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  • Day 16 Ohio, US — NFD

    A good, but quiet day. Eating stayed within bounds.

    @fastingto58kgs Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell. Hope you get feeling completely better in short order!

    @northgeorgia I’ve not seen Fung’s concepts so clearly stated before. Thanks for doing that!

    @stitchincarol Your description of what’s usual for the organist really answers a question that I’ve had for a long time — an invitation for the organist does seem like the right thing to do.

    @ihatelettuce For the first year ever I planted some flower seeds this year. Across the lane from my place there is a little strip of green that in the summer used to be filled with a lot of bushes, especially honeysuckle. It was so nice to walk out of the house and smell the honeysuckle perfume. Then last spring they cut it all down and chewed up the ground so that it’s all just mud now. At the end of March I bought some wildflower seeds and liberally sprinkled the whole area with them. I hope that they come up!

    Hope everyone has a glorious Easter!

    Day 17 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Bimbling day today, Easter weekend in the lake district is usually pretty busy with traffic so we don’t stray very far. Will make do with a relaxing Sunday at home, that won’t be too much of a struggle though!

    Take care all

    Day 17 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    Happy Easter Sunday everybody! Hope you all have lovely plans for the day. 🐣 those of you away or visiting family and friends have a fine time.

    Super tired this weekend as sleep is compromised and of course all I want are sugary/carby foods… (fell fast asleep watching 📺 last night and mum was worried about me.. awww 🥰) so I eat them – feel great, wonderful, “Woo hoo shur don’t I fast (as if this is some super power that undoes any of the harm) – it’ll all be grand” 😂 then soon afterwards I feel rubbish 🤨 . Bones will creak, sinus may flair, my skin might itch and I can taste sugar so much more now.

    So I know exactly why my weight is not dropping more and why I will reverse any little wins this week with just a weekend… same old cycle.. seems I haven’t changed my habits… …

    @northgeorgia your common sense list reminds me of what I need to do rather than “preparing my body for any over indulgence” by fasting.. and good to see your list on a day like today where chocolate reigns supreme 😂

    Back to my ABC for me – Alcohol, Breads, Carbs (bad carbs we need good carbs) – less of these means better results and ultimately that’s what I want 💪 more than the chocolate, pastries, breads…

    This isn’t a woe is me post… this is me fighting to become a stronger, healthier me for my future…and in general I am
    much healthier/stronger now than ever before but it takes weekends like this to realise that the binge is just one bite away… so realise it, learn, move on, maybe learn it again (and again), move on… 💪…

    We are always stronger together.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 16 – 16:8 CD

    The weather improved and we went out for more yard work yesterday afternoon. Today is cooler and sunny so we have a day in the yard again today, but made a good start yesterday so that is nice.

    Feeling good about eating more healthy since my return and tomorrow I jump back in 5:2. I’m going to do 800 days and if I don’t see the trip weight go away by the end of April then I’ll revisit my decision and plan for May to be 5:2 500 if necessary.

    Most of my trip weight was probably the result of too many chips/crisps and fries/chips – my big weaknesses. None of those things in my home, so I’m thinking that should sort that out. I did allow myself four holiday peeps (pink bunnies). Pure sugar, I know, but they are one of the few highly processed sweets I allow myself and I only eat one package each spring. It is like a taste of childhood and I get a lot of joy from having them.

    One of the internet cooking videos my husband watches recently did a thing on why veggies taste better in restaurants (tons of oil mainly) and how to improve the taste at home without excess use of fats and oils. Following the tips, my roasted veggies yesterday were very yummy. My cooking skills continue to slowly improve – and I must admit internet cooks and Alton Brown are largely the reason 😄.

    Still cell phone challenged, getting better with this one, but the lack of home button and need to swipe (a task beyond my motor skills) for navigating means I am mainly using it to read the board here and (gasp! Lol) as a phone. I’m learning to live with it as we try to save up for a new phone but one that still incorporates a button press. Unlikely to be soon, or even this year. And if we abandon Apple, the Apple Watch I inherited will no longer work, I understand. Sigh. I’ll adjust, and have really already adjusted.

    But, now to work – it is a beautiful day here- perfect for spending outside! Have a great day everyone!

    Day 17 – USA/GA – NFD

    Happy Easter! Oooh.. weigh-in: 217 lbs. Highest weigh-in of the month; just wait until tomorrow… eek! Wrong way, wrong way!! Crassssssh

    No, no fears. I was struggling with hitting 280 lbs a little over two years ago, so this is just a blip. My mother gave up on 5:2 a couple of years ago when I began but did not see any major results and ended up feeling dizzy. But yesterday, she finally seems to be interested again. This time, I’ll help her ease into 16:8 over a month’s period, then incorporate the Fung concepts in month two. It will also help me to get better committed to this WOL by not overindulging and abandoning the principles on NFDs.

