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  • Decided to start my own topic to keep track of my journey.
    My profile shows my journey up to November and I was so positive! Even through December and over Christmas I was doing ok, not losing, but lost the weight I put on over Christmas.
    I had such a big blow when my niece returned my christmas card, damaged. So it brought all the anxieties of the total breakdown of relationship with my sister and the false accusations she’d made.
    So this year has been difficult, to say the least! I am such a worrier and an emotional eater! But I was determined not to allow this to make me fall back into bad eating habits. I decided to start counselling. This has been positive but brought to the surface unpleasant growing up memories which I had buried!

    My OH is a great support.

    This week hasn’t been good, the weather has been foul, wet and windy. I feel anxious and so have eaten everything in sight! My waste band is tight so I know I’ve put on weight.

    This morning the sun was shinning so I got out for a good walk,which raised my spirits! I feel more positive, we have friends for dinner which I’m looking foward to.

    Writing this helps me consider how to go forward. I will weigh in the morning, check what damage I’ve done. But most importantly I mustn’t beat myself up whatever the result. I can’t do anything about the number on the scale!

    Monday I WILL fast.

    Today the sun was shinning such a lovely day! I weighed and had put on 4lbs but that was to be expected after my mindless eating over the past few days.
    I did some pilates then went out for a long walk. I listened to a utube meditation affermations for self esteem,it was helpful!
    When I got home did all my chores. I did have breakfast of poached eggs on toast lovingly prepared by my DH. Since then Ive had a banana and an apple and lots of water.
    Feeling that I have to pull myself out of this noone else can do it for me!
    Tomorrow I’ll fast. I have another counselling session.

    Hi Rocy, best wishes. I hope you have a great counselor. I know the havoc a dysfunctional family has. Hooray for you working on 5:2 at the same time as dealing with those nasty old issues. Keep at it!

    Thank you Cinque for your kind comment. Its a tough rocky road at the moment, but I’ll get through it!
    I weighed again this morning and down 1lb! That is a great encouragement for my fast day morning. I’m out for most of today so will have my water and a coffee at midday. Visiting my MIL this afternoon then home for an omelette and salad!

    Fast day completed! Really chuffed with myself. Planning on another tomorrow, I’ve got pilates class tomorrow and then to my daughter for coffee. Looking forward to weigh in on Wednesday morning .
    Excellent couselling session today, really feel much more in control and peaceful. Finding positive mindful meditations on utube a great help also.

    A successful fast day yesterday sticking to 500cals, breaking my fast with an omelette and salad followed by an orange.

    Weighted this morning and 144.4 so down from my 149 on Sunday, not sure how that happened but I’ll take it!

    Decided to continue with FD today again as I didn’t feel hungry when I got up.

    Went to pilates and it felt so good to stretch and do strength exercises. Coffee and catchup with my daughter and now home for a miso soup.

    I slept really well for the first time in ages! Just SO good to feel more in control!

    Succesful Monday/Tuesday b2b. Weight this morning 143.5lbs.
    Today I’m continuing the fast until my evening meal.
    The sun is shinning and I’m meeting friends for coffee, which I’m really looking forward to.
    Life is looking up and my goal weight is in sight!

    I’ve been away with the family for the past week, which has been half term. 2 daughters with their 3yr olds and joined for one day by another and her childten 5+7 great fun having them all together!

    It was so good to get away and really catch up with my daughters, they are such a support! It’s lovely to see the spring flowers poking their colourful heads up to the sun, ahh spring is not too far away and warmer weather, can’t wait!!

    I really think I’ve been suffering from SAD syndrome particularly this year!

    I havent fasted this week and found I easily slipped back into my carbs habit! Disconcerting really, so this week will be very controlled every day with Tues and Thurs as fast days. I’ll weigh on Friday morning.

    I’m really not doing well! I was just getting back, weighted myself last Friday and found to my horror Id managed to put on 7lbs, which immediately made me feel such a failure. The weekend went well and I was under control but not able to do a full fast any day though managed to do 16/8, most days.
    We are again helping out with grandchildren this week and I find it very hard
    to fast when with them. But it’s definitely something I’ve got to handle next time we’re here.
    Yesterday my daughter and I had a day out, we were looking for an outfit for eldest daughter’s wedding in October, I certainly realized that I do want to pull myself back onto 5.2 and lose the weight I know that I need for myself and my health. Being slim for the wedding will be a bonus!

    Hello Rocy65. I hadn’t seen your name in such a while so went searching for you. I just want you to hang in there and just stay with your basics. You could point the finger and say “Look who’s talking😝😜😱” but giving in to negative actions only increases the horrible inner chatterbox and prevents our looking to our goals. My thoughts are with you. Don’t let anyone else’s ill will define you. I loved having you as a buddy. You helped inspire me. We will get there. It’s just taking us longer than we hoped. Looking forward to hear you are powering on with bike rides etc and that clothes are looser or some other positive feedback beside the scales. Big hugs. Weddings are certainly a big incentive for wanting to look our best.

    Hello again Rocy65. I just wanted to paste in something Lolly said that you might like to think about. I love reading her posts.

    “Looking back at my years of struggling with diets, I was struck by the word “struggling”. Why would I be fighting against something that was good for me? What was my reward for self-sabotage? Where was the benefit? It only makes sense when I understand that using food to relieve anxiety was more important to me than how I looked. As a bonus, I was able to avoid dealing with the real issues by seeing obesity as the thing holding me back.

    Food was my solution until it became my problem. Then I was stuck.”

    It’s something that really rings true for me as well. Anyhow, it’s something worth pondering.

