Aching and more pain on 5:2…any explanation?

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Aching and more pain on 5:2…any explanation?

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  • I think I may be in a minority but I am more sore than when I started 5:2.

    However, my CRP inflammatory markers have gone down…consistently. I was in hospital last night with extreme pain and was on Monday earlier this week, so it is is a shift.

    The pain that is getting me into emergency is abdominal, unknown cause. Had a scan showing diverticuar disease, not diverticulitis, and I don’t have increasing CRP now I have lowering CRP which indicates no acute infection…so it is weird.

    Other painful bits that have increased in my subjective experience of them are joints and tendons. However, they are injured and I am wondering if that may be a “healing” thing that is happenning.

    Today I am eating chicken broth made from organic chicken bones with veggies…my elbows are burning.

    Has anyone heard of these sorts of pains getting worse before they get better?
    No way I am giving up but I am a bit confused cause most everyone else seems to be getting rid of their aches.

    It occurred to me it might be that I am simply feeling them more because I am not distracting myself with food. I am hoping someone may know of what may be going on with me. I am addressing the pain levels with consults coming up with rheumatologists and a pain clinic, but it is increasing day-to-day as I go further fasting and releasing fat around my middle.

    Maybe it’s entirely coincidental the timing.
    I am very confused by this.

    My name is Trish and I was wondering if you have ever heard of shedding? When you change your diet or start doing some different nutritional changes or start taking supplements it sometimes seems that you would have been better off not making any changes. That feeling will disappear in a couple of days once the toxins from your old bad habits start to leave your body. Meanwhile drink plenty of water.

    Thank you Trish, no I’ve not heard of shedding.
    Going for a jug of water! 🙂

    I’m not taking any supplements except magnesium now… but have recently started on a consistent bone broth regimen, organic and very good quality from a fab biodynamic farmer, so I may have an influx of nutrients that weren’t in my diet before possibly.

    I appreciate your explanation, thanks again.

    Well that was pretty interesting.
    I drank my home made broths for four days now. Beef, chicken and fish.
    On the second day,when I first posted this thread… all my injured bits felt like they were on fire, areas that have shown inflammation on ultrasounds done last week.
    I actually wound up in hospital on the second day of my broth fasting, with extreme abdominal pain, now being treated for diverticulitis. It wasn’t a new pain, have had it for about 6 months untreated, came and went…it just got a whole lot worse. Kept on with the fasting because there wasn’t any benefit I could see in stopping and broth is pretty much like a meal for me I am finding.

    Anyway…now elbows are back to normal.
    So, different few days for me. I just saw a link somewhere here to the article that mentions resetting your immune system in 3 days of fasting.
    I wondered if my immune system reset itself and made a few complaints in the process.

    Abdominal pain continues coming and going but the other bits, elbows shoulder back…have all settled down again. 🙂

    Bit of a mystery to me.

    I’m keeping on. The intense pain I had in my elbows and shoulder have receded, still dealing with what may be diverticulitis. So the massively intense all over pain was an abberration that is gone.

    I have a had a test with level way below normal range cortisol which may explain my slowed down wait loss and previous weight gain despite several intensive efforts and weight loss, it always came back. I think for me the lurking high insulin levels are the core problem.

    The tape measurements are very helpful because they are going down despite not much weight change (a few hundred grams this week) BUT now I am off my diabetes medication. I am getting supervision for my fasting now and am maintaining very consistent blood sugar levels.

    I am kind of bringing my doctors along with me by having blood test oversight etc.

    Oh dear… I can’t edit my “wait loss” above but that is a bit what it is for me so perhaps a Freudian slip. 🙂
    I see the endocrinologist tomorrow and am very interested in what she may have to tell me.
    Have had a day without abdo pain, so perhaps the hypothetical diverticulitis diagnosis was right…just finishing antibiotics today. Whati s interesting to me is that there was no surge in inflammatory markers as usual indicating infection. In fact, my inflammatory markers are going down consistently as I proceed…so a bit of a mystery (to me).

    Aches and pains now gone.
    No medications except a few natural supplements.
    Having another go in a few weeks…preparing and making sure I am the wner of healthy gut biota first. 🙂

    Dear Matrika,

    Thank you for updating your posts. I just came across them today as a result of your recent post. I am relatively new to this forum and haven’t read even close to everything on the site. It is wonderful that your aches and pains are gone! I can’t imagine how happy that must make feel.


