to be times we fall into our old habits formed over a lifetime so this will take time to become second nature to you. We are on the 5:2 for the long haul so there are bound to be hiccups along the way but overall healthier eating habits will be formed. I hope all the Vic people survived the storms over night, plenty of rain down my way which means full water tanks. Have a great day and be kind to yourself…..CG

    Gogal, could be the fluid shifts you talked about ALSO I love frankfurts but BIG cals in each one, so long as they are calculated into your daily count they should be fine though. You may surprise yourself and have a big drop by Friday! Keep up the determination mate, YOU CAN DO IT. ..CG

    Hello Everyone

    I just did my first fast day, and despite having to prepare my kids pancakes last night, I think I did it. 1.5kg have come off the scales overnight, but I’m guessing this will go back on?

    Just wondering if anyone has experience with doing 5:2, but combining it with an extended 16 hr overnight fast, on the normal eating days? I’m someone who usually likes to eat breakfast around 11am, so do a 16 hr fast most days. Has anyone experienced more weight loss doing this? I would still eat the normal calories for a normal day, just not start until 11am.

    Any ideas?

    Hi katietas, from what I’ve read on these forums, you are doing your fast days perfectly, holding off as long as you can with breakfast after a fast day IS extending your fast, well done? You could also make your 11.00 am breakfast a brunch…early lunch which is one meal less for the day…CG

    Thanks CG – Yes, if I eat eggs at 11am, no bread, I don’t need to eat until dinner time, other than a handful of nuts in the afternoon. I do this about 3-4 days a week. However, this is how I’ve been living for years now with no weight loss, so I hope the fasting days do something extra.

    Maybe change WHAT your eating, vegie soup in the afternoon? Alternate yoghurt and fruit for breakfast?….our bodies get so used to what we eat….shake it up with changes?

    Hi everyone! Well my fast went really well yesterday, I am getting the hang of it now, like you said CG. My eating is much better during the week, then with the fast again on Thursday, the weight comes off…

    Go gal….I’ve been eating (and drinking) whatever I want on weekends….but decided NOT to weigh yesterday before my fast as I knew I would be heavier….it’s just temporary, but it can get you down….I weighed today after fast, and I am the same as Friday’s weight, so I’m pretty happy…I know it’s hard not to weigh, I’m at it all the time….sometimes 3 times a day…..but I’ve decided to cut it back to a few times a week….and NEVER on Mondays after three days of eating normally….

    I’m really happy as I’m wearing some of my smaller clothes…..:)

    Keep going everyone……WE CAN DO IT!

    Well said Foxy, I’m sure there will be weeks when the scales hate us and don’t move in the right direction, but maybe just weighing Friday is the better option, if you can stand the wait! I taped the show we all saw and he does say ” eat normally, what you normally eat when not fasting” so Gogal you have done nothing wrong. He does not say, keep cals to the lowest ebb, or be careful of what you eat, the key factor that got us all in is 2 days fasting, 5 days you eat normally. Take care and remember your AUSSIE DETERMINATION you do become mindful of what your eating because WE CAN DO IT!

    Thank you my wonderful encouraging buddy and Foxy for your words of support ! I am possibly obsessive about these foods that I had eaten ,it was not much ,the franks where 200 cals each. I know that I did not come close to 1800 cals each day.

    Morning girls, tomorrow is another fast day. Golly they come around quickly. Key word is PLAN PLAN PLAN. If your clever and forward thinking you my even have portion size meals in the freezer. We are all learning what works for us week by week. If you are getting bored with your fast day meals, get on line, there are so many suggestions on meals under 200-300-400 cal available or even if you alter them to suit your taste and Aussie availability so don’t give up because you run out of ideas. It’s very easy, mind set definitely helps. So take care, be kind to yourself, show your AUSSIE DETERMINATION because WE CAN DO IT!

