And so the journey continues – Fuvvie

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And so the journey continues – Fuvvie

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  • Hello. I have been contributing to various forums since signing in to 5:2 and find the help I have received both inspiring and very encouraging. I started on 26th April at 123.9kgs. By the 29th April when I signed in to the website, I was already down to 121.1kgs, with very obvious fluid loss. I have got as low as 107.1kgs earlier this week, but have started to have a desperate urge to eat and have been finding it hard to complete my fast days, which were easy before. I seem to be giving myself permission to eat more, although today is the first day I have had take away butter chicken, rice, and naan. I know this is a recipe for disaster and tomorrow will fast for 36 hours, fluids only. I actually said that yesterday about today, but I feel so bloated after dinner that I will not fail tomorrow. I have been following the plan for 13 weeks and 3 days with a loss of 16.7kgs.
    My past history has been to get to about this stage and then gradually add more and more to my eating till I have gained it all back plus some. This WOE has completely satisfied me up to date, and I am determined to get under the 100kgs. So there’s no option but to get back on track. I was 107.9kgs this morning. I imagine it will be over 108 tomorrow. This is my first real hiccup. I even went for a lovely 45 minute walk with a friend this morning.
    Tomorrow I will get out on the mower, listen to a new audible book I have downloaded and stay away from food. We have 7 acres to mow, so I should really achieve a lot on all fronts. I have to keep checking on my mother-in-law who is home now after 7 weeks in hospital and rehab following a fractured hip. She has dementia so requires a fair bit of supervision. I will share that with my daughter if she and her family are home.
    I allow myself to become quite despondent at times so am seeing a psychologist about this and trying to change some of those negative cycles that develop. Basically, I love my life. It is better when my husband is home, but he is away from time to time and that can be a cause of some mental anguish. I do miss him. I have 5 beautiful children and 12 delightful grandchildren, 3 of whom are living here at present while my son-in-law builds them a new home. He is a fastidious worker and the home will be great when it is finished. But for now I am lucky enough to have them with me.
    My goal is 70kgs, but just to get under the 100kgs will be brilliant. None of this is new. I’ve said it all on other threads in bits and pieces, but wanted to bring it all together and will continue to record a few thoughts as I journey on. I’m doing the 4 week challenge at present and enjoy seeing everyone else’s successes and struggles. It’s heartening not to be alone.

    Yey! I am excited to read about your journey, Fuvvie!
    Good luck with 36 hour fast. ๐Ÿ™‚

    You are such a gem, Coldpizza, always there with encouragement and positivity. โ˜บ๏ธ๐Ÿ™…๐Ÿป

    I think my behaviours towards food are gradually changing. I’m definitely not having sugars and starches. But I still eat to excess no matter what the food is. Why would this be? We have never been short of food in the home as a child or at any time since. Food has always been a reward, and was certainly given as comfort food. Why is one chicken drumstick not enough. Why does it have to be 2 or even more? Why isn’t one handful of nuts enough? Why does it have to be 3 or 4 handsful? They are not bad foods. Just too much of a good thing. This what I have to work through. Fortunately I have never been a smoker. My father smoked 80 cigarettes a day and drank quite heavily, only beer, never wine or spirits. He died at 68 of stomach cancer. I am so much like him in many ways. I hope to get past the 68 hurdle next year. Fortunately I can take alcohol or leave it. Enough navel gazing for now. The never ending, and sometimes never started, housework awaits.

    Fuvvie, losing 16.7kgs in 13 weeks and 3 days is great! Congratulations! I wish you good luck with your weight loss journey!

    Do you eat enough foods on fast-days and non-fast days that really satisfy you? Like full fat yoghurt, eggs, avocados, plain unsalted nuts, full fat cheese, butter, fish? You only have to eat small amounts of them to feel full.

    Fuvvie – You have lost a lot of weight so far. Congrats! I read somewhere that it is human nature to eat until we are full. And a handful of nuts won’t make anyone full, lol. Nor a chicken drumstick! If you are eating that as a snack, maybe have a drink with it and put them in a plate. If I was eating food out of a packet, the packet would be empty before I realised it! Whereas if I put it in a plate and have it with a cuppa it would be a lot more satisfying.
    I try and limit snacking as much as I can. Most eating days I have no snacks at all. I will eat until I’m full my meals though.
    You can do this. Just keep on keeping on!!