    This week, I can only manage two WFDs: tomorrow and Wednesday. I have a lot of traveling to do. Then I’ll resume my regular pattern on the final week of the month. Still hoping to no longer be “obese” by the end of Spring, so got to really step up my game in May and June.

    Happy Easter, everyone!

    Day 18 Melb Aust NFD

    Happy Easter to everyone still on that Easter timeline (here it’s Easter Monday). I’ve been quietly persevering still with losing weight. I was 2 kgs down on the start of the month yesterday, but only 1.4 kgs down this morning. Why? I wasn’t “naughty” yesterday. Well, no matter, it will settle itself down over time. My aim each month is for a loss of 4 kgs, but I’m always happy if I just lose 2, and I think I’ll be there for this month.

    Sorry, I’m not up on how everyone is doing. I’ve had a nasty head cold recently (NOT Covid, fortunately) so still not as much energy, including emotional energy, as usual.

    However, keep on keeping on for Amazing April.

    Day 18 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Easter weekend and having a FD, luckily I’m not bothered about chocolate, something I rarely go looking for, maybe something not quite as enticing to us blokes!

    @jaifaim – I know what you mean, changing habits! It takes time, I always referred to my bad eating and drinking habits as ‘my Inner Warthog’ it’s taken a couple of years to make this beast realise that it’s no longer welcome.
    Occasionally he comes scratching at the door, but, after all the work of the last two and a half years it’s become easier to keep the beast at bay.
    I might have an occasional blip, a few glasses of alcohol more than I should, not so bad with food to be honest, we eat much healthier than we used to and find if I do overindulge, immediately follow it with a FD.

    Tried all sorts of twists/variations with 5:2 but find the 2 FD’s work best for me, can’t manage a WFD at all, I did stick with 4:2:1 at one stage ??? Made up of four ‘steady’ days of sensible eating, 2 FD’s and one whatever I fancy, but even then I find ‘whatever I fancy’ days are no longer a feast that would entice the ‘Inner Warthog’.

    Take care all

    Pocket list of Monday

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Much-needed FD today, to go with the slight hangover 😳

    So that’s all the guys fasting today; any ladies joining us…?

    “It’s just food, right?” ~ funshipfreddie

    Pocket list of Monday 🐰🥚
    @northgeorgia – WFD

    Day 18 – UK – CD
    Day 15-17 – NFD

    Firstly I was pleased that my resolve held strong as I did manage to complete a FD 600 on Day 14………

    Hope everyone had a joyful and peaceful time over Easter 🐣

    The last few days have been a busy time with lots of socialising, meeting friends, hiking, eating and drinking so today will be a CD to help me press my RESET button and am aiming for Tuesday to Friday FD800s……which should hopefully undo any damage done over Easter 🤭

    @northgeorgia – thank you for your common sense list – it is timely to remind me of what I need to do!!
    @i-hate-lettuce – you certainly have tamed that ‘Inner Warthog’ and I like your saying of “defence system, the scales” 😉
    @fastingto58kgs – Nice to see you back – Sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell – hope you’re on the mend soon x

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 18 – USA/GA – WFD

    Oh no. Today’s weigh-in: 219 lbs. This is what I weighed on Jan 1! Yikes, the heaviest I’ve been all of 2022. My goodness. 10 lbs gained in a week. Yes, it’s a lot of bloat, but there is also a lot of carelessness in there from the holiday period. In all honesty, I could have fasted Saturday but decided not to. Lesson learned.

    This week I can only afford a couple of FDs, but I may squeeze in a third one on Friday. No B2B days possible, though. My big thing is to get back in the right mindset on NFDs. I have successfully eliminated potato chips and most artificial sweets from my diet. But sugary drinks have snuck back in — maybe not soft drinks so much, but sports drinks (the subconscious mind is sneaky at the grocery store). Also, I don’t buy ice cream, but I’ve indulged in cereal. I think it’s time to say good-bye to my cereal craving. It’s no better than candy. I’ll wean myself off the two servings I have left over the next two weeks, and start replacing that craving with oatmeal made with milk and a banana when the craving hits. Still not great, but getting better.

    I need to drink a lot more water, and eat a lot less carbs. It’s getting to be salad season, so that ridiculously big salad idea might be a good thing to add. I need to start diving into the deep freeze to thaw nice cuts of meat to tempt me to make something protein and vegetable based for meals. I’m supposed to be headed to the 200s, not back to the 220s! OK, not a happy morning, but the warning is flashing red, and time for changes to be made.

    Pocket list of Monday 🐰🥚
    @northgeorgia – WFD

    Day 18 UK NFD

    Surprise visit from our eldest has scuppered my plans .Reset delayed until tomorrow @jaifaim ABC resonates with me 💪 and @northgeorgia I too am shocked how quickly those hard gained losses can be reversed , I’ll really be aiming to turn things round in the last 1/3rd of the month

    Day 18 – FD 800

    First fast day this month after returning from trip. I want to shed the couple of pounds I put on while away and possibly 5 more. I’m brushing the ‘I never want to exceed this weight’ and it makes me very uncomfortable to be so near it that I think my true maintenance goal needs to be about 7 lb lower than I currently am.

