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  • Hi,

    Has anyone started the 5:2 diet recently? I have started this today (FD), after several months of yo-yo-ing between trying all sorts of diets to binge eating and feeling super guilty as a result (vicious cycle that is). I am looking to make a real change in my lifestyle and try something that will not only help me shed those extra kilos but also help me sustain and maintain a healthy diet!

    I am 29 (almost 30) from Manchester and looking for a buddy or buddies for support – just so we can share and talk about our days and are held accountable in a way! I do understand that the monthly challenges do the same – but I think I have missed the boat for the September one!

    Happy to create a google calendar to track our FD/NFD and generally talk about it here?

    Thanks and looking forward to it πŸ™‚

    Hello Amber i started Yesterday although im not new to 5:2 i done it a few years back and lost over 2 stone but fell off the wagon:(
    I tried again last summer but fell pregnant with my daughter. My daughter is now 5 months old and i am still carrying 3 stone of baby weight :/ So im back and feeling motivated πŸ™‚ my starting weight is 13st 4lbs and my goal is to get to 10st. I will be fasting Mondays and Thursdays. I am also looking a few fast buddies πŸ™‚ also im from Northern Ireland so same timezone as you πŸ™‚

    Hi IrishGal29,

    Wow 2 stone weight loss is excellent, if you could do it then I am sure you can do it now πŸ™‚ I know what you mean about falling off the wagon, I have been there several times having tried a number of diets! This one looks promising and more sustainable and also I have decided that enough is enough and feel more determined!
    Glad to have you on board – I will create a spreadsheet and share it on here so you can add on your FD/NFD πŸ™‚
    When did you start again? Today is my first day and I decided to do a FD (currently drinking some soup whilst writing this) – I have already consumed 280cals. Have you found it easier to eat a meal the entire day or spread it out into little snacks on FD?

    I started Yesterday with a fast 😊 It was surprisingly easy. I will fast again on thursday. On fast days it’s easier for me to not eat all day then have a big meal for dinner. I would have a few cups of coffee throughout the day and they take up about 100cals because of the milk then for dinner i have either a large salad or some soup and crackers. Everybody is different though so just do what is best for you. I find the fasts easier because i have been here before. The first couple of fasts are hard but trust me when you wake up tomorrow you will feel amazing 😊

    Totally looking forward to feeling more rejuvenated and not constantly tired! Yes, I think i will try both methods and see which works for me better. I am off work today with not a lot to do so find it difficult to go all day without anything to eat – feel like if i am at work and occupied then will be easier for me to not eat all day and have a big meal in the end πŸ™‚

    Yes keeping busy makes it so much easier. 😊

    Hi there after a hiatus of about 2.5 years I have gained loads of weight, so am restarting this today πŸ™‚ ….. only had water and black coffee so far today, I am planning on a Tuesday / Friday fast as I weigh in on a Friday with WW

    I began yesterday as well and believe that I’m too late for the September Challenge. Would you please add me to your spreadsheet?

    Hi cipher1971,

    Glad to have you on board πŸ™‚ I will add you to the spreadsheet. I started today as well – but have divided my intake into small snacks – getting quite hungry now that dinner time is approaching :s Planning on eating a five bean salad. What have you got planned?

    Hi fastlife,
    Have added you on to the spreadsheet now πŸ™‚ Hope all is well and the dieting is going well so far πŸ™‚

    Welcome cipher1971 and Fastlife 😊
    I was wondering how often you all are planning to weigh yourselves? Cipher1971 are you doing 5:2 and weight watchers? Interesting combo i would be interested to see how that goes

    IrishGal29 – that reminds me….I need some new batteries for my weighing scale :p

    Since i started yesterday im not going to wrigh myself for a month. So 6th of october. Hoping to have lost 5lb by then 😊


    I think that makes sense @irishgal29, in the past I have weighed myself weekly and it fluctuates so much! Can really get you down! Better to check it after a few weeks of sticking to the diet plan to see what the results are!

    Morning all,

    Amber – I hope your five bean salad was lovely …. due to running about after daughter last night ended up being take out at about 9:30pm, but I didn’t go too mad. The plan in future is just to have a healthy dinner. I think to edit the spreadsheet you need to give permission

    IrishGal – I go to WW because my hubby does, and as he is a type 1 diabetic fasting isn’t appropriate – mostly I use it just for the weigh in and count calories at

    Fastlife – hi

    Checking out the spreadsheet you need my start weight, monthly goal and goal weight – well start weight is 153lb, monthly goal 4lb lower (149lb) and final goal 120lb as I am quite short (5’4″)

    So does anybody exercise? I normally run Wednesdays, Saturdays & Sundays as I am planning on a 10k in October (as my Sunday run sometimes slips into Monday I decided that I would fast Tuesdays & Fridays)

    I’m terribly sorry Amber22, but I only have view privileges to the spreadsheet and am unable to enter data.