    Have any of you ever used hynosis? I downloaded a few MP3s on my phone that I listen to from time to time. One of the most valuable lessons (and it seeps into the unconscious brain when in deep relaxation) is “put the food in your mouth and then put the fork down”. Put the fork down while you chew what is in your mouth. Pay attention to what is in your mouth, not the next bite. You cannot taste what is on your fork so just put it down. Enjoy what you are tasting…be mindful of what you are tasting. Only when you have finished with what is in your mouth can you pick up your fork for another bite…and then…PUT THE FORK DOWN.

    THis is something that has stuck with me. I don’t do it all the time, but I can often hear that voice. I take a breath and slow down..and put the fork down.

    The hypnotherapist is Diane Ulicsni, and her sessions are very helpful for me.

    Hello fastdutchgirl, I eat all those foods but very little fish. I still remember trying to get the new herring down when we lived in Den Haag. My husband loved them but I still gag just thinking about them. I must admit that I served up massive servings at dinner last night and when I sat down I was appalled. I left half my main on the plate. I just couldn’t eat it all. Portion control is certainly critical, one might even think pivotal to success.
    ETJ, Thanks for your input. I have cut down on snacking to a large extent in line with Jason Fung’s philosophy. It makes sense that our systems need time to turn insulin on and off. You’re right . I should put the nuts on a plate and really see what I’m taking in. I don’t drink enough, that’s for sure.
    K-Lo, I have done hypnosis and have hours of recordings. It’s making the time to practise. I will try and listen to my tapes. It’s all grist to the mill. Thank you so much for your feedback. It’s invaluable and reaffirming.
    I used to try and talk to people on a weight watchers but could never connect as I have on the 5:2 site. It is so supportive here and my success so far is to a large part directly related to that support. Thanks again and all the best.

    Portion control is the hardest. For me somehow it is so hard to leave food on plate. If it is on plate – I eat it. ๐Ÿ™ And I still battling my cravings for sweet things. Screw up my fast yesterday and instead ate some pastry. The result immediately shown today on the scale. Got the feeling that I never learn, and the sweets will always be my problem … Still I keep my positive attitude, because I know that I could fix my occasional slips and continue losing overall.

    I will try K-Lo’s idea about putting the fork down. It is hard sometimes to change your habit or to create a new one. Even if I know some tricks like drink a glass of water before dinner – I often don’t do that at home.

    All of you doing so well! Congrats and continue!

    CP, I highly recommend you find the specific hypnosis MP3 about “putting the fork down.” Starting a new habit is SO MUCH easier if you start with hypnosis.

    Diane Ulicsni Weight Loss Step 1. Really powerful tool.

    Fuvvie, I too need to get back to my MP3s. All on my phone, so I have no excuse. I used to use them at night to help me fall asleep. Now that I’ve licked my insomnia I forget!

    I’ve hit the first real hurdle since beginning this journey. I’m gaining weight instead of shedding it. This brings up all sorts of questions. Why all of a sudden am I giving myself permission to eat things when I know they are poison to my system? Pitting oedema is back in my legs so the weight is fluid. And my FDs aren’t as simple as they were. Back to basics. 4:3 this week. Nuts banished from the cupboard. No grains. My system just can’t handle them. Re-read 5:2. Spend less time sitting. Pat myself on the back for all I have achieved to date. The rot stops here.

    Fuvvie, as soon as you follow your fasting days, don’t feel bad for eating more food on eating days. If you feel bad it may happen your psychic will stop the losing weight. Just feel good and don’t think you are on any diet. Fasting is life style and purpose is the health at the first place, losing weight is just the side effect of it. As for being hungry and eating more, drinking regime is the prevention of craving if it helps. If you drink from the morning (I mean clean water) you will be less hungry and you will need less water after the meal. It is good to have glass of water half an hour before meal and then half an hour after the meal. I read it’s not healthy to drink right after you eat, the process of processing food is more difficult then.

    But important is, you feel good, so if you eat more don’t worry about it. Moreover I think, if you do fasting, 1 200 kcal is too low for person with over 100 kgs on eating days. You need to add 1000 Kcal I’d suppose, this might be another reason you are hungry. Don’t exaggerate things. I actually lost cca 15 kgs in the same time as you, but on my eating days I eat much more than you eat, including sweet. But I do EOD and run too.