    Evening one and all!I fasted yesterday and it went well, very hungry today though. Hung off eating till 11am, then had fruit at 3pm dinner was bolognese with no pasta that my hubby made…. boy was it good!
    So Fast day tomorrow and yes I have planned well … I think.
    Country Girl…. I hope to see a drop of some kind.
    With AUSSIE DETERMINATION …. absolutely WE CAN DO IT tomorrow and everyday!!!! all the best………Go Gal

    Hi ladies !
    I’m on my second fast day today ! I like to try and get it out of the way by fasting on Monday and Wednesday ! I didn’t weigh in last week as I was away for the week on a short trip which was lovely and when I got home I weighed and I’m down another 1 kg!
    A recipe for carrot soup that I found online has made the fast days so much easier as it comes in at only 98cals meaning I also get a big salad !
    Goodluck with everyone’s fast tomorrow ! Remember that we all seen progress at different times and although it might not seem so each week we are making a great commitment to our health by fasting !

    Hi girls! It’s such an encouragement reading your posts! That carrot soup sounds great jess…..will have to google it!

    I had my grandaughter today and we made sausage rolls and home made ice-cream….of which I generously partook… that a real word?

    Anyway…..definately need my fast tomorrow!

    Yay! Lets keep up the good work!

    Another Sydney lurker here. I too started about 3 weeks ago and am loving it. My jeans are getting looser and looser. I am finding it so flexible, love that I am not feeling guilty all the time.

    On fast day I find it easier to eat nothing all day and just have a small dinner. I am enjoying the fast day – don’t have to organise food to take with me and not feeling bloated. The first couple of weeks I don’t think I was eating enough on my non-fast days and felt a bit run down but this week seems to be going better. I moved Monday to Tuesday because of the long weekend.

    Still, fasting tomorrow and can’t wait for weigh in on Friday. So far 3kg down and hoping for more on Friday. Went away for the long weekend and didn’t take any naughty food away – just some rewarding Sav Blanc. 🙂

    Good luck everyone tomorrow and weighing in on Friday – can’t wait to hear how everyone went this week. I have just dropped under the 90kg and feel like running so I can get a long long way away from 90kg.

    Its good that everyone is doing well, and welcome vanbrooky. Perhaps we should set up a clothes exchange, I’ve already boxed up quite a few things that are just too loose now. Its fun pulling out the old clothes and finding they fit again YAY! Have a good fast day, I had mine today.

    Im feeling great am fasting today, cant beleive that im feeling so much better, no bloating its great people are starting to notice the slight changes thanks for the support from this group have a great day everyone.

    What wonderful news we are seeing from you all, welcome to our newbies, the more of you who post, the more inspiration spreads to us all. As easy as 5:2 is turning out to be we still need that spark of extra positiveness! (Is that a word?) it’s funny how the dreaded fast day has now become something we all look forward to. Don’t forget the extra fluids today, flush all the nasties away, stay busy, and try not to obsess on food, YOU CAN DO IT, the results of your effort is already starting to show so keep up the good work girls, that’s AUSSIE DETERMINATION. …CG

    Hi there fellow Aussies! I had a lady at work notice my weight loss yesterday Mazzy63, isn’t it a satisfying feeling? Also tried on some jeans last night that I had not been able to do up at the top a few months ago and they fit again! Just in time for spring! I’m fasting again today and planning a slim noodle stir fry tonight with asian greens and a small amount of chicken breast. For now, it’s green tea. 🙂

    Hi girls,
    I’m a newbie, found your posts and have enjoyed reading them.
    PB (poppybear) &I have been gradually adding cms to the waistline for quite a while and with some encouragement he has agreed to go the 5:2 route with me. Makes it a lot easier on fast days, I can plan the same for both of us.
    Tomorrow is our third fast day and so far all going according to plan.
    Unlike a lot of you girls, I’m a breakfast person so have to have my meusli, yoghurt & banana, but have weighed and measured until I have it at 125 cal.
    Just love everyones enthusiam and hope to join in.
    I have found the best time to weigh is after toilet and before breakfast!

