5-2 Fasting while maintaining muscle mass.

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5-2 Fasting while maintaining muscle mass.

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  • Hi,

    I have start 5-2 fasting 3 and a half week ago,I thought I’d share my journey so far up to this point, process is slow but it is certainly working.

    I am blessed to have a machine at the gym to track my process in greater details (BMI, Fat%, Muscle Mass).

    Before I start, I was 79kgs, BMI 25.1(overweight),16.9% body fat, with 37.2 KGs Skeletal Muscle Mass.

    I fast on Wednesday and Sunday, go to the gym for 45 mins every non-fast day, and weight myself on every Monday,

    At 3 and a half week, I am 78 kgs, BMI 24.9(on the very edge of Normal), With 37.3 KGs of Skeletal Muscle Mass. (I am amazed I have actually gained 0.1 kg of Muscle Mass).

    My diet on a Fast day contains 300g of skinless Chicken breast meat, and the rest are rolled oats, fruits and vegies, totaling at around 600 Calories.

    The process is a little slow as I am losing around 300 grams per week, I am looking forward to get down to my target weight of 74kgs (with 10% Body fat) in June this year.

    I couldn’t seem to edit my original post, so I will add extra point to my post.

    My weight tends to fluctuate over the week, 1 day after the fast day I was down to 78kgs, and 78.6 kgs the next day.

    I wasn’t losing weight fast but my pants were fitting looser.I also workout on non fasting days. Turns out I was increasing in muscle mass. Weird, I didn’t expect that on this diet.

    On the body building boards the “bro science” explanation is that the diet increases HGH (fasting) and insulin sensitivity making you more anabolic. I didn’t really expect to lose body fat and gain muscle on this diet. It does though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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