    Much of the weekend was simply beautiful weather, just a bit too humid, I can work with that! It was a perfect time to clear yard brush, weed, rake, clean gutters etc.

    I’m joining the fellas today for my regularly scheduled Monday fast!

    Have a happy day all!

    Pocket list of Monday 🐰🥚
    @northgeorgia – WFD
    @mariaelena FD 800

    Day 18 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hi all. A very quick check in to say I hope you are all well.
    I don’t have enough time today for everything I need to do but will plough on and get what I can done…
    Looking forward to catching up tomorrow when I am home.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 18 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    So was it yesterday’s one-glass-too-many or the one-handful-too-many that kept me awake until four a.m. (and this was after getting up a little before six!) and gave me gastrointestinal woes this morning? sigh…. You’d think I’d learn, LOL!

    The day was lovely, however: the music went well, the friends are dear, and the food was tasty. I even managed to land a lovely high C (as opposed to a screechy one, you understand) on the last chord of one of our hymns, so that makes it a lovely day all in itself–@songbirdme, I’m sure you understand that, LOL! Today, DH and I are “playing.” Dunno just how much adventure he wants, but I know that oysters on the half-shell are on the plan, although I may stick to a chilled white wine for those oysters instead of my usual beer; as long as I can easily and willingly avoid the carbs of beer, I’m going to do so. And oysters are shockingly low in calories, so it’s a great treat even when minimizing caloric input.

    @fastingto58kgs So sorry you’ve been feeling so unwell; I hope you improve soon!

    @matpi I’d like to elaborate just a bit on the thought of an invitation for the organist: only if you actually know the people so that you’d be invited either way. The same for the pastor. One very graceful way for the couple to decide is, when meeting with the organist a month or two before the wedding to choose the music, simply say, “We’d love to have you join us for the reception afterward; shall we send you an invitation with details?” Then I/the pastor (DH in my case) could easily say, “Yes, that would be lovely” or “Oh, thank you so much, but something else has come up that would keep me from coming, but I so appreciate the offer!” I’ve been invited to weddings where it felt so strange because I didn’t know the couple at all outside of helping them choose music.

    @northgeorgia Thinking about being 280 two years ago really puts 217 into perspective, doesn’t it? And the fact that you aren’t headed back up, but that this is just a blip on the Easter radar is stellar. Helping your mom will be a great help to you, I would think. Is the rest of your family overweight, or are some naturally thin?

    @betsylee Nice loss so far this month, however that number settles!

    Nice to read the comments/woes from all the rest of you. I’m certain we’ll all manage a reset today or tomorrow. Have a grand one, everyone; I have some almost-100-year-old china to go handwash: my dad was 47 when I was born, and his sister was 16 when he was born, so her wedding china is from 1929, and is what she gave DH and me when we married. It’s a treasure that I adore and use regularly. 😍

    USA. Day 18 FD

    I am finally back. It’s been a long Spring, having lost my brother. I am more eager than ever to make sure I am good health. I began a low carb diet. While I realize I am losing water weight right now, it is still great to step on the scale and find that I have lost 4 lbs. in one day! Yay! Joining the pocket list,

    Pocket list of Monday 🐰🥚
    @northgeorgia – WFD
    @mariaelena FD 800

    Have a great day, everyone! 😊

    Day 18 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 17 — NFD

    Fasting went well today, better than can be said of the weather. We had snow today! The weather forecasters called it a flurry, but it was enough that on the walk from a store back to my car my coat was completly covered with snow. Happy April!

    @ccco Glad you’re back! My deepest sympathy about your brother.

    @stitchincarol Thanks for the clarification. I had always assumed that the bride and groom would just make the invite as an added way of saying thanks apart from any honorarium.

    @jaifaim Hope you got everyhitng done!

    @northgeorgia I too have had to cope with the cereal monster. One thing that helped was an article in the Harvard Medical Newsletter. The author of the article presented a “rule of 10” for carbs. If you take the grams of fiber and multiply by 10 (just add a 0) that number should be greater than the total number of carbs. That’s supposed to be the approximate ratio in natural whole grains. I’ve found some cereals that have that ratio and no more cereal monster!

    @betsylee Hope you shake the remnants of that cold lickety-split!

    Pocket list of Monday 🐰🥚
    @northgeorgia – WFD
    @mariaelena FD 800

    Day 19 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hi everybody, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend.
    Change to my plans for this week as we have had a family bereavement so I will stay with mum for a few more days as others will need to go to the funeral, help out and so on…
    This means that fasting will be more of a challenge but will be grand. The hardest thing for me is not having time for myself but parking that grumble for now… it feels selfish.