    I’m new to this diet. Tomorrow will mark one month, according to my scale at last weigh in this past Friday I am down 10 pounds.

    I found this site by accident. I have been on a product called Fastblast which is a fruit smoothie that I drink 2 days a week, not the best tasting but it does seem to be working. However today is my last day of using the product because it’s pretty expensive. $160.00 per month. So I saw this site, bought and read the book and starting my new fasting next week. I may stick with the meal replacement shakes and keep to 600 calories because it seems to be working, but it’s good to know I can eat real food as well. I’m just not a good at preparing foods so hopfuly the shakes will work?

    Hello everyone hope you are all well 😊 Welcome 2bsticks 😊 Cipher1971 i dont go to the gym or anything but i walk a lot and im always active i try to do 50 squats and crunches everynight before bed. Went grocery shopping today and cleaned out my cupboards. filled now with healthy foods. Fasting again tomorrow hope it goes as well as monday

    I started three weeks ago and have lost 8lbs so far. I made a special point of reading the book and I glad I did because it reinforced the other benefits of choosing this way to lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight, apart from the proven science behind it, I have found it surprisingly easy. You will find that by generally cutting down on your ordinary days will retrain your stomach to accept less food and you will be more aware of what you are consuming and hopefully switching to a more healthier diet if you’re not already pursuing one. I have now encouraged the wife to join me as I am convinced that this is the way to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
    Tip: If you’re feeling hungry on your fast days drink black coffee a great appetite suppressor and do some activity such as walking or stair walking, it’ll soon take your mind off your stomach.

    Hello everyone!

    Sorry I have been MIA today – will you believe that I only just got home (11pm) since being out at 8am? Work was absolutely crazy today – and I do lots of walking at work (but don’t think that really counts as exercise)! I finished late but then had to go to the mall to return a dress I had bought online (just didn’t like the material) and hubby and I decided it was too late to cook (was hungry and tired and cold) – so ended up eating in a thai restaurant – I ordered fresh (non-fried) vietnamese spring rolls, thai red curry (tofu) with jasmine rice (and only ate half a portion) because it was a huge portion size and did not order dessert, although I stole a couple of my hubby’s prawn crackers!

    Not eating dessert is massive for me because I have a sweet tooth, so was happy I managed to curb my craving and instead have made myself a nice cuppa jasmine green tea!

    Exercise – I normally try and go to the gym at least twice a week but haven’t managed to for a few weeks now. Planning to do so this weekend!

    @cipher1971, @irishgal29 and @fastlife – sorry about the spreadsheet, I have changed the setting so can be edited now. Here is the link again;

    @cipher1971 and @irishgal29 – so impressed by you guys and commitment to exercise – I personally find it hard to do so regularly but hopefully once I get started again can sustain it

    @2bsticks – welcome! sounds like the shakes are helping, do you drink one a day on your fast days then?

    @pnash52 – good job on the weight loss so far! I still have to convince my husband – i think when he sees that this diet is working on me (hopefully) he will be more convinced! I usually find black coffee a bit nauseating especially if I am not eating – but try and drink coffee with skimmed milk and no sugar!

    Hopefully the link works guys, let me know if any problems!

    PS: @simcoeluv thank you for the link – will check it out

    Sounds like a busy day Amber22 and that curry sounds delicious πŸ˜‹ Pnash52 well done on the weightloss so far i would be thrilled to lose that much inmy first month what a great motivator to keep at it. Im fasting today so really have to try to keep busy. Good luck to anyone else fasting today

    @irishgal29 – it was delicious indeed, had the other half portion from yesterday for lunch today. Hope your FD is going well – mine is tomorrow!

    @amber22 – Thank you so much for the adjustment on the spreadsheet!

    Hello may I join? I started 5:2 this week but have been doing OMAD on and off for 6 months. Weightloss was slow and being a recovering binge eater I needed to move on. I switch between 4:3 and 5:2 and went from weekly weigh ins to monthly. I am a Cdn girl with 4 teens & hoping to lose 30lbs and keep off. J love love love the health benefits of fasting. Hope to find some motivation and support…Chubmom

    Hi @chubmom – welcome aboard

    My second fast day was today, and it went pretty well, much like Tuesday I ate nothing until this evening, it was a bit harder today as I got pull out of work to take my OH up the eye hospital – he has a vitreous haemorage, but they are just going to see if it clears up on it’s own.