    Had a few sidetracks!
    Now back on 5:2…early days…following Monash Low FODMAP foods when i eat and broth on fasting days.

    Had some very major sidetracks with an antibiotic resistant gut infection…over that now with a whole other lot of research. Honestly, I want to read books other than health ones!

    Moved in December, which threw me for a great big loop, still have a lot of things in boxes but a very healthy environment with no mould.Previous place had a huge hidden mold problem which wasn’t helping me.

    Now am completely off all wheat products and all sweeteners including Stevia for awhile now. And no meds of any kind.

    Working out a few times a week supervised by a physio, using a rowing machine and a few other simple pieces of equipment, sustaining the less pain situation pretty well.

    Sorted out all the misdiagnoses and ended up I had bog standard IBS that had been misdiagnosed and mistreated. Kind of glad 2015 is over. I’m trying the Blood Glucose 800 cals a day diet now…with water fassting a few days a week is the current intention. If I can lose with that it is a gentler way. If I can’t lose with that then it is back to fasting full time for a bit.

    Haven’t lost weight but am in mild ketosis according to the ketostix, so perhaps I am redistributing or something.

    Before I started fasting, not 5:2 but fasting 4-6days straight water fasting once per month. Then I added 5:2 the remainder of the month.

    I was in HELL. Pain wise and inflamation I was to the point where full doses and past doses of morphine would NOT do more than just make it bearable.

    My Dr. threw every test at me and everything was coming back so good he couldn’t figure it out. But my hips, knees, lower back, shoulders, and elbows were in such extreme inflammation and pain I could hardly dress myself. Climbing a flight of stairs was a mobile horror story. The deep inner pain on my left side had me twisted to pull it to the right. Not a lot of fun

    Isn’t normal that I knew. A naturopath, a true cutting edge one, from the the learn to breathe through your eyelids and soak in the dew from the fresh grass, who just happened to be an MD specializing in internal medicine dropped into my life while I was in Texas on a freebee trip to hunt wild pigs. I was in such sad shape I almost passed on the “free” all inclusive trip. Yeah bad shape when I seriously thought of passing up a 12K+ trip.

    So I’m walking through a bunch of “health” food stores in San Antonio. What are the odds right no one can figure what’s going on I walk into a health food store that advertises a naturopath on site and get an internal medicine doc. So he say’s you’ve changed your diet. I didn’t tell him that. he told me. About 2 months now I’d guess. I hadn’t told him. you feel pretty much like sh** and I hadn’t told him that. He put me on a 5 day water fast. No meds, which scared the living H out of me. I held on to my BP and heart pills like gold for liberation day.

    I was told no pills, to drink 1 ounce of water for each pound of weight per day, 1/3 of which was to be in the first 3 hours of the day. At mid-day I was to drink 1 cup of bone broth with one teaspoon of Tumeric with a grind of pepper, a 1.4 teaspoon of red pepper flake and one clove crushed fresh garlic.

    Nothing about breathing through my eyelids or soaking up grass dew through my bare feet so I figured “what the h*** I’ve done dummer things.” and I was starting a three day fast that day so it got stretched a couple days.

    My weight at the time was 221 Lbs which at 1 oz per pound came to just under 28 cups of water. 1/3 of which I drank in the first hour on awakening. A freaking half gallon of water. Ohhhhhh boy. I’d rather learnt to breath through my eye lids.

    What are the odds right no one can figure what’s going on I walk into a health food store that advertises a naturopath on site and get an internal medicine doc. Still a bit confused how life goes round some times.

    Anyhow. 5 days water and one cup bone broth, a teaspoon of Turmeric, a garlic clove, and bit of shake chili pepper flakes each day.

    I did not urinate. I flooded the county. I was going every 10 minutes. Plus I had tremendous bowel movements. 3 -5 times a day. I broke out in a skin condition of pustules not pimples but more like a burst of blisters. I dabbed them with rubbing alcohol they’d dry within several hours and leave a dead ring of skin. That would be removed with the next dry rub.