    Is it contagious? I have the same symptoms…Gaining, eating what I should not eat: sweets and bready things. Nuts are healthy, but I manage to overeat them. Need to hide them too. Cannot complete the fast properly for a week and a half. GRRR! What is going on. need to go back to basics and clean up body again from all sugar and carbs.
    It is hard, but we can do it!

    Thank you TrueMirror and Coldpizza. I do need to drink more water. It has always been a problem for me to remember to drink. I can increase my intake of vegetables too. For this 3 weeks, I will do 5:2 instead of 4:3. Thank you so much for your input. I’ll mark on the whiteboard when I’ve had a glass of water and see if I can build up hydration. And I do enjoy food. Just a lot going on emotionally at present, so need to get a handle on that.

    Fuvvie – Good luck this week and big hugs. I too find it hard to keep drinking water. It doesn’t help that it is cold. Do you think no sugar cordial might help it go down better? I go through stages where I will drink a lot, but times when I am finding it tough, I do drink diet cordial and plenty of hot cups of tea. I have brought a giant case of Mount Franklin 600ml water bottles that I have put in the fridge and will just keep re-filling them. I find sculling water straight from the tap is easy when you think of it, but to sip it throughout the day I prefer cold water.
    I have found in the case like your nuts that I am better off not eating them at all. Like if I allow myself chocolate (except nutella for some strange reason) that I will then start having cravings for more chocolate and so the cycle continues. It takes a good couple of weeks to stop the cravings (which is why I have been having chocolate on eating days for the past couple of weeks!)
    As you can see, we all need help battling our demons (Oh chocolate, why are you so delicious) lol!

    Hello ETJ. I don’t mind plain water but just forget to drink it. My kids gave me a set of jars with handles. They hold 400mls and I only need to have 5 to get 2 litres. Had better go and have one now. Back in a mo. That’s better. Do you have tank water? We have to catch all our water. It’s funny how much you come to appreciate rain when it is your sole source of water. I don’t like cordial so am safe there. I had to have a colonoscopy and they advised me to use diet lemon cordial with the sachets of cleanser. What a nightmare๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฉ Can’t come at it at all!
    I didn’t buy nuts this week. Safer not to have them around, no matter how good they are for one.
    Our neighbours have gypsy cobs on their property and two of them have foaled in the past 2 days. I could see them from another neighbours place. Very cute.

    Hey buddy๐Ÿ˜œ
    What truemirror wrote about eating enough calories on NFD rings true with me. From the posts i read on the challenge board i have always thought that a lot of people don’t seem to eat enough on their normal days. I thought mixing it up was what kept the metabolism on its toes and burning .

    My TDEE is 2000 calories and i’m going to try and get them in eating healthily which is my big problem. I have kind of got my head round fasting its the normal days i need to pay more attention to.

    Here’s to another 6lbs

    Hi Fuvvy 5.2 buddy!

    Just found this thread of yours and really do feel empathy!
    I went through July โ€˜just hanging in thereโ€™ lots of emotional issues and personal injury which brought me down. And I ate all the things that I hadn’t had for 2 months. I put on 2kg and was horrified, the shock realisation that all the hard work of losing 8kg was now creeping on!! It kicked in that determination to succeed – for ME.

    I know that I’m so focused on the family and their well being that I always push ME my eating/exercise to the back burner.
    Ring any bells Fuvvie??? You have SO well on this journey, this a just bump on this rocky road of ours!!

    I am going to find out about this hypnosis weight loss step! Sounds like a good plan!

    A couple of things I now do generally – I use a smaller plate a dessert size or one of the grandchildrens and make sure that over half is filled with vegetables/ salad remainder protein .

    I no londer eat white potatoes, rice or pasta or bread. I do have brown rice, Wholemeal pasta and sweet potatoes but much less frequently than I used to.

    I virtually never have sugar, though will add Stevia if sweetness is needed. I allow myself a square of dark chocolate 85 cocoa solids. I enjoy a slice of cake occasionally though!

    I love bread but try not to eat it at all since starting 5.2!

    I now put my fork down and eat more slowly- chew and taste – always last to finish nowadays!

