5/2 long term?

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  • Hello everyone, I’m new to the forum and interested in how people maintain their weight. I’ve been doing the 5:2 for a few months, mainly for the long term health benefits but also to see if I could get rid of the seemingly unshiftable half stone that kept my height to waist ratio above 0.5. Delighted to say the inches dropped off and the scales briefly showed my (fairly arbitrary) target weight a couple of weeks ago. I’m now hovering on a plateau just above this target, which I’m quite happy with.
    I’d assumed that on reaching my preferred weight I would drop down to 6:1, or otherwise increase my food intake, but it’s looking like 5:2 might be the sustainable long term plan. I would be quite happy with this as I feel really well on it. Wondering if other people continue with 5/2 to maintain rather than lose weight?

    Hi, Jess.
    We have been Fasting for 4.5 years. We both reached our target weights but continued to Fast 2 days/week because: 1] it keeps the weight off; 2] we will derive the other benefits of Fasting; 3] we save certain foods for Fast Days and they are so delicious.

    Some people, upon reaching their goal, go off Fasting and then regain the weight. Many maintainers continue to Fast as we do. It is a Lifestyle and is very sustainable.
    Dr Mosley, when he reached his target, went to 6:1. I fear I’d gain weight on that scheme :(.

    Glad you had such a good result with 5:2. Since you did it so well, I recommend staying on it.

    Hi fasting_me
    Thanks for replying. Your experience sounds very positive. I will continue with 5:2 for now and hopefully continue to enjoy it. I guess December would be a daft time to cut it back anyway!:-)

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