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  • I had been plagued with severe acid reflux in the weeks prior to starting 5:2. I’ve found I have not had any problems whatsoever after I began intermittent fasting. I was wondering if others had found the same thing?

    I have been suffering from acid reflux and heartburn for more than a year and on a lansozprazole to reduce acid. Since starting the fast diet 3 weeks ago I haven’t had it so much and have felt no need to take the tablets which is a good thing as I am useless at remembering to take them and was suffering even more after a couple of days without them.

    Hi have just joined the forum. Have had reflux for a number of years. I am on my second day of fasting. I am not game to stop my medication just yet. Does anyone know when would be a good time to test the waters, and go without meds. Thanks anyone that can help.

    Yes I am like you all with the acid reflux and heart burn and have been taking Omeprazole for 3 or more years.

    This last week I have had two days off the tablets then take a tablet, then miss two days and repeat, everything seems fine. I am going to do this for a couple of weeks then maybe miss three days and then take a tablet and see how I am.

    I asked the Doctor and he said mess around with the dosage until it suits, if reducing the dose its better for me! I would like to stop them altogether.

    I am just starting week 5.

    I have decided to stop my tablets for Reflux usually it takes me about three weeks to start feeling really ill.

    So I am going to give it a try to do without. I think eating as we are on the 5.2 , eating healthy it might work.

    If I go out knowing I am going to be eating more eg party, or wine, a meal out etc, I shall take a tablet to be on the safe side.

    I will let you all know how I am getting on at the end of September.

    My experience is similar to yours, Michele, severe acid reflux for years but only 2 episodes since I started 5:2 in May.

    Hi. I used to have very little heartburn, but my dr. put me on medicine. Another doctor recently found that there was no evidence I needed it. So I stopped it. Well, since then, about a week or so, I’ve had more hearburn than normal and was wondering if it had anything to do with the 5-2? Anyone had similar heartburn?

    Like most, I suffered from acid reflux. My sphincter at the base of my oesophagus does not close like normal people (though one in four suffer from this apparently) and thus certain foods or too much food lead to acid rising causing heart burn. I also had Helicobacter pylori causing GERD (get this checked out if you still suffer heart burn on the IF diet). Antibiotics are needed for this.

    The IF has created a sense of mindfulness about what and when I eat and I have not suffered for over a year. I guess it’s important on eating days not to over do it and look to make-up the calories or eat high-carbs. Oh, also, I have reduced my Fructose intake in terms of “sweetner” or refined sugars – including biffing out the juicer.

    Hello all
    Its now 3 weeks in and I have lost 3.3kg. My relux seems very good on fast days without the need for medication. No good on non fast days, but knocking off two tablets a week is better than nothing. I’m hoping this will improve over time. Good to read your experiences. Thanks all of you for your updates.’

    I have heartburn or GERD. Doctors always tell you to loose weight as it helps.

    I stopped my Omeprazole tablets this month, to give it a try. I have possibly taken 5 tablets due to going out drinking or if I knew I was going to eat more than usual ( family party).

    I think I feel much better than I did as I hate taking any medication. I feel the 5.2 is helping a lot. As weight is also declining!

    Hi everyone

    I have been taking Omeprazole for years and I am very keen to get off it as one doctor told me that taking it long term is very bad for you.

    Today is my first ever fast day and I look forward to enjoying the health benefits everyone talks about as well as perhaps an improvement in my heart burn situation.


    Hello All
    My fifth week over and I have lost 4.8kg. Very happy hope it continues as I have at least 12 kg to go. I am only able to not take acid reflux tablets on fasting days but I’m still hopeful that I might end up not needing them at all. Fingers crossed it would be great. Thanks all for your updates.

    I posted on the 27th August at stopping my tablets, just a update.

    I have gone about a month without taking them daily. I have only taken 6 tablets this month, which I think is very good.

    Normally I would take 1 tablet each morning. I have been on the tablets 3 or 4 years

    Very interesting to read all this. I’ve had GORD for about 12 years now with a Lansoprazole tablet taken every morning – the prescription is twice as large as it once was and at times I’ve need 2 a day. I’ve been doing 5:2, then 6:1, since the start of February 2013 – lost 3 stone, feel so much healthier and haven’t had a single reflux incident since starting. Haven’t yet reduced the drugs but intend to discuss with the GP next time it’s up for review.