    I really try not to snack between meals – I love nuts/crisps but just can’t stop once I start – so don’t start!! Soooo hard at times, it all jumps into your mouth so fast before you know it!

    I do find green tea is good on fast days and I have supply of carrot sticks, celery and cucumber in a tub (cal counted!) ready for when the nibble monster rears it’s head!
    I don’t do 36hr water fasts and admire those who can. I do eat up to my TDEE on non fast days.

    Lots of sparkling water, the bubbles fill a gap!

    Good luck!!

    Fuvvie – Yes we are on tank water. It has definitely limited the full baths we used to have! I’m glad that you are getting plenty of water into you now. When you pee you can think of all the yucky toxins that are leaving your body. That’s what I do, lol. Anything that helps! And, that sounds really disgusting. Those sachets are gross as is, it would turn you off diet lemon cordial for life!
    I am pretty jealous of you getting views of foals! How adorable. And good job on not buying the nuts. I have way too much chocolate in the house, but have stayed strong today, an eating day.

    Hello HollyLJ and Rocy65,
    It gives me a thrill each time someone writes in response to my thoughts. My TDEE is 2240 and I’m sure I meet that some days. I feel like I’m eating too much. I’m not snacking this week. I feel I owe it to the challenge. Tomorrow is going to be really difficult as I’m going to a 50th birthday party. The main courses are going to be pasta based, from what I can gather and desserts high sugar and one is gluten free but not grain free. I’m going to take a couple of nice cheeses I think. I can only have one glass of wine, so will take mineral water with me. The theme is sport. I am not at all sorry but will wear aerobics gear…..not a pretty sight, but one is obliged to enter into the spirit of things. I had thought of wrapping myself in brown paper mache and going as a couch potato, but that entails a lot of energy ha ha. Olympics start tomorrow. Should be interesting.
    Great that you’ve slowed your eating, Rocy65. I’m trying not to gulp it all down like a dog but still eat too quickly. Putting the fork down does help with mindful eating. There will be crisps and nuts at the party too and they call louder than anything else๐Ÿ˜ณ

    That was meant to be sporty not sorry.

    It’s amazing how many times a small sliver of something tries to find its way into your mouth. My commitment was to do 36 hour liquid fast. Preparing chicken and salad for Mother for lunch and nearly popped some chicken into my mouth. Fortunately I caught myself. I know it wouldn’t have mattered in terms of calories, but I had made a pact with myself to stick to fluids. I need to be able to trust myself to follow through on commitments. If I continue to give in to impulses, I’ll never get to 70 kgs, let alone under 100.
    I’m going to choir practice this evening. I had almost decided not to bother this season. But after discussing it with the psychologist this morning, I decided that it is something that I love. It would be easy to just focus totally on mother in law and not bother about making the effort to get out and do something enjoyable with a group of positive people. We’re singing show tunes end of October.
    This is later. Went to choir practice and so glad I did. It was great, especially the tunes from Fidler on the Roof. Going to bed now and have only had fluids all 25 hours till now.

    Wow, Fuvvie well done! I think i’m going to try fasting like this too. I know what you mean about things jumping into your mouth, i caught myself popping in a half eaten biscuit that my 2 year old didn’t want …much to my OH’s horror i spat it into the bin! He said i could have eaten it but Its like you said i have committed myself to this way of eating so no i won’t pop stuff in mindlessly anymore.
    Well done also on your decision to go to choir practise, we all have a tendency to put everyone and everything else in front of ourselves. But, you are important too and if you are satisfied and happy everyone around you will be . Every time i book a massage i always tell Alessandro “Happy Mummy, happy baby”, i suppose it works for whoever you are caring for.

    Hi Fuvvie – just popping in to say hello on your thread.

    I think it is the perfectionist in us and a tendency to be very hard on ourselves. Like others it is amazing how many times as you prepare a meal it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that that jump into our mouths. Usually we don’t give it a moments thought until we commit to something that we have to stick to no matter what. I was cutting tomatoes yesterday fresh from the garden and when I had used them all in I discovered a lonely little slice left behind – I looked, thought about it and then popped it into the dish for the family – I stuck to my liquid only fast as only my conscience would allow lol!

    Stick with it you are doing so good! Unlike weight watchers and slimming world etc this is for life and something I know I can live with.

