A calorie is a calorie is a calorie – NOT!

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A calorie is a calorie is a calorie – NOT!

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  • Greetings,

    Searching for the calorie count in 100 grams of skinless, boneless Atlantic salmon filet, I run across many different “estimates” ranging from something as low as 147 to almost double that.


    Where on the Internet can I find a plain olde calorie counter without any fuss and mess related to where the food was bought, how much protein and how much of this and that? No, I don’t want to join anything and I don’t want to download an app full of stuff I don’t need.

    I am good at searching but I invariably end up with ounces even when I ask for grams. Yes, I can recalculate, but I just want something sane and simple.

    Is simple available? 😉 Could I possibly be the only one looking for simple in a convoluted world?

    Aside from that, I’m pretty pleased with this meal plan that leaves me feeling SO good the day after a fast-day.



    did you ever find this? have just started this diet and am finding the same frustration and have resigned myself to doing a 4-step work around on my fitnesspal app – really not very convenient. will post here if I find anything … meanwhile I’m tending to eat the same damn things all the time coz I know the calorie count … grrrr. meanwhile trying to find calorie count for sea bream …

    @dockyrph ….not sure what a ‘4-step work around’is but 150g of sea bream (raw) has 203 cals

    Dockyrph and sylvestra. Hi!

    No, I am doing what you are doing which is recycling things I have already checked since I am sure of the calorie count.

    I feel good, though, and I am also losing weight. So, the annoying runaround the Net for a calorie count is paying off. I have also come to the not too surprising conclusion that I must write things down in a little notebook.

    I have checked the Net and found many different sites with as many different calorie counts for sea bream. Take your pick:


    http://www.foodnutritiontable.com/nutritions/nutrient/?id=648 Search: fish bream)


    I also checked Wikipedia to ascertain what type of fish would be closest to a sea bream.

    I would be very interested in a plain and simple, no fuss or muss, calorie count app. Please post it if you find one. Thanks!

    Greetings to you,


    A thought!

    Why couldn’t we share the calorie count on various things?

    We could open a new thread with a clear and unambiguous header.


    I use My Fitness Pal because it allows you to have a list of ‘favourites’ so when I find a calorie value I can go back in there next time.

    A calorie thread is a great idea. There is a danger though that it may get a bit heavy and it would be difficult to find stuff.

    But….I have an idea…..

    Hopefully the posts I have just put up might be of help.

    Just starting and wondering are there any fruit or vegetables considered zero calories/v low calories for the fast days? Thanks so much:-)


    You sort of sound like a former WW, where some foods don’t count.

    All foods have some calories. With 5:2, they all count.

    Good Luck!

    I agree with simcoeluv… the ONLY things that are calorie free are water, black tea, black coffee and SOME (but not all) herbal teas.

    ALL fruit and veg contain calories it’s just that some have more than others and fruit tends to have more calories than vegetables.

    Weight Watchers and Slimming World do not, unfortunately, teach people about calories.

    if you use an app like My Fitness Pal you’ll get calorie values in there.



    I love my ‘favourites’ on myfitnesspal – I go back to a lot of the same foods, but I’ve got enough variety that I’m not bored on 5:2 🙂 Whenever I can, I scan the barcode on the product I’m using – that way, I know it’s accurate.

    I use this website a lot if I need something that a) can’t be scanned or b) isn’t in the myfitnesspal database:



    My fave, because they let me use whatever unit of measurement I want. There’s also a recipe analyzer. You’d just enter the amounts in whatever quantities, in plain words (So, 2 cups this,5 grams that) And the number of servings, and it gives you the full nutritional info, like packaged foods do.

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