    Hi girls and welcome, also anyone who is reading our thread, join in, it makes you feel apart of something special instead of hiding behind your screen just reading, I agree with your perfect weigh in time, mine too, and how fortunate your hubby is joining in nannybear, it makes the lack of temptation so much easier. I think the joy of fast days are coming up with great recipes, it’s surprising what size a satisfying meal is, like stir fries or soup, with such low calories. Keep up the good work girls, you are the ones who are winning this battle, it’s not a contest, this is for YOU! We all put the extra weight on over years of either wrong choices, ease, or being mothers, just hating waste, so filled the plates up, or made up meals with leftovers using butter or gravy or eggs etc….all becoming better creative cooks, but hay, look what we did to ourselves. Take care, be kind to your selves remember your AUSSIE DETERMINATION cause YOU CAN DO IT…CG

    Hi everyone, I’ve been hanging in the back round reading the posts for a couple of weeks now, thought I better step up and say hello, I’ve been doing 5:2 for about a month now and have lost 4.7kg, so happy with that. It’s a fast day for me today so trying to keep busy, I won’t eat till I get home tonight I find it easier not to start. love reading all your posts it keeps me motivated and helps when your having a bad day, hope everyone has a great day fasting or not 🙂

    Reading all these posts and having more join in as well is very motivating to me right now! Fasting today and having a bit of a struggle again with nausea….it’s only 8:15am here so only have had water and green tea. Heading off to work soon, so hopefully that will get my mind off it…this is the 2nd time I’ve felt like this and I think it’s because I had wine the day before….so am definately going to cut it out again mid week and only enjoy at weekends!

    Great weight loss Willbfit, glad you have joined us, that is what I’ve lost so far in about 4 weeks too…

    And fastina….I know that trying on clothes feeling too, it’s wonderful when you can get into them again…

    YES WE CAN DO IT……feeling a lot more motivated now!

    Hi Foxycoxy, I was feeling quite nauseous this morning too! I have had that feeling a few times and I don’t usually drink during the week (although I did have one vodka last night..) I was wondering about that. I often find I am a bit gassy in the morning when I wake up and just have a green tea and I think the nausea is connected to that. It is probably just having nothing in your stomach I guess but it is unsettling. It always passes and I don’t notice it at all in the afternoon, just a morning thing… Hmmm…

    Just a question girls, not pregnant are we?lol xx

    LOL CG… longer have the equipment I’m afraid! Plus I’m a 51 year old granny! But as for Fastina????

    The nausea did settle down. Feeling pretty good right now….just finished my lunch….poached egg on toast with wilted spinach. YUM!:)

    Hope everyone’s day is going well….off to drink another big glass of water now..

    Thought I’d give you a laugh for fast day, it’s good to have a giggle. I’ve drowned my insides with fluids today, guess who won’t be getting much sleep tonight? CG….

    Hi everyone

    Like others have been reading forum for a few weeks. I thought I would contribute.

    I am a wife,mum a part office manager, full time taxi to sports events.

    After a rough few years and stress eating is my problem we’ll one of. So I started at a gym with a group in late august and followed their eating program for about three weeks nothing happened eat 3 meals 3 snacks even at 9pm I had to eat no wonder no weight loss. Discovered 5 2 on Sunday night program. Started on the Monday time to take action. Started 15th September continued my vigorous gym program didn’t mention what I was doing food wise. First fast difficult, has got easier. So fast Monday and Thursday gym workouts Monday Wednesday Saturday.

    Number I have about 40kg to lose. Gulp!!!!! How did that happen. Now only 34.5
    So lost 6.5kg in 4 weeks
    Lost 2cm bust 18cm waist 15cm hips.
    Bmi gone from 46 to 36

    I am very happy.

    A couple of other things I have changed. I do not have morning tea I only have coffee after sitting and observing at work. Skinny people in the department didn’t ever have anything, bigger people had yoghurt and fruit following what we have been told don’t get hungry.

    My fasts I have boiled egg for breakfast a cup of soup for lunch chicken or beef salad for dinner. No snacks.
    Normal days I don’t call them feasts muesli chicken salad or wrap fruit for snack afternoon and few nuts and a large dinner. No pasta or rice. Track all food on fitness pal app.

    My name is bali 2015 as I am booking my next trip as soon as I lose the first 20kg.

    Sorry for so long.