    Sometimes I have the feeling of being lazy and want to skip choir practice, but force myself to go. And EVERY time I am glad, that I did. The practice brings such joy!
    Now I am thinking that sticking to fast is kind of the same way. When we stick to our plan and fast, after the fast we do feel joy and satisfaction and also proud that we are able to complete it.

    I also broke my bad “spell” and completed my liquid only fast on Monday. Scale immediately showed me “thumb up”. Looking forward to Thursday’s fast.

    Go Fuvvie!

    Hello HollyLJ, Coda and Coldpizza,
    Thanks for dropping in๐Ÿ˜‰
    On another 36 hour fast. It makes me feel so virtuous. And today I have been on 2 walks and have managed 12,527 steps so far. I started walking to support another contributor on another thread, and am now enjoying the benefits of the walk. I think that the self discipline that we’re learning with food control is spilling over into other parts of my life and definitely making me feel happier. My family is supportive which means a lot too.
    You are right about choir practice. There is a solo in Tarantura which I am going to have a crack at. My voice is finally coming right after the whooping cough. My flute lesson was really enjoyable too. I’ll never be a virtuoso but learning the music has been a real challenge and it is supposed to be really good for the brain. Keep on keeping on. So glad you are back on top of things, Coldpizza. Well done.

    I’m on a roll. Going to sing Mabel’s part in Tarantara. The choir mistress asked me to do it. So have to learn it this afternoon. 105.1 kgs after NFD yesterday. Doing ADF at present as so determined to get to 99.9, my next mini goal. Had family staying over last night so had a couple of glasses of wine. I took about 3 hours to assemble 4 children’s chairs and a table for my 3 year old and one year old granddaughters. My thumb is very sore from using the Alan key to screw in all the bolts in a confined space. Hence the wine. But they were very excited to see them constructed this morning. Daughter and son in law are looking at land about 25 minutes drive from here and are at an auction now. So we are waiting with bated breath. Going to finish this jigsaw this afternoon. It’s about 7/8 done.

    Hi Fuvvie, You are one talenred lady!Singing is such good exercie, I would love to noin a choir but couldn’t commit as we’re always dashing off to support children and look after grandchildren!!Flat packs ummm I bet the children were so happy with your hndy work! hows your thumb?
    ! Hoping the family get their land! And hope yyou finish that jigsaw!! weighed this morning and down to 146.2lbs my mini target is 143.6! We’re on a roll!!

    Fuvvie….you mean Pirates? Great memories of singing the double chorus with my father. I sang the men and he shrieked the women. I was a Savoyard in college days

    Hey Fuvvie, i’m starting another 36 hour liquid only. Hoping i can crack this one, need a good week to make my 6lbs. You and Rocy65 sound like you’ll make it no problems. So glad i aimed high with you both, it has been very motivating and has renewed my commitment to getting where i want to be. Thank you

    I’m fascinated by this whole fasting thing. I never would have thought I could do it and swallowed all the myths hook line and sinker. I did follow Eat fat and grow slim when I was about 32 and really slimmed down but then regained the weight plus some. It’s interesting to read that some feel really hungry on fast days. Is it hunger or a craving for what we feel we’re missing out on? I knew there was a cooked lamb shank in the fridge yesterday that was calling to me. I knew I wasn’t really hungry, but I love that particular dish. I had cooked it for the family. Guess what I broke my fast with at breakfast after my 36 hour liquid fast!! And I wasn’t hungry then. But I was determined to have it. I could have done a b2b, but wanted that shank. And once I’ve hooked onto a particular food as the object of my desire, I can’t let it go. I might eat something “better” in its place, or several somethings, but eventually give in to the pull. At least with a fast, you know you can allow yourself that treat and, if necessary, undo any damage with future fasts. It’s such a great way to manage the trolls and dragons.
    Thanks HollyLJ.
    Yes K-Lo. And I’ll audition for a solo singing “To keep my love alive” from The Conneticut Yankee. Ella Fitzgerald sang it and it’s fun. Hopefully it would get a laugh. I’m hoping people will be surprised by my weight loss as I do tend to look big on stage. It’s just a small country community so no need to be shy. They almost turn out to watch anything that we put on as everyone knows someone in the choir and are supportive. Any money raised goes to charity.

