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  • New to 5:2 and have a question I didn’t see when I searched. My biggest struggle is eating enough calories. I don’t tend to be a hungry person and eat very clean which requires even more food to get to your daily goal of calories. Unfortunately I think that years of low calories has really had an effect on my metabolism and I’ve slowly gained 40 pounds over the last 8 years or so. When I tracked my calories for a few weeks I found that I always was around 4-600 a day. Maintaining my current exercise and upping my calories I have actually lost 18 pounds in the last 2 months. I am currently taking in 1200 calories most days and about 1600 on strength training days. When I do the calculator here it has me at 2200+ calories. I am terrified eating that many will make me gain weight. Should I slowly try to increase to that or just jump in and hope for the best? It more than doubles my current intake on my best days.

    As per my post elsewhere, I just tried the calculator myself and it said I should have 1937 cal/8100kJ a day… and I routinely eat 12000kJ a day and don’t gain weight! See my other post. I’d say just weigh yourself regularly and see how you go. Don’t over-react to a single days jump/drop though. There are noticeable daily variations, so it’s only over a period of time you can see the true picture. Some say weigh yourself once a week, but if you do that and it’s a day where you’ve had a daily jump, compared with a day the week before where you had a daily drop, then it gives a false impression of what’s going on. I weigh myself every day, but only adjust according to the longer term patterns. BTW, I usually drop about a kilo following a fast day, and put it back on more gradually over the following days.

    Since you lost weight by getting your calories closer to normal – stick with that… You could experiment with a slight increase and see if that helps.

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