Anyone Tried SlimSip on Fasting Days?

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Anyone Tried SlimSip on Fasting Days?

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  • Hi all, I am quite new to this site and have been on the fast diet for 5 weeks now (have lost 7lbs so far). Initially I found it really hard on the fast days and struggled to stop my tum from rumbling and thinking about food ALL day. I have, I think, found a solution now (for me anyway). I have been drinking the new SlimSip drinks that have been advertised on TV for a few weeks and I have to say they have made a real difference to me on my fast days. Basically it is like an orange effervescent drink (very tasty) and you mix a sachet with cold water and drink it straight away around half an hour before you have food (I only do this on fasting days). The natural fibre in the drink swells in your stomach and makes you feel more full. This has really helped take my mind of the hunger on fasting days and I am therefore finding it easier to cope with them now.

    Obviously, I am not endorsing this product and I am in no way affiliated with it, but just a thought as it worked for me it may well work for some of you other 5 2 dieters who struggle on fast days too 🙂

    hello..i was wondering how many calories do they have?


    According to the box, they have 9 calories per sachet 🙂

    Wow I need to get some..where do find them?

    I got mine from Lloyds Pharmacy. They aren’t cheap though, I got mine for £19.99 for a box of 30 sachets, but then I only take mine on my fast days so it’s not too bad. They have reduced them to £15.99 now I think if you see the link below.

    Like I said, I am not endorsing them and they may not work for everyone, but they certainly have helped me with the hunger issue on fast days so far. Have a read and look at the reviews and see if they are for you 🙂

    I do something similar, I take glucomannen with a lot of water. It’s pure fiber, little to no calories and will help with hunger pangs because it swells in water. It’s the same stuff that’s in miracle noodles, it’s made from konjac root. I get mine from and it’s not expensive at all. It’s also Dr Oz approved if that matters to anyone.


    Hi Dave

    Yes that sounds very similar, Slim Sip is purely fibre too. I’m glad to hear that someone else is having luck with a similar item and its not just me 🙂

    Does this drink work to keep hunger sickness away if you dont eat during the day?

    Ooohhh, I love this tip! Gonna try it!

    Just tried sip and slim on my fast day and it’s brilliant! I’m so glad I found them I got mine from Argos

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