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  • I was wondering how many women there are attempting fast exercise, using Micheals book, who are over the age of 55 years old, and how are they getting on? I must admit, I find the muscle building very hard going.

    Hi Yoyo
    Welcome to the 5:2 forum. I’m 58 and have been doing this for a year, I have lost 40lbs, changed shape, got fit by walking every day, and am as healthy as a horse! I was “fat and fit” before starting, with thyroid problems and the need to drop about 60lbs to get into the healthier area of the BMI chart.
    Most days I walk at least 2 miles in half and hour, but about twice a well or more I try to do longer walk of over 4 miles in an hour. I actually do those longer walks on my fast days at lunch time…..rather than eat!
    Don’t let your age get in your way…you will find a huge forum here called “calling all ladies of a certain age”, where you can laugh along with the rest of us!
    Good luck with this way of eating (WOE), everyone does this in whatever way suits them. You’ll find the best way for you soon.

    Hi kmck157,

    Congratulations on your weight loss. I have lost 9lbs on 5.2 diet, but I don’t need to lose any more as I am only 115lbs.

    I walk everday between 4 to 6 miles and have done for last 6 years. I use a pedometer and do minimum of 10.000 steps a day.

    Problem is I have a bit of a belly, so I started HIT with muscle strengthening exercises, I use Micheals new book. Fast Exercise. So my aim is to lose 7 inches from my belly, I measure round the belly button area, it’s 36 inches at the moment, plus I have muscle wasting on my arms, legs and buttocks.

    Hi again Yoyo
    Sorry if I misunderstood your situation, and misled you, it was not intentional! I’m not yet experiencing the problems you’ve met as I have another 20lbs to lose before hitting my first target of getting into the “healthy weight for my height” category.
    Although I say I walk, I also do a lot of gardening weather permitting, but I don’t see this as exercise, more enjoyment! I don’t do HIT, I have to say it doesn’t appeal to me at all.
    So…on that note I will just wish you all the best with your exercise regime, and hope it works for you….which I’m sure it will! There’s bound to be some other ladies within this forum who are in the same situation as yourself.
    good luck!

    Hi yoyo!

    Muscle building and dieting is very hard. The body does’t do it very efficiently. Skipping the science, as a general rule it cant really increase muscle mass, if there aren’t enough calories coming into the body, which is what happened when your reduce the amount youre eating with fasting.

    I’ve posted a more in depth explanation on the forum titled “Can you really lose just fat and not muscle too!”.

    Youre body will adapt to the strength training, but dont expect it to come quickly like the weight loss can do. Be persistent! Any more questions I’m happy to answer

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