    The 4 week challenge that swelled out to 7 weeks is over and I feel a bit rudderless. Ive been so “good” and the last 2 days haven’t seen a fast through beyond lunchtime. The scales are back to 105 after getting to 203.2kgs. I guess these are one of the stabilisation periods that Coldpizza refers to๐Ÿ˜‰. I’m all made up, hair neatly blown dry, ready for the little fashion parade I’m in tonight. Funny how these little highlights pop up. I’m even going to wear a dress, something I haven’t done since about 1988. Always trousers and long loose tops. So this really is a milestone of a different kind. The shop supplies bigger women but tries to be a bit funky as well. My MIL has to come as my daughter is taking her sons to Jujitsu at the time of the parade. A girlfriend will be there. My oh wants to see photos. Why am I rambling on about this? It’s a bolster to self esteem and an affirmation of what I feel I am achieving. Things have been getting on top of me, the carer role, trying to help out with grandchildren, domestic duties, homework for the psychologist trying to deal with depression and setting boundaries etc. nothing that is individual to me and a lot less than many others have to cope with on these threads. But they do make the comfort eating try to get its hooks in again and that’s a huge struggle. I need to do some meditation on equanimity. Anyway, must go and make a success of this wee challenge.

    I met a lady last night who lost 85 kgs. She said she had surgery, a gastric sleeve. I felt that was amazing, but I couldn’t get past Jason Fung’s saying it is compulsory fasting. She was a tall woman and looked good. Her comment was that she had lost a total person to become her current weight. One thing that also struck me is the difference between compulsory fasting and the fasting we do by choice. We can just stop and overeat at will. She didn’t really have that choice.

    I have allowed my weight to climb back to 105.4 kgs. How much of this is due to body trying to get back to set point and how much due to overeating I’m not sure. I haven’t been eating between meals and certainly have only had one real binge on Friday night. A lot of my behaviours around food have definitely changed. But seeing the scales up from that lovely 103.2 about 2 weeks ago or less is enough to send me into a spin. Fasting today. Let this be the start of the descent to 99.9!!!!!!!

    Hey, Fuvvie. Sounds like you really have a lot on your plate ‘so to speak’. I think it sounds like you’re doing incredibly well. Always try and make a little time just for you, doing something you enjoy – it is so important.
    Just wanted to offer a reflection on gastric sleeves. I can’t speak for myself but i knew a girl who had one and at the end she would liquidise Mars bars and drink them. Surely, it is better doing it your way, change in your food behaviours and a commitment to yourself. Hope things start moving in the right direction soon xx

    Thanks HollyLJ. I’m around 106.2kgs this morning. It’s the nits. Hovering in front of the pantry seeking food like a homing missile. Will pull out the Mediterranean Diet cookbook and look for a bit of inspiration. Where has the commitment gone that was there pulling me through when you and Rocy65 were my buddies in the challenge? That’s what I have to get my head around. It’s a new day. Will stay out of the kitchen.

    Weighed in at 104.4 this morning after 36 hour liquid fast. Started eating at 2pm. Not what I hoped to do, bringing it to 42hours liquid fast instead of 60 hours. Had chicken soup for dinner- absolutely delicious. Feel really full now. Have been revisiting Mark Stephens Think Slim. He has such a lot of wisdom. Have been dipping back into The Fast Diet as well. One big plus is that I don’t have reflux anymore. So no longer taking tablets for that. I’m loving that.

    I’m sitting at the boys’ hip hop dance lessons and have just noticed how sensitive I have become to the smell of biscuits. A little tacker is sitting beside me eating rice crackers. They actually have a very strong smell which I’ve never noticed in the past. Actually, it’s more acute for lots of different foods.
    My MIL called me into her room just before I was due to leave to pick up the boys. She was on the floor, legs stretched out in front of her. Don’t know whether she fell, slid out of her chair, or what??? She said she got down there to put her shoes on, but that’s not something she would normally do. Because of her severe short term memory loss, she wouldn’t remember how she got there but would make up a story that would most easily explain to herself why she was there. Fortunately she didn’t seem to have hurt herself.