    Weigh in at WW was amazingly good, so I am now expecting a gain next week to even stuff out … oh well we will see.

    have a good day all

    Hi y’all…I just signed up, and I guess since I have already eaten breakfast and lunch today, I will continue on and pick two days to fast? I am reading what I can, and I think I have the gist of it all, but I don’t know. I guess I keep reading….
    Look forward to hanging out with y’all on occasion!

    Good luck to you all.

    Good morning all.

    Welcome to the 5:2 diet @chubmom and @maureen889

    @chubmom – what is OMAD? I know what you mean about the binge eating – some days I feel like my stomach is a bottomless pit and I can just keep going! But limiting my food intake even just this past week has made me feel less bloated. I think the key is persistence!

    @maureen889 – sounds like you have got the gist of it, you don’t have to start on a fast day, just pick 2 days during the week to limit your calorie intake! πŸ™‚

    @cipher1971 – wow excellent job on completing your second day of fasting successfully. I haven’t had the kind of week i expected! Thursday met some friends at a posh restaurant for dinner and ended up eating a 3 course meal with a glass of red wine! Then Friday which was supposed to be my fast day (well, I only ate some fruit and drank a skinny cappuccino all day) – but then ended up eating a stir fry and half a focaccia bread in the evening for dinner which was over my calorie limit. So have shifted my fast day to Sunday instead!

    Hoping this Sunday goes well so can complete week 1 successfully!

    Have a good weekend everyone πŸ™‚

    Hi everyone,

    @amber – I hope that you that you had a lovely time on Thursday, I always feel 5:2 is more forgiving of indulgences like that than other diets, as your TDEE is normally a reasonable number

    Welcome @maureen889 – as a returner to this what I love is that it is so simple

    Today was Parkrun, as my DD is training to run a 10k with me in October I ran with her, she stops a lot, but if I leave her she stops even more, so I try to run with her. She is doing 5:2 too, in fact it was her starting it which prodded me to restarting – she isn’t on the boards tho

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend


    I’m Mel (from Australia) just wondering if I could join you all? I know I’m a little late but I am hoping to begin tomorrow – this is my second attempt!

    I had a little girl 10 months ago and haven’t managed to lose any baby weight – so hoping to go from 70kg back to 60kg!

    A bit nervous!


    Hello, just one week in. Am 60 years old, 90 Kg, recently diagnosed with high blood pressure and now on tablets πŸ™ and determined to shift at least 15 Kg. Used to exercise a lot but am on hip replacement waiting list and with the elevated BP my Dr said not to do anything other than walk until we see if the tablets take it down. I am going to have a 24 hours BP monitoring next week.

    I tried 5:2 in the past but lapsed. Now more determined than ever. I am 90% vegan (will eat occasional dairy if out and no alternative and take occasional homemade dairy kefir for gut health).

    Started last week, did Monday and Friday. Was hoping to do Thurs but was away so Fri was easier.

    Tomorrow (Monday) will be my 3rd day, then Fri again because I have the BP monitor on Wed and Thurs and want to avoid undue stress.

    I have tried to walk every day and considering getting a fit bit or similar gadget.

    Not planning to weigh myself too often, only when I go to the GP surgery. Being referred to a weight management scheme so will have regular weigh in then. I threw away my scales because it was becoming an obsession and I feel better without them. Will measure regular progress by looks and clothes.

    Wish me luck!

    Edited to say: I re-read my old post and see that I was unrealistic, eating my body weight in between fasting days. Also, this time I am vegan andhave modified the timing. Early meal the night before, then no food until 5-6pm the next day (400 cals) then a cup of hm cocoa (3 cashews, 1 date, 1 tsp raw cacao blended in water and heated) before bed.

    This time I am going to be more sensible.

    I started August 26, and am enjoying more every time I fast. Down just short of 9 lbs (lots to go) and feeling the improvement. I am finding fastings days easier each time too. Especially because I always feel great late on fast day and the day after.

    OMAD= one meal a day…which can easily turn into a binge. I found it helped me. ut I need more flexibility as I like lunch dates.

    Hi! Is it ok, I added my info to the sheet. I haven’t fasted yet, tomorrow will be my first day! I need some 5:2 buddies! Thank you

    Fast day 3 ….. dreaming about dinner tonight at the moment…. still about to go into a meeting for the afternoon, so that will distract me.