    WelcomeBali2015, your on the right track now, what works for one doesn’t always work for others but the 5:2 seems to work for everyone, keep up the great work, the fast does become very easy, planning is the key to make it so easy. I’m heading for Bali with my 40 year old son next year, might see you there, keep the positive attitude and you’re a winner

    Evening ladies and welcome to all newbies.Fasting was easy this week even though I fasted an extra day. Will I have a surprise on the scales tomorrow? I feel as if I have contributed to the water shortage problem due to the amounts of visits to the bathroom ! and I have great pelvic floor muscles from pilates.
    It sounds like some of you have had difficulty with nausea ? having alcohol… this could be the cause as you have really do not any thing substantial food wise in your stomach….. Had to LOL at CG suggestion… god love you! the alcohol is being very quickly metabolised by your liver. Try chewing peppermint sugar free gum and that will help the nausea. See you all at tomorrow’s weigh in …. WE CAN DO IT WITH AUSSIE DETERMINATION!!!…….GoGal

    Good morning all, well, the first words out of my mouth this morning was, bugger! 90.2 last week, 90.7 today. If anything I under ate this week according to MFP but not so much on purpose, just meal choices. Disappointed but will soldier on with true Aussie determination. It’s expected and I accept it but….bugger! Let me know your good news, I’m not going to do another fast, not until Monday anyway, I plan on making this my new way of eating but it must be doable for me, slightly obsessive but doable, so at least I’m healthier I guess, have to think of that as my bonus, so come on, cheer me up, tell me your good news …..CG

    Forgot to say, lost 5 cm off bust 4 cm off hips….12 cm overall, so that’s my bonus, of course that’s hoping the tape measure is in the same places!

    Now, rub it out, delete it. Have a very early phisyo appointment,so up before awake. I weighed when I first got up, big no no, THEN had my must have first coffee, morning constitutional, shower, then weighed AGAIN. 89.7….I got to the 80 something eventually, haven’t been in the 80 something for years! Yahooooo! It’s surprising how much waste and fluid passes first thing in the morning which accumulates over night. The other thing, I rushed my first weighing, second time moved the scales to the correct place, rather half sitting on the join on the tiles, now on a flat surface, wow, so happy now…..come on, tell me the good news.

    Hi CG, Don’t despair with the weight. The cm drop is fantastic, well done.!!
    I went to WW in 06 after a caravan trip around OZ and found that I lost more weight one week than the following week. Spoke to people and a lot of ladies were the same. This may be your body method and next week will be a winner on the scales.
    good to hear that you are soldiering on -Go CG !
    My fast day today……..

    There you go CG, told you, after toilet, naked, before breakfast, woohoo!

    Thanks nannybear

    Hey, CG, thought of a fun incentive. Are you up for tracking total weight loss of your post followers until we hit the Xmas party “what can I fit into” season.?
    If we all weighed on monday and posted weekly & total loss it would be fun to see just how many kgs we have shed overall.

    Hi everyone. Well done CG into the 80s you go girl!….I had a similar experience… first weigh in I had put on 400g…..but I expected it after the week I’ve had…..then took Chester for a walk, went to loo etc….got changed into work gear, hoppped back on scales (twice to make sure)and still at last weeks weight of 79.3….I have measured and all seems the same….but I think I don’t measure correctly….however, jeans this morning are looser….so something is happening….tempted to fast again tomorrow….but like you, want this to be a doable lifestyle….so will try and be more careful this weekend 🙂

    That sounds like a good idea Nannybear….I do my mine own mini challenge each month….I want to lose 3kg by end of October…if any one wants to join me? Here’s my stats

    SW 80.1kg GW 77kg CW 79.3kg Lost .8/3kg (27%) 10/10/14

    Had a bit of a sleep in this morning, bad night with pain kept me up most of the night.

    3/10 5.5kg total loss
    10/10 6.3kg total loss

    so down another .8kg.

    How has everyone else done. CG well done, the losses keep you inspired to keep going.

    Hi all im a fellow aussie and about to embark on the 5:2 journey starting Monday I need to lose 23kgs to reach my goal of 75kgs 🙂 so heres to success!
    I feel very motivated after reading all your posts!

