Anyone combining 5:2 & HIIT exercise routine ?

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Anyone combining 5:2 & HIIT exercise routine ?

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  • Hi there
    I am new to this & have never contributed to a forum either…i am using this forum for inspiration & help to keep me going…
    I completed my first fast yesterday!!! It wasn’t perfect – I consumed 660 calories(160 over the 500). I am 2 stones over weight….I have not done anything like this before… But really want to succeed by combining this diet with HIIT exercise plan. HIIT is perfect to overcome my ‘lack of time’ excuse (long daily commute & family commitments). I am following Zana Morris 6 min workout(inc 2mins warm up) … Its a start….. Anyone else combining the two??? Any ideas please

    Hi rsb2005, I’m new to this also. I’m on my 5th fast day today and have lost significant weight so far. I’ve completed two HIIT sessions in the last 4 days too. I do a three minute warm up then go full blast on an elliptical machine for 60 seconds and then do a 90 second recovery. I repeat this 11 times and it gives me a good 30 minute workout. You can find lots of other HIIT variations on the internet which combine weights, kettle balls, jump ropes etc. I’m looking foreword to experimenting with these. Good luck!

    I haven’t started the HIIT training yet, but I’m planning to very soon. Reading through the Fast Exercise book at the moment. I also found an app called 12 Minute Athlete which looks interesting – haven’t downloaded it yet though because it requires iOS7 and I’ve been putting off upgrading my phone to that!

    Good luck with it 😀

    Hi Waterman562, thanks for sharing your excerices routine, I will aspire to get there myself. I have excercised for a very long time so am slowly building up my core strenght and aim to do HIT as its most time effective way to achieve results.

    I only started last thursday(first fast)and will weigh myself on Wednesday so what progress I have made.


    Hi Human_female,
    I like your name!!
    Thanks for the tip, I will look up this app, 12mins is perfect for me. I am trying to fit excercise first thing in the morning and this will be good to move on to from what I am doing right now. HIT is great concept, especially with time restrictions. Although at the moment I am trying to build up my core strength & then will move on to proper HIT to get the max benefit.I also dusted off an old thigh lateral trainer and have started to use that each evening for 15mins….

    Let me know when you start and how you get on.


    Hi all, I am just staring the 5:2 diet are you guys doing the HIIT exercises on your fast days or only the feast days?

    I started this couple of weeks before and I’ve been doing 3 days/week HIIT of Jumping Jacks of 2 sessions of 10 mins each. On other days I’ve been doing Low Int Cardio of 1 hour walk.

    H everyone- I’m also doing HIIT training and completed my first fast day yesterday. I’m still working out which days I’ll be fasting but my 2nd will be tomorrow. I did a gentle class on my 1st fast day b/c I was unsure how I was going to feel. It went well. I had a 30min Tabata class at my gym today (regular meal day) and I did feel weaker than usual during class and it was harder to catch my breath inb/t rests. For my first fast day I only drank broths/teas/water. I have a 45min Insanity gym class tomorrow so I’m going to modify my 500kcal and actually eat a meal. I’m thinking of getting a 300cal sandwich for lunch and cut it up. Eat some of it during the day and save a portion for after class and drink some broth to top it off. I’ll see how that works out tomorrow. Also LOTS of water. I was feeling pretty crappy after my class today and realized it was most likely from dehydration (even though I thought I was drinking a a lot.)

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