5 Day fast advice please!!

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  • Hi Guys I am bit new to this…I haven’t eaten since last night (Sunday) and plan to fast (water and the occasional coffee) until Friday night which would be my longest fast so far…had previously done Tuesday night until Friday night.I am 5’11 and 109kgs
    and really want to lose weight…I find fasting very easy, much easier than trying to restrict my food intake. what is your advice for me am I going to far? do you have any other ideas? Really appreciate any advice. Currently not going to the gym and dont have a very physical job 43 years old.

    Hi James, most people here only do shorter fasts around 36h twice a week. Many even eat up to 800 calories on their fast day, so it isn’t true water fasting.

    Last year I did a water fast for 7 days. While the weight didn’t really stay off, it seemed to set me up for fasting down to lower weights. I’m in Japan so at one point I started feeling a little of and did have a bowl of miso broth which is about 30 calories. That seemed to help a lot.

    I don’t go to the gym but I do workout. I use stairs a lot as my apartment building has 10 floors. I also will run and work in sprinting. Push-ups and pull-ups account for a lot of what I do some days. Personally I find working out and fasting go well together.

    Hi There, Thanks so much for that…I did think it was a bit extreme I think the next one will be 2-3 days max.

    Hi JB,

    I used to fast for 60 hours per week when I was losing weight. I only fast for 36 hours once per week now for health reasons. I was losing about a pound per week on average. My advice, don’t rush the weight loss too much. Try and set yourself up with the mindset of “can I do this for the rest of my life”. At 5 day fasts Id be inclined to say it wont be sustainable. 2 day fasts every week for a year or two. Id say that’s doable with some will power. One day fast every week. Ive been doing that for over three 3 years now. Its sustainable (for me).

    Eating once a day is not a big deal. I am also fasting and eating once a day, I am losing weight and everything is fine.

    You have to find out what works for you — in terms of sustainability and in terms of your resistance to temptation. Losing weight too fast is a problem for your body, so consider the toll in nutrients of these extended fasts.

    I’ve done a wide array of fasting from a 500 calorie 5:2, water fasted 5:2, every other day water fast, 5-6 day water fast and 6 day “fasting mimicking” diet.

    I did lose a lot of fat using the more aggressive water fasts but I also lost a lot of muscle tissue. Not a good strategy for keeping metabolism up and long term loss.
    I think shorter (36 hour) water fasts worked best for fat loss for me. Easy to do and not too damaging to metabolism.

    I’ve changed my strategy from losing fat to building muscle via intense resistance exercise. I no longer do weekly fasting other than time restricted eating(10 hour). It’s been working very well as I’ve gained 20 lbs of muscle and lost 20 lbs of fat over the last 13 months. My resting metabolism has increased 21%. So I get to eat a lot more food just to maintain my weight.

    I also take a one week exercise break and do a 5 day water fast once a quarter for health reasons, not to lose fat.

    Hello my name is Gwen I just want to say fasting saved my life.I feel like a new person
    I lost 45 lbs from fasting it taught me how to be disciplined.Also iam for ever grateful for a documentary that I watched if you are interested https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ihhj_VSKiTs&t=1074s its very good it helped me a lot I recommend this for newbies .
    thanks guys I hope this helps

    Hi I am a newbie, although I did try this a year ago and it worked for me. The you tube link above is blocked in NZ, any recommendations of other videos?
    Also can you fast on consecutive days or do you need to have a day in between?

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