5:2 Diet and Depression

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  • I’m planning on embarking on the 5.2 Diet, with my first fast day planned for tomorrow. I read in the medical disclaimer that it was not recommended for people with serious mental health issues. While I am not sure what the definition of serious mental health issues is here, I am currently recovering from a serious bout of depression that was triggered in the past 12-18 months. While I don’t consider myself depressed at the moment, it is probably fair to say my mental health is not 100% either. Personally, I think my mental health has been hindered by rapid weight gain that has occurred over the past 12 months and I personally think this would be improved by a sustained reduction in my weight. I was only planning on trying this for an initial period of 6 weeks anyway to see how it works for me. Could people in the know fill me in on the thinking behind the recommendation that people with mental health issues do not try this? Is it just a precaution against the potential psychological effects of the reduced calorie intake and any disappointment from failing to meet weight loss targets? Or is there a more scientific reason for it? I of course respect all the recommendations, however as a trainee therapist myself (who took a year out from studies to focus on getting through the depression), I feel I have a good level of self awareness and have weighed up the pros and cons satisfactorily. I also notice that in most media I have seen and read, the mental health aspect is not emphasised, indicating that it allows for a certain amount off self reflection on each person’s behalf to see whether this will suit them or not psychologically.

    I should point out that I have recently gotten back into a regular exercise regime, but have noticed this has not been as successful as on previous occasions where I have lost significant weight. I am also aware of the need to be responsible on non fast days. I am keeping an open mind but would appreciate any advice or feedback.

    My (non medical) opinion is that it is a sensible disclaimer as it is possible 5:2 may effect medication or set off mood swings.
    Many of us do find we are dealing with issues from our childhood that arise as we lose weight, or as we cope with feeling hungry.

    But I think it is likely you can make a sensible decision for your own case, and just need to check with your Health Professional if any concerns arise.

    Starting 5:2 is a bit of an experiment anyway as you need to sort out which days (and whether to change the weekly according to what you have on, or keep to regular days) what and when you eat on Fast Days and then often work on Non Fast Days too.

    But it is a simple regime that works because it is easy enough to fit into most people’s lives, and there is an excellent chance that it will work well for you and may help alleviate depression.

    Good luck! You are not the only one on the forums here who is dealing with long term depression. Check out the larger threads in case there is one you would like to join for companionship as you go. Best wishes and all good things.

    Thanks Cinque.

    I suffered from severe depression for a couple of years before I discovered fasting (although I’ve moved on from 5:2 to OMAD and some 48h fasts), It’s been about 6 months and I can say that I feel like a totally different person, there are so many benefits I’m feeling it’s simply too much to detail in a single forum post. Unless your medicated, you’re starting in the right place!!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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