    Hi everyone. Disastrous couple of weeks with school holiday eating. Have put on 1.4 this week :(((

    Hi nannybear, what you are suggesting is basically what we do now every Friday. We do our weigh in and share our news, good or indifferent. It helps to keep us all accountable especially to ourself. I’m now down 5 k’s yesterday being my 6th fast only so very very happy as with all the girls, the 5:2 is so very doable and with our AUSSIE DETERMINATION. WE CAN DO IT! Welcome to our numerous newbies, it’s great to have you aboard to share hints and news incentive goes a long way, ask for help if you need to and one of us will answer you….CG

    Well done everyone You have all shown our AUSSIE DETERMINATION WE CAN DO IT!!!!!
    Today’s weigh in for me was good 78.6kgs a loss of 3.2kgs.
    Roll on week 4.
    Welcome to all our newbies,Have a fantastic weekend …….. Go Gal

    Hi everyone!!
    I’m due to start on Monday for the first time aswell!! Until then and up until now I’ve been doing heaps of reading up on this to make sure I’m going to get it right as I’m a bit worried I’ll bugger it up for some reason! I think the part that is getting me is eating to your TDEE with mine being 2239 !? Yeah, I find that hard to comprehend that I need to be eating over 2000 cals for 5 days of the week when all I’m really use to is 1200 cals per day! Though, I thought I’d sort of meet half way, and make my daily allowance (for 5 days) 1500 cals!?!? Or do I really need to be eating more!? OR, do I not obsess too much about making sure I eat that much, so as long as I don’t go OVER 2000 cals perhaps!?
    I have the fasting days sorted, I won’t be eating brekkie, and will be using up to 200 cals for lunch, and up to 300 cals for tea on Mondays and Thursdays…..weigh in day will be Mondays for me aswell. I know I’ve pretty much already been through all of this on here, but as a first timer, and desperate for this to work, I’m just wanting to make sure I have it right in my head from the word go!!!

    This is my third week on 5:2 started at 84.2, this week 80.3, so my total loss so far is 3.9kg!! I just can’t wait to get below 80kg!!! I can’t remember the last time my weight started with a “7” It will be a happy day!! I now look forward to my fast days to give my body a “rest” so to speak. I did purchase a new set of Fat analysing scales, which has been great (well maybe not that great) as it tells you your BMI… Currently at 28.7!!! not very good (but I did start at 30.5!) And I’m sure this new set weighs a bit heavier?!?!? But it’s still heading in the same direction so that’s OK!!

    Golly, what fantastic news all up, we are really showing our AUSSIE DETERMINATION, keep up the good work, you must be all so proud of yourselves, and rightly so…CG

    Asha don’t stress too much about it, once you start it will all make sense. As to how many calories you eat on normal days, don’t push it too low or this plan wont be sustainable for you.

    You tend to naturally gravitate towards healthier eating on normal days after fasting a couple of times. Perhaps for the first week you keep track of what you eat on normal days and then work out the calories afterwards. Then you can make some changes if necessary.

    Good luck, you will do well Smiley

    Oh cool. Sounds like a plan…thank you Kvetina!

    Had to postpone fast day yesterday, PB had bacon roll at golf!! We are fasting today.
    Are there any chocoholics out there (I’m queen bee chocoholic)?
    Mug of Jarrah Choc o’lait made the same as coffee or tea with HOT water and about 45 ml milk is 96 calories! Store bought is about 350 + cals. The Jarrah is really lovely and a great treat on non fasting days.
    Weighed yesterday … down 1.6kg, very happy.
    Just love everyones encouraging posts…….go girls!!

    Hi All,

    Southwest Vic gal here! I’ve been on the 5:2 for 4 weeks, but found the last 2 fast days really hard – however feeling amazing and have lost 2 kilos. I’m mainly doing this for the health benefits – bloodpressure, blood sugar levels and metabolism. I could use about a 20kg weight loss, but I’m still pretty fit and can still keep up on the netball court!
    The days I fast are Mondays – because there is no one else around me at work, and Wednesdays – because I work late and avoid temptations at home!
    I haven’t quite worked out the best way to do the fast days. I’ve tried:

    1. Eating porridge around 7.30am then throughout the day, miso soup (26 calories), black coffee and about a 250 calorie dinner.
    2. Eating nothing until 12pm except for a black coffee, then vegie soup/miso soup, and around a 350 calorie dinner (depends if I eat any fruit).

    I think I’m leaning towards the first option. Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what works for them?

    Does anyone out there have exercise routines, or play sports on their fast days? I have found a slight energy slump when I play netball/basketball on my fast days – and this is my biggest concern as I rely on my sports as my cardio exercise (apart from walking/running my dogs daily)

    Cheers 🙂

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