    Taken them for so long now it doesn’t bother me continuing to do so, although it will be interesting to find out if my weight loss now means it’s unnecessary.

    I also have noticed that I have had fewer attacks of heart burn, none on fast days.

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 diet since September 2012 and had been on 20mg Omeprazole/day for a couple of years prior to that. Previously if I missed a tablet I would feel the beginnings of reflux discomfort the following day, I can now miss three or four days and still not feel any ill effects.

    I’m about to come up for my annual medication review and will be asking my doctor to drop the daily dose to 10mg. I’m being very cautious as my Father suffered from the same condition and eventually died from Oesophageal cancer. So I’m concerned that whilst there may not be any discernable discomfort, unseen damage can lead to Barrett’s Oesophagus which is one step away from what my Dad died of.

    I used to suffer from terrible reflux in the night, but I suspect my more sensible eating and the fact I’ve lost a lot of weight means that I’m no longer stressing my lower oesophageal sphincter when I lie down at night.


    Just a tablet up date….. I have had no tablets since the middle of September. I think this is really great and I feel much better without taking them.
    I have lost 1 stone 10 pounds over the 5 months, and getting the weight off has really helped. Hoping the information helps.

    My god…so many take Omeprazol! I was taking them every day for a while, but my heartburn came anyway. To take them every day was my own decision, but my doctor told me to quit them at once! He said that since they are destroying the proteins in the stomach that you need to take care of the busy bacterias, your stomach will become dependent on Omeprazol if you use it every day. Instead I was told to take probiotika (probiotics?) which is natural and only helps the stomach. I fell much better now, but the heartburn or reflux do happen sometimes especially if I’m stressed.
    I’ve done 3,5 months of 5:2 and don’t feel any different when it comes to reflux and heartburn.

    Hi everyone,

    Acid reflux and consequently GERD can be very frustrating and debilitating conditions, do I know that! I’ve to live with it for more than 7 months with doctors telling me that I was to basically live on tofu and proton pump inhibitors (which only aggravated my digestion) until I found a solution.

    If you care to know more about my story please or email me:

    I’ll be happy to share with you how I’ve learned to overcome this awful condition!



    Mine has completely gone, I have been taking tablets for 3 or 4 years. I have lost 28 lbs over 5 months and now no tablets…feel great.

    This is my last Hope. The acid reflux is cruel. I go start the 5:2. I can not live with this disease.

    My acid reflux was helped by drinking tea with Probiotics in it.

    Amy C.

    Please, I would like to know that tea is this? Sorry, I’m from another country!


    I live in the U.S. The tea that settles my acid reflux is manufactured by Bigelow and called Lemon Ginger Herb Plus Probiotics.

    There are lots of medications you can take. I was on omeprazole, which worked quite well.

    You can do a search on the web to find out non-medicated way to stop acid reflux.

    I’m new to this site. I did the 5:2 diet last year and got reflux due to overeating on my ‘eat all you can in one session’ days. I ate too much and too near bedtime. Last week I started again, and I’m being more careful, though the temptation is still there to overeat. I don’t want to go on medication again. I think it was Omeprazole for me too.

    Marko Goreta,

    How can you Help?


    There is a lot of misinformation out there about acid reflux. I was on PPIs on and off for a year. Recently I was recovered and starred doing 16:8 with a keto diet. It totally reactivated my reflux. I found Dr. Jamie Koufmans protocol and I am finally figuring out what is causing the acidity.
    I have had to cut out: caffeine, alcohol, tomatoes, peppers, black pepper (the worst), dairy, bananas. Also you cannot take any extra acid at first (lemon juice, vinegar etc.).
    Trigger foods are different for everyone. It’s a lot of trial and error.
    Now I can fast (did a 24 hour fast this week) with no issues.
    Sometimes a reaction is caused by something you are the previous day, so eating a completely alkaline diet for two weeks will help healing and help you figure out what is causing the reaction.
    Don’t be misled by all the nonsense about having low stomach acid. Maybe that’s true for some people but probably not most of them.
    Best foods to soothe reflux? Oatmeal. Unsweetened soy milk. Organic tofu. Mushrooms,celery, watermelon. Melons are the only fruit you should be eating while you heal. I also use alkalizing drops in my water to bring the pH to 8 because our local water is pH 6.2
    There is hope! Keep trying. Be a detective for your own health.

    JefersonK, see my post about what worked for me. There is so much misinformation out there.

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