    Hope everyone is doing well

    Thinking of doing a second B2B fast today as I am travelling for work… whether on not I count it will depend on what I have for dinner tonight.

    Have a great day whether you are fasting or not.

    Hello all, could I join your group? I am re-starting the 5:2 after being off for 7 mos. I had previously lost about 14 lbs and have gained 6 back. I plan for tomorrow to be my first FD. If you have room for me – that would be great. I would love some accountability and any tips that anyone has.

    I am thinking of giving the 5:2 a go! Bit nervous about it. What would your top tips be of what to eat/help to get through a FD?

    What to eat while fasting? Bit of an oxymoron πŸ™‚

    Top tips. Drink lots of water. Chew gum. When the hunger wave hits you, get up and go for a walk, it will pass. Eat low calorific density foods with lots of fibre. Beans, veggies some fruit. Avoid sugar and all processed grain based foods. Its not as hard as you think, as the add says, Just do it.

    @jos77 Make the decision to do it, then do it. I segued in by going 16:8 for one week, then because of health concerns, decided to do 5:2. I’m a bit more hard core. I go for 2 days straight with only tea/almond milk and unsweetened cranberry juice/mineral water. Yesterday, I added two cups of vegan “no-chicken” broth. I also supplemented with one tablespoon of the Bulletproof product called Brain Octane. If it were not for my health issues, which I now believe includes a tick-borne illness similar to Lyme Disease, I might be a bit less stringent. I’m seeing my doctor today to see whether or not I actually have the tick-borne illness. I have lost 6.4 pounds since September 11, which is very heartening. Good luck on your journey!

    Hello, I am new to this forum. Have just joined in hope of shifting some more weight. I am 61 years young, active, still working full time.
    I need to grasp how this works, was diagnosed as diabetic over 10 years ago but now not on medication for same having lost weight – more to go. (read my bio)
    So any hints, recommendations that you have, are greatly appreciated.
    Oh, and I am from South Australia. Cheers. πŸ™‚

    @banshee. What hospital? Im in SA. The concept of 5:2 is pretty easy. Two days per week you eat only 500/600 calories. The other days you eat up to your TDEE amount. Better still is if you select the foods that you eat with care. You want to choose foods that do not spike your sugar because that will spike your insulin production. Im assuming you are T2D so your pancreas still works. Sugar and simple carbs from processed grain based products will skyrocket your insulin production. Under such conditions your ability to burn fat is severely compromise. Hence limited to no weight loss. So avoid sugar, grained based foods such as bread, pasta, pizza, biscuits, cakes breakfast cereals etc. No fruit juice. No potatoes. No fizzy drinks. Sports drinks etc.

    Eat fibre rich foods like veggies, beans, legumes and some fruit. Mostly the berry types fruits. Tart apples. Eat nuts like walnuts, pecans, almonds. Moderate portions of cheese, high fat low sugar yogurt. Avocados. Occasionally some meats, fish.

    Hope that helps.

    Hello @bigbooty, I am in community, western suburbs. Have been there for over 10 years. However I live in the Northern Suburbs, not far from Gawler. What area are you from? PM if you like.
    Yes my diet has been refined greatly, have only small meals, have gone gluten free for almost a year, and that seems to help a little.
    I don’t drink fizzy drinks, don’t smoke, rarely drink alcohol. Have just ordered a puratap to be put in tomorrow. πŸ™‚ I have a sweet tooth so don’t buy chocolate unless I get a very small dark choc bar (otherwise I know I will pig out on it)
    I cook and freeze my meals, just starting to increase the gym – have been unwell past week or so. But now back on track.

    @banshee. One of the nursing homes down Grange/Henley way? My wife is a nurse. We live in Warradale. Sounds like youre doing OK food wise. Male was 92kg down to 70kg. Riding my bike again after an absence of 30 years. Good luck.

    I was able to best my monthly goal of going from 177lbs to 169 by .8 lbs. I was able to get down to 168.2! I have a great regard for this plan and am grateful that I was able to get my weight down even more than anticipated.

    Thanks @amber22 for starting this topic. I also joined the October challenge and am noting what other folks are doing to achieve success. Blessed be.

    Hello fellow newbies! I started my first fast today. I made it through and am just about to go to sleep and wake up to breakfast soon; can not wait!
    I need to lose 20 pounds and am hoping to feel better. I am 4 years out from breast cancer and know that being overweight can increase my chances of recurrence. Well, I hope I can stick it out. So far, so good.
    Good luck to you all!

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