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    Hi, this is the second time I’m going for the 5:2 diet. My problem is I’m soooooo hungry. I drink a lot and eat bulky food. I’m thinking of what I’m going to eat the day after ….anyone experienced the same? How long until you don’t feel like this?

    I am hungry most of the time on my fasting days as well. I try to eat a bunch of vegetables to fill the void, of course have to stick to the low cal ones like celery, zucchini, tomatoes, etc.. Love the spiralized zucchini cooked up with some homemade tomato sauce (no fat). I just think it’s inevitable you’re going to be hungry, I just try to stay focused on the results and knowing the next day I can eat.

    About a month before you detox from sugar and simple carbs. Took me about 7-8 months before my liver was really working well. I do water only fasts on my fast day and it has become ridiculously easy. Im in 6:1 maintenance mode. now. Fantasising about what youre going to eat is normal. I found the longer I did 5:2, the day after the fast instead of eating everything I was satisfied with very little food even though Id been dreaming of eating everything.

    Try and make it easy on yourself. Try and eliminate ALL sugar and simple carbs like bread, pasta, rice and potatoes even on your non fast days. I found that my liver was in such a bad state that it wasn’t able to access stored fats very easily. Hence my reliance on carbs. It takes time, there is no magic involved.

    I find sugar and highly refined foods give me a terrible, intolerable hunger. When I am not eating them, hunger becomes a simple feeling where I say “Oh I am hungry” and that’s all. It is amazing.

    I also have some nasty fast days (yesterday was one) when I can only get through by thinking what I will eat the next day. But other fast days are so easy. They seem to go in waves of easy and hard ones. I hope you can ride out your hard ones, and have some easy ones soon!

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