    Hi Fuvvie, so pleased your MIL didn’t hurt herself, my mum used to fall alot as she got older, she also had dementia. Really so hard for loved ones to cope with.
    I am also struggling, trying to stay on track, the buddy system did work for me too! Now I’m away until the end of the month I feel as if I’m just hanging on! Just need to keep my weight steady so that when I get home in October I can knuckle down again! I’ll re read the 5.2 book and investigate Mark Stephens think slim not come accross that one!!
    Good luck Fuvvie stay strong, we will get to our targets!

    Fuvvie – I have done a bit of longer fasting and the results weren’t always favourable! Some weeks I will eat not the best and the weight loss will be big, others I will fast as much as possible and eat super carefully and not lose anything. Or it will be the opposite. I think your body loses in it’s own time, which I wish it would hurry up, haha.
    I am sorry about your MIL that would be so hard. For her and everyone around her. Big hugs!
    I have found that my taste buds have gone into over drive! I don’t really eat much sugar anymore, and last week I had a hot chocolate while everyone else was having coffee and it was so sweet I couldn’t drink it. It really wasn’t nice. Super weird!
    I hope everything goes well for you this week and the scales keep going down!

    Wow, I hadn’t looked at my own feed in such a long time. Sorry I didn’t reply Rocy65 andETJ. It’s 4:17 and I’ve been awake for ages. I’m self sabotaging all over the place at present. I have been really struggling with the carer role and considering residential care for my MIL. This causes a lot of self conflict and feelings of guilt. It’s not her fault that she can’t remember things and now requires super vigilance on my part and the rest of my family. My oh is away for weeks this time and it is all getting on top of me. Where is someone who can play the violin at my pity party?๐Ÿ˜ข๐ŸŽป
    On the upside, I’m going to the movies tonight to see Bridget Jones’s Baby with a girlfriend. I’m fasting today and can’t wait to get rid of this reflux. Will buy several bottles of mineral water rather than nuts this coming week and get over this self sabotage. Rain has stopped so maybe I can fall back to sleep.

    Fuvvie – How was the movie? I’ll wait until it comes out on DVD, but I love Bridget! Please don’t feel guilty if you send her into residential care. That is what they are there for. Everyone has a breaking point in super stressful situations and you need to take care of yourself.
    I def wouldn’t of chosen a movie day to have as a fasting day. I love movie popcorn far too much, lol! I myself have had a shocking week. I decided to do a back to back fast after a day where we were super busy and had take away and I had skipped brekky. I was trying to realign my days because the goat was supposed to be getting dropped off. Well, by day 2 I was starving and not feeling well, so I had just a piece of banana bread… and then had dinner! lol. So it was not a fasting day. So I decided the next day to have as a fasting day which was yesterday. That was a successful fasting day, but after 4 days of hardly eating I wasn’t in the best mood yesterday. Today is an eating day and I plan on eating!
    It’s funny, even though I have been fasting heaps, the weight is just staying on. Well, funny, not funny!
    I hope this coming week works out better for both of us ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks ETJ. Ended up converting to NFD yet again. Didn’t succumb to the popcorn but had a wrap from Maccas as it was the closest food outlet and time was short. Will try and make tomorrow a fasting day. As you have said, let’s hope next week is better for both of us.
    The movie was hilarious. I laughed big belly laughs. So good for the soul. I really couldn’t get over the change in Bridget’s appearance. I found it difficult to reconcile my memory her. I wonder if others will see us in that light. Well, you have already dropped your weight. Do you recognise yourself? I’d better go to work. I think the sound of the clacking on the keyboard is probably keeping my MIL awake. She is just across the hall and her light has been going on and off. Night. And it really is nice to say goodnight and know the other person is on the same continent and the same time zone so goodnight means goodnight, not good morning or good yesterday, although I really do love the international input.

    Fuvvie – I hate it when I fail a fast day. It feels like such a waste of an eating day and meals lost. You must have very strong will power to stay away from movie popcorn. I am planning a trip to Canberra this week so the kids can watch Storks at the cinema (looking forward to the popcorn, hehe)!
    I am glad the movie was good. I have the 1st and 2nd movie sitting beside me, waiting for time to re-watch them. I love Bridget!
    I haven’t lost all my weight yet. Still got 10kg to go, well 7 till healthy weight range, but have almost dropped 30 kilo. And yes, because it has been so slow I still recognise myself. I do get surprised by people’s reactions and have thought people around town have been rude, whereas I have realised that they didn’t know who I was because I hadn’t seen them in a long time! I think from the questions that people have asked that people think I have had surgery like a gastric band or something. I don’t really like talking about alternate fasting because so many people think it is a fad, iykwim.
    And yes, fellow Aussie. Remember it is day light savings! haha. I only remembered about 10 mins ago! I am hoping it doesn’t disrupt my youngest’s sleep too much. I love my sleep!