    @ccco I am so very sorry to hear that your brother passed. I am so very sorry for you and your family. 💕

    @betsylee, @fastingto58kgs and others who are feeling unwell at the moment I wish you a speedy recovery…

    Have a lovely day everybody and this is it… the second half of this amazing month… no planning and prepping for Easter now… no penance for treats and délices we’ve had… just take each day as one good day and plan for a super healthy future… it’s as easy as ABC 😉

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 19 – UK – FD

    Hi all. @ccco I’m so sorry to hear of your brother’s passing. I’m thinking of you & your family. @jaifaim – I’m also so sorry to hear of your family bereavement. These are such horrible times to go through. Sending you both lots of love.

    I am back today on a Tuesday that feels like a Monday thanks to the long Easter bank holiday here in the UK. It’s been indulgent and I feel like I am yet to gain any control this month, so today is the day when I turn that around and have one good day. So far so good – currently in the ZBC with only one grumble of the stomach. Lunch is soup and dinner this evening is a F800 recipe. I am like a stuck record on these FDs 😂🙈.

    I’ll be honest, I’ve not stepped on the scale in a week and I’m way too scared to. Maybe I’ll have some more courage tomorrow after the FD! My focus this week is increasing my steps and doing a couple of short conditioning sequences to help get my muscle strength back on track. The spell of being ill combined with long hours working at the desk has meant I’m starting to feel quite out of shape! I want to get back into cardio but I need to get my base level of strength back up before I start enrolling on aerobics classes.

    Anyhoo, I must dash – I really should be prepping for a meeting in a couple of hours!

    Pocket List Day 19 🍋

    Day 19 UK FD

    So sorry to hear of your losses @ccco & @jaifaim

    @babs_b your post rings true for me too, I’m weighing in on Friday and I’m going to try and reverse some of the damage by then

    Pocket List Day 19 🍋

    Day 19 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 214 lbs. Looks like it may be a dud month for me, but anyway, I keep pressing my body to lose weight, regardless. Tomorrow will be a FD, and unless I can miraculously do Friday as another FD, I won’t have another until Sunday. Got to get back on course after this past weekend’s glut.

    @matpi Thanks; I haven’t heard of that before. I may give it a go, but lately, whenever I give into the craving, I don’t have a portion of cereal, I have four (two big bowls). So, I might have to take drastic measures haha

    Thanks all 💕
    I’m obviously all over the place as am on a FD today – doh… so adding myself to the list as not sure how the next few days will go..

    Pocket List Day 19 🍋

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    checking in for accountability

    @ccco – welcome back, & so sorry to hear you lost your brother.

    @jaifaim – my condolences to you too.

    @northgeorgia – you’re doing great! 🎯 And still 11 days to go 💪

    The snake charmer has now morphed into… the mouse murderer?! 😱 Boo Boo seriously freaked me out this morning when she proudly deposited a very dead mouse right by my foot! I managed to dispose of the poor thing while it was still intact. What’s wrong with this cat? It’s not like she’s starving; she’d eaten twice this morning before she went out on her murderous rampage. 🤔

    Sending RESOLVE to today’s fasters ⚖️

    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Had a fairly good FD yesterday although the 545 calories (OMAD) included a glass of lovely 19 Crimes Shiraz, steak, and a couple boiled red potatoes. Still, I lost 2.2 pounds.

    I’ve been quite busy dealing with staffing our local Children’s Museum since we found we could no longer pay our director the salary she expected. It’s over to us volunteers, and we did especially well staying open as best we could for the local schools’ spring breaks.

    Deep condolences to both of you @jaifaim and @ccco – always so difficult to lose family members.

    @stitchincarol – yes, I do agree with your discussion of wedding officiant and musician. While DH was pastoring, he actually did NOT like doing weddings much as they always took more time and attention than people think. Often when a couple would come to him (generally non-members) they didn’t know musicians to do the music, so I often was asked to play piano or sing. (I never have been an organist!) It was always a quandary about going to the reception and/or the rehearsal dinner as to if we were invited. Oh, and landing a lovely high C at any occasion is terrific!! Congrats to you!

    My best to everyone, and Amazing April is ticking right along!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 19 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD

    Yesterday’s fun adventures and oysters on the half shell didn’t happen: I just never felt better than blah and fell asleep on the sofa to boot. DH was just as happy to stay home, so we had sandwiches with some lovely bread and leftover ham and called it good. I feel much more human today, and the china is all washed up and put away so the new week may now commence!

    I’m imagining today’s water fast will be a challenge given the amount of candy I’ve over the last two days, and the beer and the two pieces of bread I had last night–that’s lots of carbs! On the other hand, it will be so lovely to get my insides all emptied out, and I’m looking forward to the contrast. Plus, DH is under firm instructions to get the remaining candy out of the house and to his office, LOL!

    @matpi What a great tool for determining if cereal is at all healthy; thanks! And snow?? Yup. Spring in the midwest, LOL!

    @jaifaim My condolences on your family bereavement.

