Alternate Day Fasting (a journal that invites participants)

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Alternate Day Fasting (a journal that invites participants)

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  • Hi Folks,

    So I’m on a new journey to, weight loss, health and the Alternate style of fasting. My goal is 40 pounds. I will be aiming at (0 to 600) calories on the fasting days and low carb for the feasting days. My window for the eating will be anywhere from (1 to 6) hours each day starting at somewhere around dinner. So that can remain a flexible opening time for life situations that always happen. Out with friend to eat…. ect.

    If you’ve been wanting to attempt this style of fasting please feel free to join me. We can root one another on…….and be Finally There……

    Well I’m checking in after one week. Basically I did good and bad all week with this woe, so My weight is the same as when I started…

    Today I’m on a DD. bonebroth with a can of turkey and one brazil nut for today at about 400 calories.

    I had a similar experience when I tried to do an AD fasting approach. The non-fast days were the problem – I couldn’t seem to stop myself eating too many calories on the NFDs. In effect the FDs and NFDs ended up cancelling each other out. I think that for someone with a high TDEE this might be less of a problem as they would accrue a huge calorie deficit on their FDs that would be difficult to counteract on the NFDs. Unfortunately I have a low TDEE of just 1400 calories. I found that it was all too easy to eat enough extra calories on the NFDs to balance out the small calorie deficit I’d accrued on FDs. (Basically 500 on FDs and 2300 on NFDs is maintenance for me.)

    After a bit of trial and error, experimenting with AD, 4:3 and 5:2, I found that I need a minimum of 2 NFD between FDs if I’m to have any hope of not bingeing on every NFD. If I do that, the binging is occasional not regular. In the end I settled on a 3 day pattern of 1FD+2NFD. Over time this gives you a few more FDs than 5:2 but if feels pretty much the same as the gap between FDs on 5:2 is often also 2 NFDs. Like you, I also used an eating window. I stick to an eating window of roughly 16:8 every day. For me this means restricting my food intake to approx 11am-7pm, although it will vary by an hour occasionally. Although this doesn’t prevent me from binge eating on NFDs it does limit the damage I can do – especially as snacking in the evening was traditionally a problem for me.

    I would suggest that you try another week on AD if you want to, but it you find your weight isn’t shifting then try something different. AD is challenging to commit to, and I think it’s only worth the difficultly if you get good results.

    I hope next week is better for you.

    thanks for the encouragement LJoyce,

    I’m on day two of a water fast right now that I hope last for 5 days. I’m thinking this will help get better squared away for the ADFing. I hear the autophahy doubles at the 5 day marker and I could use some of that too.

    The main problem I have with both alternate day fasting or FD + 2 NFDs is social. I’ve had to work at it to keep my fasting from interfering too much with family. If the fasting day is always changing that becomes a difficulty.

    Also to curve the binge eating you might try eating really slowly and truly enjoying each byte or nibble to the maximum. For me it requires a very mindful approach, but I’m eating a few hundred less calories a day when I do it.

    Hi Dykask,

    Social can be a problem, but I’ve decided to not fast on social events and then just work around them.

    It is a great time right now for me to fast with the hot summer and the husband working a lot of hours, so I’m taking advantage of it.

    Right now I am finishing up day 2 of a total water, coffee, tea only fast that will hopefully last for 5 days. I believe I will have a lot more control over the eating days, but we will see. I will try the eating slow idea. I certainly can wolf food down when I’m in the mood. LOL!

    @finallythere – I hope you make through the second day. I find day 2 the hardest and after that it gets easy, at least for me. However my longest fast is only 86 hours, far short of your 5 day goal.

    I hope you make it!

    Thanks for the encouragement Dykask,

    Well I didn’t make it the 5 days, but I did make it 48 hours, and broke it with keto food, but really wanted carbs. So I’ll call it a victory!

    I ate at 5:30 and will have another meal at dinner then start the next fasting round. Wednesday and Thursday I have family over so I’ll just try and make it till we start the eating on Wednesday. I feel more confident now, but I Know I need to stay away from the foods that trigger cravings. Man, that is a Big food group!

    What are you doing Dykask?

    FinallyThere, I hit the wall on a couple of my early B2B fasts (just last month). Once towards the end of the 3rd day, once towards the end of the 2nd day. I got to a point where I knew I had to eat something, so I did.

    Now I’m breezing through 3 day fasts (on 600 calories per day). I’m trying to stay low-carb on my NFDs, which I’m sure is helping.

    There are a few members who are doing 4:3, which is almost alternate-day fasting. I’m going to try and fast for half the days this month, but mostly in blocks of 2 or 3 days at a time.

    Hi big Bill,

    well I did make 48 hours and then did a 24 hour non fasting day. I stayed low carb but the weigh in this morning was the same as before I started the 48 hours. I need to start my tracking log.

    So far since starting I’ve gone down 3 to 5 pounds. I’m now managing 0 calories for the fasting days. I’m attempting to do what Dr. Fung says, when you fast,,,,fast and when you feast,,,,feast. Well Now I’m doing that, but I think I need to moderate that feasting part. I’m to darn good at that!

    I did 5 day fasts last year about once every 8 weeks. Had to stop early this year because of an unrelated health issue.

    It took me a few tries before I made it to 5 days, so if you’re only getting to 3 days keep trying and you may make it to 5. My experience was on the 5th day I wasn’t really hungry, but had no energy.


    @finallythere, with this way of eating you are unlikely to See consistent and steady weight loss.

    I’ve had 3 day fasts where the scales haven’t budged, and weekends where I’ve overeaten including chocolate and KFC and lost half a kilo.

    It’s better to take a long-term view. Try to do the right things, and if the scales show a loss from one month to the next you are on the right track. Don’t worry about whether the scales accurately reflect what you’ve been doing over the previous few days – because the chances are that they won’t.

    Thanks for the insight Bill,,,,3 days no loss and chicken and chocolate a loss is well,,,,hmmmmm! Not what you’d think would happen.

    I will stay the course. I have seen all these youtubes with outrageous losses and hope for the same.

    Made it for 37 hours ended fast with a 3 hour eating window and ate only 1500 calories,,,Full!

    well this morning had 300 calories. I’m on a nonfasting day and the scale showed another pound gone. Woo Hoo! 6 total since start! That first week did nothing, but now things are moving. I do know I was eating enough to undo my fasting progress.

    I just checked the amount of calories a 140 pound person at 5’6″ should weigh,,,,,Wow 1,950 to 2,150,,,,really? Sweet! I can do that easy,,,,,,

    So the more I research the fast ADF and extended fast, I know this is my path to the right weight and Health. I hope to actually make the 5 day fast soon. After family leaves I’ll be back at it. It appears it is best as far as the body healing itself to lay off the heavy exercise that would cause the body to redirect its healing effort to healing the muscle tissue you just broke down. So On those days I’ll just chill and read and do the least I can to allow healing.

    FinallyThere, I’m sure it was just water weight that I’d been holding onto while fasting. Chocolate and KFC certainly wouldn’t have made me shed any fat. It seems like I’m holding onto water weight while fasting then dropping it when I come off the fast.

    I don’t think I have enough discipline for alternate day fasting. One of the things that gets me through my fasting days is knowing that I can drop the fast if I feel like it and eat whatever I am craving. And just start again the next day. That’s what is working for me so far about intermittent fasting, not being locked into a limited range of foods or any sort of diet schedule.

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