Alcohol on non fast days

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Alcohol on non fast days

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  • Hi all im starting this diet next week as i am half way through the book,i knowyou can eat what you want on non fast days but what aout alcohol? just wondered how much people limit this,thankx 🙂

    You can eat what you want but only up to your own TDEE which depends on your height,weight and activity level. There’s a tool to work this out for yourself on the right of the page. So as long as you don’t exceed this limit I suppose alcohol can be built into this. Personally I’d rather have good nutritious food that empty calories so I don’t drink during the week and at weekends only on special occasions.

    Just be sensible. Know roughly how many calories are in a bottle of wine / beer etc etc and you can count this in. The whole idea of this it that is has to be sustainable and if you restrict yourself too much from the things you enjoy this is never going to work int he long run.

    Since starting I have had barely any alcohol for 6 weeks but that has mainly been a subconscious decision for health and speed up a bit of weight loss initially. After February weight loss will be less of a priority and hopefully will continue to enjoy the other benefits of 5:2 and I shall open a few more bottles as good wine and food are a big part of my life!

    Fasting days I don’t drink alcohol. Waste of calories. Normally I try to limit alcohol to the Friday to Sunday, leaving the other four days of the week clear. Hubby decided that a Saturday fast day would suit him better so we now only drink Fridays and Sundays and very occassionally one other night during the week.

    The choice is of course a very personal one there is no hard and fast rule on drinking with this diet.

    It’s something that I like about this diet. It treats us like adults and doesn’t lay down strict rules about eat this, eat that and don’t eat something else. You are responsible for what you deem to be nutritionally wothwhile and good for you, helping you to develop a diet that you can stick with long term.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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