    @ccco My condolences to you on the loss of your brother.

    @babs_b As I type, it’s midafternoon for you, and I’m hoping RESOLVE kicked in with determination and that you make it through this first FD in awhile; you’ll feel so glorious when you wake up tomorrow after a successful day today!

    @funshipfreddie Well, you’d rather have the mouse dead at your feet than scurrying around in your kitchen cupboards, wouldn’t you? That Boo Boo is one amazing cat, and needs a treat of congratulations!

    @songbirdme I’ve missed your chatter, so I’m glad you’ve simply been busy and there are no troubles in your life. And, LOL, I’ll bet you and your DH sat all by yourselves at a table at many of those receptions because you didn’t know anyone, right? 😂😂😂 Yeah, weddings are far more fun for family and friends than for clergy and musicians.

    It’s another gloomy day today, although the high is supposed to be 56/13, so at least it’s not bitterly cold as it was most of last week. Part of me feels really grumpy, but then it occurs to me that my life is still pretty swamped with upcoming events, and if the weather were lovely I’d be itching to get out in my yard, so I suppose it’s actually a really good thing to have gloomy skies. That’s my new attitude, and I’m sticking to it!

    Have a grand one, everyone! Suppose @i-hate-lettuce went fishing early this morning? It’s unusual not to have his “Good morning everyone” greeting me when I check in to post.

    Pocket List Day 19 🍋
    @stitchincarol WFD

    USA. Day 19. FD

    Thank you so much for your condolences! Losing a sibling is like losing a piece of yourself and I am still in shock. This event has greatly inspired to up my game, although his heart problems may have been due to Covid. I started doing Keto right out of the gate and am very pleased so far. My brother’s heart problems which were sudden may have been caused by Covid! Everyone, please stay safe out there!

    I am going today’s pocket list with a 4 lb. drop. 🤗

    Pocket List Day 19 🍋
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Have a safe and lovely day!

    Day 19 – 16:8 CD

    Getting back to regular routine, M&W fasting and being mindful and trying to make healthy eating choices other days. Dealing with moderate sweet cravings, and making room for dark chocolate or lemon cream covered almonds. It is important for me to weigh and portion those treats out or I would just not stop when I should. Still, sweets moderation is far easier for me than moderating salty snacks, which is why we have none of those in the house.

    So sorry to hear of the family losses, my deepest sympathies.

    Wishing everyone well.

    @funshipfreddie – seeing reports of South African flooding and awful weather on our network evening news tonight. Sending you hugs and prayers for safety!

    USA. Day 19. FD

    I would say my FD was very successful and I am thinking my month is going to be successful, as well. I realize my rapid weight loss is probably water weight (- 5 lbs. so far) but it is inspiring! 🤗

    Day 19 Ohio, US — NFD

    Probably an okay NFD. This afternoon I got a tetanus booster and that has thrown my system off. Even though I don’t think that I’ve eaten more than usual, I’m having trouble digesting it. Well, I guess the scales will let me know soon enough.

    @ccco Congrats on the progress! Your loss is definitely inspiring!

    @songbirdme Your group of volunteers are wonderful to keep the Chldren’s Museum open! A visit to a museum has the possibility of firing a child’s imagination for a lifetime. Bravo!

    @funshipfreddie My friends who have cats tell me that when a cat leaves a little “gift” for us, it’s a high compliment. It’s a sign of love/loyalty.

    Day 20 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    Hi all, it is a beautiful morning here in Ireland. I’m up and out for a sunny walk.

    @ccco you are on my mind as I walk 🥲

    thank you so much for your thoughts… my elderly relative passed away in hospital this weekend and unfortunately it seems that the decline in health started with covid a month ago… 🥲. I

    I have just scanned the posts but I hope everyone is ok and safe and it feels like we are all on for a good 10 days to end the month and I really need them… 💪

    Yesterday didn’t quite hit it as a FD but will have to go again tomorrow 💪😬

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 20 – Lake District UK

    Good morning everyone

    @stitchincarol – that better? 😉 Didn’t go fishing yesterday, up early to finish off MY list of jobs (a bit different from Mrs I-h-l’s wish list she has for me 😉 ) Needed to complete a few things before son & d-i-l visit next week and me get some fishing time in today and tomorrow.
    Ploughed on and finished the spring cleaning!?! Pressure washing the driveway and paths, study and the conservatory rearranged including new furniture, kitchen sorted the granite worktop gone and made good the wall etc, plus new unit put in place yesterday and all very much to Mrs I-h-l’s liking.

    Ahead of the game with the garden so looking forward to a busy few weeks ahead doing ‘retired person’ things, family visiting, then we’re off up and down the country on and off during May and June, basically doing whatever we fancy 😉

    Take care all

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Weigh in :164.2
    That’s a woo hoo as we just came back from our boating holiday yesterday and no brakes applied on the eating and drinking and yet I managed not to put on weight ☺️

    I have all Easter weekend posts to catch up on so will do that tonight.