    Oh, I just remembered that you are a QLDer. You don’t have day light savings. I must say that I am looking forward to it. I need more hours in the day!

    Hi ETJ,
    I am a Queenslander, but was born in Melbourne, and have lived in Brisbane, Mackay, Canberra, Darwin, Sale and a bit around the world. But the majority of my years have been here in Dulong which is between Nambour and Mapleton on the Sunshine Coast.
    My niece in Melbourne just rang me and she is so impressed with what I achieved in the first 5 months that she has started on 5:2. She doesn’t want to get involved in posting at this stage but said that she will do 1:1 with me for a while. So I really do have to knuckle down and get back to basics.
    I must say that I talk about fasting if anyone shows the slightest bit of interest and talk about the insulin effect for a bit of scientific basis to show it is not a fad. But I do understand that not everyone is a motor mouth and we do have to protect ourselves from putter-downers.
    I’m off to choir practice shortly so had better go and get ready. Choir is like a happy pill for me. It lifts me up. Bye for now.

    I’m really pleased to think I am finally turning the corner and getting back on track. Going to the spreadsheet a few times a day on the October challenge is very focussing an activity. Reading everyone’s entries is also inspiring. I went to book club at a restaurant yesterday. I hadn’t eaten breakfast. My friends ordered baked cheesecake and savoury scones. I decided on scrambled eggs but no toast. The 4th person had eggs benedict on toast with all the trimmings. My day then included chicken soup for lunch meatballs till they were all gone (about 8 I think, but who was counting), beef stew for dinner but didn’t have the rice and several hands full of nuts. I have been toying lately with a few carbs here and there, but I really do want to lose the weight and 5:2 has worked for me so far. So why blow it now? As someone on the October thread said, you allow a few concessions and before you know it, you aren’t following 5:2 at all. This is where I was headed. Fast days that used to be so easy were becoming hugely difficult, constantly morphing into free for alls.
    Do I want to lose weight? Yes.
    Do I want the health benefits that come with fasting? Yes.
    Do I want to wear that size 12 and see the look of appreciation in my oh’s eyes? Yes.
    So there we are. It’s a no brainer really. I need to carry on where I left off 6 weeks ago. And that’s what I am doing.

    Still struggling to stay on track, but having an FD today and so far so good. Will go out and do a bit of mowing later on today. That keeps one from the munchies. Water and rooibos tea are my menu till dinner time tonight when I plan on having a mug full of bone broth. This is going to be my first successful liquid diet in a while. I haven’t been having coffee either. Someone on one of the threads mentioned that coffee made them angry. I get angry really quickly. It is my response to anxiety. I am able to keep away from it so far because I do actually feel a bit calmer. And I really enjoy the rooibos tea which is also known as red bush tea, I think. No caffeine.

    It wasn’t a successful liquid fast yesterday after all but was under 500cals. Extended it into a back to back and today was liquids only. It felt like my fast days used to feel – effortless. I’m feeling the buzz from being back on track. I know, one swallow does not a summer make, but I was starting to feel that I’d never have another successful FD. Just have to grit one’s teeth and get on with it.

    Fuvvie – i’ve never understood when people say that fast days are easy. i haven’t really had an easy one yet! I’m hungry every fast day, and have to stay in the mental frame of mind to stick with it. But good on you for having the determination to try back to back fasting. I do find that I am not as hungry as I would think on the 2nd day, I hope you find the same.

    I haven’t heard of rooiboo tea. I drink English Breakfast tea, I’m not a coffee drinker myself.

    how is your neice going with the 5:2? My mum has been off it for a few months and has re-started the last few weeks.

    Anyway, i hope it helps to you to know that I am fasting too today. I am considering a back to back fast myself tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ Today we got the sheep up and did the lamb marking, had to go to town to get some weed spray as well. We had 30 lambs to mark, so about a 70% success rate with lambing. Have a good night ๐Ÿ™‚

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