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  • So this is the first week in 18 months that I do not want to loose weight and I am nervous! I am continuing with my 3 fast days pw but I have upped the calories from 500 to 650. Other days I will stay at 1500 calories. My loss has been fairly small recently so this slight increase might be enough for maintenance? Today was my first 650 day and the extra few calories were enjoyable! Any comments or suggestions welcome.

    I have been fasting for a bit over 6 months with great results, and many gaps. If you don’t want to lose weight I really recommend doing it right on the fast day, but only for one or two days.
    During my gaps I notice I put on a couple of kilos, then drop 1, then my weight does not move (to the 100g, or approx 3 ounces) for about the next fortnight (after stabilisation). Doing one fast resolves this. Two will be plenty if you blow out.

    The best part of this diet isn’t actually the weight loss, it’s how much your body stabilises. It’s heaven. I can pig out hard, or eat very lightly and the next day, no movement. Not even water based! Drop down from three days. You don’t need it :).
    I’ve just done a 5 week break (a little bit of stress in there) but barely ate a home cooked meal, and still my weight stabilised. You’ll be more than ok.

    Kindle, have you looked at the maintenance thread? There are a fair number of successful maintainers who are happy to share their ideas and experiences and they should be able to help you make the transition from losing weight to maintaining it.

    Thanks shan and Amazon. I am new to maintenance so I don’t know what I am doing really. I will Take On Board Your Advice Defo!

    Hi Shan,
    I am still bobbing around within 2 kilos. This week I think I will take your advice and cut from 3 to 2 fast days. I might add a 3rd ‘light’ day at 1000 calories. What do you think?? How are you?

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