    Fuvvie thank you! Ive just written on your thread, before finding you’d found me!!
    Lolly’s post is just been ‘me’ over the past month! Crazy eating!
    Yes going back to basics, reading 5.2 book reminds me about why I started 5.2 last May and lost 2.2st!
    Today is the first fast day for a long while, so many started and given into that food troll! Weighed and up 5lb since Feb 1st – should be more!!
    Would so like to get out on the bike but the wind and rain seems never ending! I have got out for some long walks or even short ones in between showers!!

    So back that old horse, we can do this Fuvvie, onwards and down!!!

    The past couple of weeks have gone well and I’m back into the swing of 5.2.
    The weather has been brighter and dryer so I’ve been able to get out into the garden, out for lovely walks and best of all back on my bike!
    I havent weighed for a while, I decided to go by my clothes and weigh monthly! Time will tell.

    Hello Rocy65. You are sounding more on top of things which is just lovely. Read through your posts on replies created and the mood comes across as definitely up👌😉 I continue to hover around 108.3kgs so going nowhere fast but at least I’m still 15 kgs ahead of this time last year. Visiting my sister today so hope we can relax and not have the discussion about my hair😩 I’ve grown it into a bob and really enjoying it. She hates it and keeps telling me to get it cut. She’s 78 to my 68 and stilll sees me as her little sister and treats me like a child which gets up my nose. My oh says “it’s only hair! Who cares what it looks like?” But it’s the need to be allowed to make ones own decisions. I’d no more tell her what to wear or how to groom herself than fly to the moon. Rant over. We’ve had some wonderful rain and the dam is filling up again which is great. The herbs are flourishing and the place looks really green. Must go and have a coffee to start the day. All the best. 🤗🎶

    Hi @rocy65 just popping into say hello. Just keep on keeping on on! i am trying Michael’s blood sugar diet 800 cals per day. Started this week and so far liking it. I have also started taking kefir which has been mentioned on our challenge thread. I mix it with Chia seeds, mix in some fruit and a tbsp of homemade apple puree. I had been going backwards since beginning of March but this week seem to be making progress again. Take care x

    Good to hear from you Coda, It seems many of us who started on 5.2 with you on the may chalkenge last year! It is very frustrating!
    I am annoyed with myself for being weak-willed! I do have a problem OH he is my love, and my rock but he really doesn’t get 5.2!
    I am not having a good weekend, not true its a lovely weekend but I am enjoying my food and wine! I really would like to cmplete a fast day tomorrow! I will report back in here!

    ok so today is my first fast for a long while. I have got through OH having breakfast of a huge bowl of porridge and lunch of a beef sandwich followed by a saffron bun!

    I do believe I can make it today, my head is in the right place! I have just had my kefir drink. I’ve had green tea, lemon water and a coffee so far. Just having a sparkling water.

    OH and I are going to have swim at the 60+ session later, we haven’t been for a while but hope to go every week.

    A successful fast day yesterday!! Despite my OH trying to tempt me!
    Had a lovely swim but using different muscles had some aches! We’re going to go every week!

    weighed this morning 10.9 so down 1.5lbs. Controlled eating day today, I’ve had my glass of kefir and a cup of tea.

    OH and I are going to pack up a picnic and go for a bike ride as the weather is lovely and not much wind.

    No alcohol during the week from now on!

    So good to have my head back in a positive mode!!

    A reasonably controlled day yesterday, fast day today so I’ll weight tomorrow morning.
    Yesterday we decided to get jobs done in the garden so no bike ride:( Oh decided to clear out woodstore, he collects wood for projects, as yet unknown! But in it all we found the swing seat that came from my parents years ago after they passed. I have scrapped and rust proofed and painted the frame. Anothe coat today then try to put it together! must dig out an old photo! Also got to make new cushions!

    An overcast day but hopefully dry! We’ll get out on the bikes later.

    Plan for the day hot lemon water on waking then kefir this morning, my meal this evening salmon and loads of greens.Just liquids in between.

    Not the best week so far and now we’re away for Easter with family, and that means joining in with social activities! So back to fasting next week!

    Hi Rocy65. Have you managed to get back into the fasting? Easter was very socially orientated for our family as well. It is the feasting that Jason Fung refers to , but always has to be balanced out by the fasting. Hope all is going well for you and yours.

    How’s it going, Rocy65? Seems like April was the last that several folk posted. Hoping all is well in your camp.

    Hi Fuvvie just saw your name pop up. Hope all is well with you. I sent you an email a while back as I hadn’t heard from you but maybe it didn’t arrive. Drop in to our June challenge just to say hello as I am sure others still think of you x

    Time passes quickly and I have been AWOL since April and just not logged in. Been a really rubbish year so far, very emotional times in tbe family. I lost the 5/2 plot and comfort eating set in. Consequently Ive put on quite a few lbs. I’ve given myself a good talking to and decided to log into the FD site to get some inspiration. I’m away this week end and so will join the July challenge on my return. Though thinking about it I should do so today, no time like the present!
    Ive just had my kefer this morning so it could be fast day.

    the day of reckoning came today and I got onto the scales. In February I was 141.5lbs and feeling great. Then I was hit by a load of emotional c..p from my sister, which sent me into a downwards spiral emotionally. My husband and family have been great and having counselling helped. But the upshot was I have gone off track and put on 13.5lbs.
    So today I weighed and measured and put it all onto my tracker.
    Fast day today and maybe a b2b if I can. No alcohol during the week.
    My daughters wedding is in mid October so I have a goal.

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