    Thanks @jaifaim for the beating tips….we did stay in Terminbarry and took the walk to Clondara, we Loved boating, it was such fun. Nerve wracking at first, but when you realise how slow the boat goes, and how well marked the river is, it was great fun. Locks were good. Me jumping off with the stern line to tie up the boat….well….at one stage in the early part of the trip, I jumped off like a gazelle, but forgot the rope 😆

    Once you realise that most people in the hired crafts are blind beginners too, it’s a laugh. Everyone so friendly. We didn’t make any mistakes, DH became super hot at berthing the boat…..we will do this again for sure.

    Have a good Wednesday FD 🐫

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @songbirdme – thank you 🤗 It’s been grim. +450 deaths now, & still dozens missing.

    @stitchincarol, @matpi – I heard that too, that cats believe they’re bringing a gift to you, but I’d rather Boo Boo left the rodents & birds where she finds them, ie in the bush. She’s welcome to bring me anything made of chocolate. I also read somewhere that a cat can hear a mouse walking on grass up to 50 metres away! So they don’t stand a chance when Boo Boo’s on the prowl.

    Happy Hump Day y’all, & see you on the pocket list tomorrow 🐫

    Day 20 – USA/GA – WFD

    Weigh-in: 216 lbs. +2 lbs isn’t bad for a NFD bounce-back. I’ll see the results after today’s WFD. I may dare to fast on Friday (eeek, that will be tough!), but I have a feeling here on this horrible unexpected mid to high 210s mountain peak, I may be able to see the 200s valley in the clearing.

    I found a “cereal” patch to quit the habit haha! You’ve heard of a cup of soup? Well, why not a cup of cereal? That is the serving size after all! Funny to pour a mug of cereal with milk, but it actually worked! Something about holding a mug of it makes me not see it as part of a nutritious meal, but as the nasty sugary treat it is. I did not refill it.

    I postponed lunch yesterday, only accepting a half-handful of nut snack mix from a coworker. I went home a bit early, running some work-related errands on the way home. So, it was almost OMAD, but actually ended up being a big meal (Easter leftovers, yes…except for a slice or two of ham, they’re all gone now) and a smaller meal 3 hours later. I am going to start the strict meal time habits and reinstating some occasional ZBCs. I might even skip lunch on some NFDs if I’m not really hungry. I’ve forgotten to listen to my real hunger and just got back into habits.

    Pocket list – day 20

    Day 20, London, UK, FD800,

    I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and have put the chocolate & hot crossed buns behind them …………….. (Rather than on their behinds🤣🤣🤣)
    I ate, I drank & yes, I was very merry!!! Time to knuckle down before my event mid-May, the skirt will either fit or it won’t, I can’t stress too much about it. It’s not like I’ve been putting in lots of effort for zero results ……………………. Only one person to blame ………………… if blame was my thing!!!! Looking forwards, moving onward and hopefully downwards too!!!!

    I’ll try to catch up on posts later, busy, busy, busy!!

    “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

    Day 20 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD

    Yesterday’s WFD wasn’t too tough, and I succeeded other than three pieces of gum in the evening. I hate to do that, since they do actually stop the fast–or at least, so I’ve read–but better three pieces of gum than three handsful of nuts that lead to a glass of wine that leads to buttered bread that leads to…you get the picture. 😂😂😂😂 And this morning, I was down 3.2 pounds, LOL, so that was lots and lots of water weight I had on my body.

    Today is a fun day. A friend and her adult daughter are staying with me because there’s a three-day craft event at a camp just four miles away. We can make silver jewelry, learn needle felting, basket weaving, or a MASSIVE variety of other crafts, and we know how fun it is because we did it in 2019. Covid put the kabosh on it the last two years, so we’re so delighted to get to go again. My piano-teaching commitments only allow me to be there today, but that will still be a delight. Avoiding the huge meals that come with my daily fee? THAT will be a challenge.

    @funshipfreddie No way–450 deaths so far???? Oh, what horror. I’m so, so sad for you and your adopted country.

    @i-hate-lettuce Yup, far better. 🤗 How lovely that your DS and DIL are coming for a visit; it’s been a long time, hasn’t it?

    @northgeorgia Most of all, I admire your persistence and determination. You are doing wonderfully, despite this blip of higher scale numbers.

    Okay, I must scoot. Have a great day, everyone.

    Day 20 – FD 800

    Yesterday was on track.

    I’ve been thinking about how diet, nutrition and health advice- even from pretty qualified sources is one heck of a morass. Add in the complexities of individuals, bioavailability of nutrients and conflicting (and changing) research and what a mess it is.

    I’m quite thankful I’ve found things that seem to work well for me. I remember my mom’s struggles – weight, diverticulitis, gallbladder problems etc – and how some of the medical advice she was given has proven wrong and I’m doubly thankful.

