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  • Hi, I am newbie. I decide to do alternate day fasts with 500 kcal.I had baby 5 months ago and did not lose a kilogram since giving birth.
    Starting weight: 68 kg/ 150 lbs
    Goal weight: 61 kg/ 135 lbs
    Today is my second fast day since I started 2 days ago.

    Hi Evelin,

    Best of luck with it. I hope it encourages you s=that I’ve been doing 5:2 now for over 7.5 years and after losing the initial weight I wanted to get rid of I have successfully kept it off since. It has certainly worked for me and I hope it works for you too.

    It was so hard to alternate so I am now 6 days on 800 kcal instead. Fasting everyday. After I finished I plan to try again alternate day fasting.

    i like your approach Evelin. I struggle with 500 cal / day, so I tend to do 700-800 but aim for more days a week.

    I really advise to skip dinner- I have a small dinner (yoghurt &/or fruit), but skip heavy meal so body has to use fat over night… this is best strategy for me and I dont notice I am hungry when I am sleeping!!

    I had to lose 8-10 kg with each of my babies and it took 8-10 mths each. it is not easy when caring for a baby at the same time… but hang in there. you can do this!

    best wishes

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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