Aqua sports watch?

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  • OK Anyone know about Polar Sportwatches??? I’ve been looking for a fitbit I can wear in water for some months.One of the Down Syndrome girls was wearing a Polar Green FT4 watch this morning in the pool but she was not able to tell me where it came from just that her mother bought it on the net I think? I googled it and noted in FAQs it has had some problems in water transporting data although it’s guaranteed in water to 30 m. Any suggestions? I do live in a small village in Australia and I have not been able to see one in the local sports shop so it may be a matter of buying something on the net.

    Hello Beavergong
    You have lured me out of weeks of lurking and caused me to register on this forum because of your watch question 🙂

    I don’t know the watch you are asking about, but I have a PoolMate watch and think it is great. It has made my swims so much more relaxing, because I am no longer constantly chanting which lap I am on inside my head in an effort to keep count.
    I have the cheapest/basic model and it does fine for me – it counts my laps, swim time, estimates how many calories used, efficiency and number of strokes per length of pool, etc. So it does enough for me to monitor any progress I have made over the 6 months I have been swimming.
    If you don’t find the watch you are after, I can highly recommend ordering this brand ( they ship worldwide ).
    Good luck on your search for the original watch though.

    Hi Beavergong,

    You’re not from Wollongong are you? I’m from Cronulla in the Shire in Sydney & I use my very basic Polar FT 1 in the pool to record swim time – I haven’t tried it with the heart rate strap as I’m not interested in knowing my HR (even if it receives the signal ok there are so many variables that come into play – ie your heart beats slower in water, the temp of the water effects it etc). You can buy a Polar online – the FT 1 costs $70 + $5 P+H – from The cheapest place to get the PoolMate (mentioned by Stone above & one I am about to place an order for) is currently $88.09 with free delivery @ .

    Cheers 🙂

    I ordered a Pool-Mate last night then this morning looked at the website and realised that, had I subscribed to’s newsletter I could have received a voucher for a further $9 discount – so the watch would have cost $79.09 however, that would have made it fall beneath their threshold for free delivery which is £50 – that’s about $83.07 AUD today.

    Six of one, half a dozen of the other really….

    Thank you so much rip curl girl and Stone. I’d given up the search thinking I wasn’t going to find a watch now I’m off to google a Poolmate watch and hope they ship to this small mountain village. It was such a lovely surprise to come home from a weekend at the beach and find the messages from you great gals.

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