    5:2 works well for me. It allows me the flexibility on the 5 days to not feel that I have to totally abandon the joys of eating things I enjoy but are more caloric than I wish.

    16:8 (ZBC) works well for me, because hunger doesn’t kick in for me until later in the day.

    Planning and freezing soups and stews works well for me. They are yummy, healthy, I know the ingredients, and allow me the ability to grab a quick and easy meal without resorting to fast food.

    Stopping eating by 7 or 8 pm works well for me because if I don’t, I know I will suffer all night from reflux.

    But, these things wouldn’t work for my brother at all. Temperament, different schedules and tastes, as well as different health issues mean what is good for me, what works well for my body, are not what he needs.

    No real point, just musing.

    Pocket list – day 20

    USA. Day 20. FD

    I am so tired from my long trip that I almost forgot to log in!

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list.

    Pocket list – day 20

    I hope everyone is having a great day! 🙂

    Hi New here….
    1). Today is really my 1st day fasting – it’s 3:45pm…(15;45pm) and I’m shockingly not starving now.
    2). Doing 5:2…..
    3). am from the US – New Jersey to be exact. Hoping to just drop around 10-12 lbs….(~6kg)) I’ve recently put on. Feeling determined. Love the support here. Everyone is just lovely. (To be fair I did this diet years ago and had success…… and to date it’s the only thing that has ever really worked for me). Here I am again. Happy to meet everyone!

    Day 20 – Ireland – CD
    Second post

    Hi @kittymom78 and welcome to the monthly challenge. You will find a fabulous group of supportive fasters and maintainers here.. post as often or as seldom as you would like…
    Have a read of the first few posts on Page 1 of the challenge so that you can understand the abbreviations and terms we use – very much added to on an ongoing basis 👍
    We tend to start our posts as mine displays above: the day of the month – your location (as vague or precise as you wish) – type of day (FD / CD / NFD etc).

    All the best and you’re already well on your way to a great first FD 💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 20 Ohio, US — FD

    It appears that there was a strong immune system response to the shot I got yesterday. Apart from a swollen and sore arm, the effects seem to have subsided.

    For anyone who could use a little enthusiasm boost, here’s a link to a video about intermittent fasting made this year. It’s by a medical doctor and he does a nice job. While it is fairly general, it has a positive approach:

    @kittymom78 Welcome!

    @mariaelena I like your musings! One thing I learned a long time ago is that no matter how good the “theory” is that something might be good for your health, it might not work for me. Only personal experiments will prove it for my particular body.

    @northgeorgia Your cup-of-cereal idea sounds like a neat thing to try. Reminds me of the packs of little boxes of individual servings of cereals that used to be popular in supermarkets.

    @funshipfreddie That death toll is staggering. Is this the worst storm death toll in South Africa’s history?

    @daffodil2010 That sounds like a fabulous springtime adventure!

    Pocket list – day 20

    Day 21 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Quick call in, off for a long walk to a club fishery today, out of the way and 20 minutes hike from the road. Never been there before but has been on my bucket list for years. Breakfast on a FD, need the energy 😉

    @kittymom78 – welcome to the forum, great bunch here.

    @funshipfreddie – weather, how things are changing throughout the world, hope you and those close to you are all safe and well.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 21 –

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going straight to granddaughters after work as its her 6th birthday, not sure if there will be cake but probably will, but will fast until then anyway.

    Looking forward to a weekend of no plans ahead 😄

    Hope everyone has a good day. Pocket list day 21

    Day 21 – Ireland – CD 🚫 ✅ 🚶🏻‍♀️

    I’m a little behind on catching up on posts so will enjoy catching up later today. Another CD for me today… it was to be a FD but it’s hard to do so here so will try for an extra one in at the weekend or next week.

    Aye aye matey (@daffodil2010 😉)! So glad you had a great trip!! It just so much fun and you are so far removed from reality on the river ❤️🛥

    @ccco do look after yourself now as you grieve… it’s a very difficult time for you.

    @mariaelena i enjoyed reading your musings! Very interesting and totally agree with you that it’s a morass (had to look that up 😂) – we’re so very complex 😂 or…. Maybe it’s what we put into us that’s the problem? Hmmm… would a bear 🐻 have the same issues or do they stick to what they are supposed to eat as a species? 🤔

    Have a lovely day everybody!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 21, London, UK, FD800

    Not sure if it will be 800 cals or not, I’ve a cabbage, bean & bacon soup for lunch and a mushroom & prosciutto omelette this evening, I reckon <800 but I forgot to log the soup ingredients when I made it!! Hey-ho, life’s too short to worry about it!!😊😊

    @kittymom78, Welcome to our fabulous supportive thread!!

    @funshipfreddie, I can’t imagine the suffering; I expect the clear up & aftermath as people quantify losses will be heartbreaking😢🙏🏽🙏🏽

    @ccco & @jaifaim, my condolences on your recent losses. 🙏🏽🙏🏽

    @mariaelena, I agree, we each need to find our own lane and try to stick with it …………………..
    ……………”Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @kittymom78 – welcome to the forum!

