A stunned GP is a lovely thing

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A stunned GP is a lovely thing

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  • I had a 3 month follow up with my GP yesterday, to see what my rather high blood pressure was up to now. She knew that I was trying to lose weight and that I would rather avoid any drugs if possible.I have had to record twice daily readings for ages.

    So 28 weeks after starting the 5:2 I have lost 23 lbs, there is 16″/41cms less of me, psoriasis all gone and I have fabulous blood pressure.She was very impressed and may be joining our ranks!

    I do feel rather wonderful too.

    that is amazing – you should feel wonderful!

    That is a great story! I am now off blood pressure medication too, and also feeling great. Weight loss 45lbs since retiring 2 years ago, the last 10lbs and ease of maintenance due to the fast diet

    Amazing results.

    I sure hope that the effect on psoriasis could be scientifically proven. My friend has psoriasis, but I am reluctant to give him advice (he told me once that he gets all kind of health advice even from people be meet in the street – and he hates it).

    Well done.

    Thank you everyone.
    Humphrey-I do feel rather wonderful, but not many clothes that fit!
    Kris-Wow 45 lbs!!!!!!!!!
    DrLL- I dreaded the winter with oozing bits on my legs that stuck to my tight…and summer because my legs just looked awful. Not to mention the itch. Not anymore!!!!!!!Just tell your friend to do it. Mine got a little worse a week in, but then kept getting better and better.I didn’t change anything at all, just fasting 2 days a week. I am convinced that fasting healed my psoriasis.It has been worth it for my skin alone( and I had patches on my arms and legs), never mind the BP and fat.

    I am completely delighted.

    Well done! That’s fantastic news, especially about the improvements to your health.

    Awesome! Good job.

    I agree. 24 weeks on 5:2 and 24 lbs lost. Cholesterol 5.9 to 4 and the doctor says for the first time in 20 years “I think you can try without the statins and your liver function has increased by 100%”. Yesterday with the second check up after my thyroxine re measured he said amazed “your sugar levels are perfect too!” This feels so good it must be for life!

    Thank you everyone.

    Beavergong That is completely fantastic. Another stunned doctor? Lovely.You must be thrilled too.

    Congratulations Annette!

    I started today and hope to see a drop in cholesterol. I am going vegan in combination with 5:2 so something has to improve!

    espressobrain Thank you too.My cholesterol was within normal limits, but my BP was high, which was my shove to lose weight.

    Last night instead of the planned meal with my boys, they all went out and I found myself trying to figure out what to eat. Thought I might like pizza, they all looked a bit big and didn’t fancy it when I looked at it.My whole mindset has changed on what I now choose to eat. It is extraordinary….and a tiny bit fabulous.

    Keep us posted on how it is going.

    all these posts are so encouraging, I agree annette52 my whole mindset is changing something I didn’t think would ever happen.
    I just hope my cholesterol will also have gone down when I get it tested in a month or so.
    I am looking forward to summer, we live very close to the beach, I might even go swimming this coming summer 😉

    Hi Flaggies,
    Glad you find it encouraging.
    Swimming is a great aerobic exercise. I think that swimming twice a week for 3 weeks made a big difference to change in my figure and also with weight loss when the weight had plateaued.
    Look forward to hearing about a cholesterol update.

    Hi annette52

    No wonder you feel rather wonderful! Good for you!

    You have had excellent results with this diet but you’ve also put a great deal of effort into it; so you should give yourself a big old pat on the back – or go and buy some nice new clothes to parade your new slimmer, far healthier figure!

    Hi PreciousBooBoo,
    Thank you.
    I am not a sporty person, but can see the difference that exercise makes in shaping the body and improving muscles which burn more calories when you are sitting still.
    I have a half marathon coming up in 4 rather short weeks. The recent hot weather in the UK put paid to running, so I have been swimming twice a week instead.
    I will fast tomorrow, walk to the pool, 30 length and then wander back through all the charity shops to find ordinary clothes and dresses for dancing.I go out to Ceroc once a week and have a dance weekend in October(dancing all day and all night).
    I managed 2 firsts yesterday, which was to run for 2 and a half hours non-stop and to cover 11 miles. Very happy. Hope to be able to run 13.1 miles in 2 and a half hours.
    I am stuck weight wise but I am still shrinking.Bought a rather fab little black dress (for dancing) for £6.99 and a linen jolly number for the same price that is a perfect fit. I am not buying any new clothes, no point the way my body is changing.I am taking all my old clothes to charity shops too.
    Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.

Viewing 16 posts - 1 through 16 (of 16 total)

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