5:2 and menopause

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  • Hi all, I went on the 5:2 diet to lose weight before I became pregnant. I found it really worked and I lost 13kgs in about 26 weeks. Unfortunately I never lost the weight I put on during my pregnancy so when my son was a few years old I tried 5:2 again. This second time though I found it a lot more difficult to lose weight. I was also perimenopausal. I am now in the age group to begin menopause and am finding I am so easily putting on weight, no matter what I do; reducing food intake, ensuring I’m eating healthier choices, exercising more, but I’m still putting on weight.
    My question to those who are perimenopausal, or menopausal, did 5:2 help you with weight loss? Did you find it easy or difficult to lose weight? What tips can you provide me as I go on 5:2 for a third time?

    You can decide on a fasting method that fits your lifestyle. For example, the 16/8 method or the 5:2 method. You can drink plenty of water or herbal teas. Pay attention to hunger cues and avoid overeating during your eating window.

    Hi there. I started 5 2 back in like 2016 and a family crisis caused me to stop for a few years. That finally improved and life resumed to normal. Then the pandemic hit. I saw a pic of myself during pandemic and realized I basically put it all back on over time. Got back on 5 2 and lost 40 pounds! I’ve kept it off over 3 years with 5 2 maintenance. Now enter perimenopause. Weight slowly started to creep back up despite my increased physical activity. I stick to the plan on the fasting days (2 in a row, easier for me) and do mostly whatever I want on the other days (I know I could cut that back). This is how I lost the weight. Now it doesn’t seem to work. I’m also looking to see if anyone has any suggestions to get through this. I think it is related to hormone changes etc.

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