    @matpi – thanks for the YouTube link. I’ll check it out later. Re the death toll from the recent storm; it’s not yet the worst in SA history. In September 1987 (when I first arrived in SA) 506 people lost their lives during a storm that lasted for 5 days.

    @flourbaby – it’s an enormous mess & it’s going to take months if not longer to repair the damage. And the lost lives, irreplaceable. Love the quote!

    Happy 96th birthday to HM the Queen! (maybe she fasts & follows this forum, which is why she’s lived so long? 🤷‍♂️)

    Let’s make it a good one, Thursday fasters! Stronger together 💪

    Pocket List – Day 21

    Day 21 – UK – FD800
    Day 20 – FD800
    Day 19 – NFD

    At last I managed a FD for the week yesterday – I started the month well but have been finding it hard to get my head round fasting since then – but I will persevere this week aiming for B2B2B FD800 to end the 3rd week of this challenge on a positive note 🤞

    Weigh in on Saturday morning to see what effort is needed next week to end this Amazing April Challenge within my maintenance range – I need to work on my “Fasting Muscles” a bit and get back to a more regular pattern and gain some control on my NFD – I think the problem is that all my exercise classes have been cancelled for at least the last 2 weeks and that has upset my weekly pattern….back to normal next week!

    @betsylee – you are doing so well!
    @ccco – lovely to have you back! so very sorry to hear that your brother passed – thinking of you and your family at this distressing time x
    @jaifaim – I’m also sorry to hear of your family bereavement x
    @babs_b and @brightonbelle – I know that feeling of dread about stepping on the scales – I tend to delay mine until I have a couple of FDs under my belt and feel in a better headspace!!
    @northgeorgia – you still 10 days to go – stay positive and a reward awaits by the end of the month!
    @songbirdme – every time I drink a glass of 19 Crimes Shiraz I think of you as I first sampled it on your recommendation 🍷
    @i hate lettuce – you have been working hard – bet Mrs IHL is well pleased with your efforts! Enjoy your DS and DIL visit – family time is wonderful. A well deserved day fishing today!
    @daffodil2010 – Wow no weight gain after a fab time away – how wonderful is that 💃 Enjoy your granddaughter’s 6th birthday celebrations today x
    @funshipfreddie – over 450 deaths and still dozens missing……😢😢 poor families destroyed and the recovery from all the damage still to come…..
    @mariaelena – enjoyed your musings – some resonated with me x
    @kittymom78 – welcome to the monthly challenge – a fabulous group of supportive fasters and maintainers here – looking forward to getting to know you
    @matpi – thanks for the YouTube link – will look at it later today when I have time

    As @funshipfreddie said – Let’s make it a good one, Thursday fasters! Stronger together 💪

    Pocket List – Day 21

    Another lovely day here so I’m out the door now for a hike and to check out the bluebells which should be flowering around now – they were not out at the weekend when I went for a long hike but 🤞 for today as my DD has just sent me some lovely photos of them where she lives.

    Day 21 UK FD

    Morning , aiming for a good day , I’m gradually upping my exercise but once you take a break it’s hard to re establish a habit 💪
    Pocket List – Day 21

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 213 lbs. Lowest weigh-in of the week; really considering making Friday a FD to help get on track for the final week ahead. Up early today for a 3 hour trip south (and back in a day). So, I know I’ll do lunch at a restaurant. I went ahead and broke my fast this morning with a few nuts, a boiled egg, and a small banana.

    Good luck to those on the pocket list today!

    Day 21 – UK – CD

    Hi everyone. I was in meetings all day yesterday so didn’t get a chance to check in! The meeting involved lunch but I went for pretty good choices and only ate a half portion where I was full, so that’s a good sign that I’ve managed to curb the insatious appetite that has been dominating this past week..!

    I thought I’d brave the measuring tape this morning (the scales seemed way too scary still) and was pleasantly surprised when all my measurements came in exactly where they were the last time I measured many weeks ago. So, with the new-found bravery, I hopped on the scale and saw I’d dropped 1.5lb since last week. This does seem like a new plateau region for me, which is half a stone lighter than where I was at the beginning of the year. So this is good. Now it’s the push to move that plateau down by another half stone.

    @kittymom78 – welcome to the forum!
    @funshipfreddie – I’m glad you’re safe. I’ve seen the storms reported on the news over here, truly awful.
    @brightonbelle – I hope your week’s going well! Gradually upping the exercise is the best way to do it, I’m doing the same. The average daily step count is slowly increasing 👍
    @at I’m with you on needing to exercise the fasting muscles! The bank holidays have thrown me off this week
    @jaifaim – I’m joining you on a CD today, mainly because I grabbed myself an oat flat white this morning without realising what day it was so those extra cals will take me over the FD800.

    Have a fab day all

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