5:2 diet and stroke

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  • I’m aged 46, take no medicines, I’m active, my Height 5’7 weight 9 stone. I first started 5:2 in November of 2012, because I had aches and pains here and there and was getting a bit of a belly. A year into the 5:2 diet I felt great, my aches and pains were all gone, my belly was nicely flat and I had mind and body of a 21 year old.

    On 21st July 2017 I had a small stroke, TIA (transient ischemic attack)

    I was really shocked this happened because I felt great, mind and body. All the stroke nurses could not give a reason why I had the stroke because there’s no pointers to say why I had the TIA. My stroke doctor told me to stop the 5:2 diet. I am now on 20mg statins and clopidogrel blood thinner.

    My cholesterol at the time of stroke was 5.1, now its 2.8.

    After nearly 5 years I have now stopped the 5:2 diet and I now go for a diet that is low saturated fats and sugars, and all is home cooked food.

    I can’t say if the 5:2 diet contributed to the stroke. The 5:2 diet in theory should prevent strokes. But the diet did make me feel wonderful in mind and body. I would start the 5:2 diet again only for short a short time, to loose weight or a short term detox.

    My sister and my father had TIAs and neither of them was Fasting at the time. I see no connection between TIAs and Fasting. Any history of stroke in your family?

    Good luck to you, Alien.

    My grandmother died of stroke aged 76 in 2001, and she is the only person in the family to have stroke.

    The 5:2 diet is supposed to give the body a break from food, and to make the body go in ‘repair mode’ I assume ‘repair mode’ would clear up any fatty deposits in arteries reducing strokes and also heart attacks. So you can imagine I was surprised when confirmed I had a stroke, after nearly 5 years on 5:2 diet.

    There are no pointers anyone can give to say why I had the TIA because I’m in good health, good weight and feel great.

    Have I been neglecting importance nutrients that I should have taken on my fast days I thought. I’m just staying off the 5:2 diet for now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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