    Oh yeah forgot that no bathing. Just dry rubs with a loofah sponge and a badger brush. (Still have them and the dry bathing has become a part of what I do while fasting)

    I had an ache in my lower left side that was bordering on “can I handle it or should I step in front of a bus” day three it just stopped. One second I was bent in and sideways right and the next I was sitting proud. Man it felt good. my hips and knees still hurt. But when I climbed the stairs from the 8th floor to the roof on 24 it was more a light burn than a pain that had been shooting out my eyeballs for days.

    Day 4 I was out of bed had my swimsuit on and a towel around my neck and stopped dead. I didn’t “hurt” I was sore but I wasn’t hobbled. I drank my water and headed for the pool.

    After than first fast I have never experienced the levels of pain that I was under. I do take Tumeric twice daily. Golden Tea and broth. Might be the difference. Also it’s less, less refined and overly process food, no refined sugar if I can help it but yeah I have brownie from a premix now and then too. So shoot me they taste great!

    Exercise my doc and I came to a deal on that he won’t push it and I won’t cry. I then went to my step daughter who is a Canadian Body builder in top 10 in Alberta. Honey Dad needs this. SHORT, HARD, 8 reps max, 5 resistance and weight exercises that will KILL the body total time 20 minutes. i finish that set and I stagger out the door.

    I’m not going to look like Mr. Universe I still look like the blob pretty much. My weight is in my gut. I have no ass. My thighs have wrinkles for weight lose, my forearms have gained an inch. Biceps 1.5. Neck up 1. Chest up 1.5. and I can now walk 8 Km in an hour on good trails or road edges. I’m puffing pretty good but I’m not halt or lame. I can walk 10Km non stop and I’m not sore. I know I can do 16kms and be ok. get up the next day and do it again.

    The pain in general which was life altering isn’t. I have days I hurt but I’m not taking 6omg-120mg of morphine a day just to be mobile. Now it’s more like 400mg of Ibuprofen twice a day and not every day.

    The gut/bowel issue has cleared itself, third 5 day fast and it never returned (yet).

    My biggest concern seems to be that I feel so go I “deserve” dessert. Say what???

    I love the “breathe through your eyelids and soak in the dew from the fresh grass”, description of the naturopath.

    How interesting your post is!
    You are the ONLY other person I’ve encountered who had the same sort of pain reaction I did, right down to the deep pain on the left side.

    I appreciate very much you posting and I will try the 5 day fast. I know for certain water fasting doesn’t hurt me and I too can stretch to 5 days.

    My CRP levels are high with no explanation except I am overweight…so, I will definitely give it a go. THANK YOU!


    ‘Breath through your eyelids” was made famous by the movie Bull Durham. I guess it has made its way into medical lore. Or vice versa. Whatever.

    I knew I’d heard it somewhere before. A vegan I know when we discussing nautorpaththic treatment said there’s two types. 1. Breathe through your eye lids and soak up the dew on the grass or 2. Smoke the grass and lick the dew.

    I’ve only seen 3 but only the 1 was an actual MD as well. It would be interesting to talk more with him. He actually had something to say. The other two were from California and Oregon, both of which seem to be teaming with the “nuts and flakes”, morning dew, and sun showers.

    My discomfort and aching has gone away, other than normal sort of joint discomfort when I exercise! I got a diagnosis of IBS and following the dietary guidelines for that has helped tremendously. Took gazillion probiotics (that cost gazillion dollars) and sorted out the gut biota too.
    Progressing slowly. 🙂

    Pain levels way way down now.

    Sorry that wasn’t clear. I am doing 5:2 and also blood glucose diet, with intermittent water and broth fasting. I seem to need to have longer periods of not eating in order to get myself fat burning but at least I think I am now fat burning!

    No pain triggering now and finally lost some weight…not a lot, am down 1.3 kilos but am happy I am moving in the right direction. Also walking 10,000 steps a day…arthritic knees are grumbling but I’m just carrying on and am not hurrying….I am on a health trek not a beauty sprint and have no intention of getting into a bikini. 🙂 Ever!
    I am in the diet purely to reverse my diabetes and other ailments…whilst I can’t convince the GP I have done that I am no longer taking metformin and my blood sugars are at the pre-diabetic HbA1c level, which is progress.
    So, I think I am over the hump and back on track.

    Now doing the Jason Fung fasting protocol from The Obesity code and that is working. The aches and pains are in remission and finally fat burning is happenning.

    I am finally a happy camper. 🙂

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