Any good exercise tips for loosing fat belly

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Any good exercise tips for loosing fat belly

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  • hi, Ive been on the 5-2 diet for 2 weeks now and lost 4lb, i can definitely tell the weight has gone from my arms and bum and hips, as my trousers look ridiculously too baggy now. But i just wish my belly would go (the lower part of belly just above pelvic bone) all of it would be nice but the lower part i can’t even suck in.

    Does anyone know any good exercises to help? Still can’t get into the next size down clothes because the waste barely does up, but then the size I’m in now (18) looks ridiculous .

    Sorry but ‘spot training’ to reduce belly fat (or fat from any specific place) is impossible!

    However, core exercises (like crunches, planks etc) will improve your posture, and improve your ability to suck your belly in, so it might look like your belly is smaller and slimmer. But unfortunately you can’t choose where you lose the fat from 🙁

    Hi Mia,

    I’m having exactly the same issue. My 18’s look ridiculous, the bum hangs as do the legs and the waist is loose but the 16’s though I can do them up, they are slightly tight! It’s frustrating!
    I’ve been in this dilemma for 4 weeks! I’d say Christmas/ new year hasn’t helped the cause so I’ve decided to do 4:3 to see if I can get past this hurdle.

    Good luck with it!

    Sit ups and push ups are great for your stomach muscles. Only takes a few minutes a day, start off with doing 3 sets of 10 until you are comfortable to do more. You will begin to notice your stomach tightening up. Also if like me you have a sit down job you could try pulling your stomach in whilst sitting at your desk and hold for a few minutes each time. Good luck

    yes the old stubborn tummy—StuN mentioned plank–well I have been planking for 3 weeks and am starting to see results–lots of info of how to do it on google. For a start I could only manage 5 seconds but now up to 20 seconds. There is one really good site that shows what muscles are engaged (great for bat wings too) Very along the lines of a pilates move. Oh and I am 63 and very unfit–so if it works for me….

    Hi guys, I have a fat on my belly, since i got pregnant, my belly becomes big, so i want to get back the belly i have before i get pregnant, is it impossible? what exercise or routine i need to do?

    You can try to do some cardio exercises at home. Cycling, swimming and running is a good exercise. I used to run in the morning with my DH because I want to be fit, healthy and to lose some fat. I lose about 2 lbs. in just 2 weeks and I love the result.

    Other than dieting it off, there is no way to spot reduce belly fat. Sure, strengthening your core muscles will help to provide a more toned look, and look a lot nicer when the fat goes, but you just have to be patient.

    Fat tends to form, and be lost from the body in a pattern, and a lot of that is down to your genetics. There is the issue of stubborn fat, and differing types of adipose tissue, white, brown etc, some fat cells receiving a greater blood supply than others, but getting rid of stubborn fat is only something you need to concern yourself with when you are very lean, 10% ish for men, probably mid – high teens for females (15-18% BF).

    If you are not there yet, then just keep a sustainable calorie deficit in place. Weight youself once a week, and record mody measurements with a tape measure.

    That is all you can do, sorry to be the bringer of less than exciting news.

    There are new developments.

    1) Fat cells don’t last forever, more like 10 years. If you keep the pressure on for more than ten years to avoid making new fat cells there is hope the old ones will go away over 10 years! You don’t need a diet are one exercise, you need a way of life.

    2) Cool-Sculpting may actually work and may cause some noticeable amount of fat “cells” to die and be absorbed into the body. Several options here:
    – Pay huge amounts to a clinic that does it and maybe it will help spot reduce if you avoid making new fat cells.
    – It seems like lots of people are strapping ice packs on their belly for 30 minutes a day and after a few months noticing less fat. Again avoid creating new fat! (You can search this on youtube and yes it is probably worse than it sounds.)
    – Take ice cold showers even in the frigid winters. No reports if that actually works but I think that is what bitbooty does.

    In short it is likely possible to lose the fat but it won’t happen overnight and it will take more than exercise, it is a life style and you make have to stick to it for life. Fasting, exercise, eating mostly whole foods and avoiding processed foods will all help. Maybe freezing your fat will work, maybe it won’t but I’m sure it won’t be fun to try. Even if freezing the fat works, you still have to keep from making new fat cells.

    For the record – I have lost over 80% of my belly fat. That was mostly from cutting refined sugar out of my diet and fasting. That last 20% isn’t going away very fast and it is like made up of a lot of mostly empty fat cells that haven’t gone away yet. I’m not desperate enough to try to freeze my fat cells either and haven’t seriously considered doing it yet.

    Oh there are also exercises in pain that work too. Things like liposuction or a belly tuck. Big money and the results won’t last if new fat is always being created.

    Exercise won’t do as much as losing the pounds. The more weight you lose, the less belly fat you will have. However, some belly fat is caused by changing hormones [estrogen/testosterone balance] as we age and nothing will change that, not even Bessie’s ‘corset diet’ which sounds like a slim-flam to me.
    Exercise is good to maintain/build muscle mass, so do as much as you can. But eat fewer calories, too.

    Hi, mia! While it’s true that you can’t spot reduce, you certainly can strengthen your abdominal muscles. Planks and reverse sit-ups are great for that, added to regular sit-ups and seated torso twists holding a weight. However, one exercise that for some reason goes directly to stomach viscous fat reduction is running! I’ve done it and it really does work. Of course, it works for everywhere but much has been commented on stomach muscle results and viscous fat loss. I have the flattest stomach you can imagine and I do all of the above (and I am not young)! Good luck!

    fastest way to burn fat is to wake up, drink a black coffee fasted, tighten a plastic bag around your waist, put some clothes on and run you a** off

    Well the best exercise for losing belly fat are pushing yourself away from the table.

    I have the opposite problem. Belly fat is always the first to go for me. I find it very easy to get a slim waist, but I have lipodema, meaning my body stores fat predominently on my hips, thighs and calves. And once the fat is there, it is very very reluctant to go away again.

    I have always been on the lookout for that special solution, be it excercise or diet, that helps, but the truth of the matter is: every body has a certain way of distributing fat. My mom has exactly the same body layout I have. We could always trade clothes (she is a bit shorter, so her trousers were sometimes a bit short for me, but apart from that: perfect fit). Going against that would be like struggling against the forces of nature themselves. Maybe your belly is the same. Don’t give up, but also don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Spot training is a myth. Aim for more holistic exercises.

    I agree that core exercise is a good choice. Build muscle where you want to lose fat and strengthen that area.

    the best exercise you can do crunches, twisted crunches these two exercises will help you lose belly fat

    Crunches do not help in losing belly fat, their purpose is to tone abdominal muscles. It is impossible to target weight loss in a certain area of the body as has already been commented on earlier in this thread.
    The only way to lose body fat is to eat less calories than the body requires.

    Giving people false hope by posting myths is inappropriate.

    I’m having exactly the same issue. My 18’s look ridiculous, the bum hangs as do the legs and the waist is loose but the 16’s though I can do them up, they are slightly tight! It’s frustrating!

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