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  • About 6 months ago, December 2016, I found out I had very high cholesterol. For 3 months I tried and failed several plans. In March 2017, I had my blood tested again and my cholesterol was the same or worse. In March my weight was 246 lb.

    My doctor wanted to meet to discuss the results (and probably suggest statins again). I didn’t schedule a follow-up. I decided to try natural cures full force with the 5-2 Diet at the center.

    I found that a personal log helped a lot. I fit a week on a 3″x5″ page notebook with days as the column and rows as the eating and moving goals.

    |Day M T W T F S S

    After staying on target for 9 weeks, I was 219 this morning! I finally scheduled a doctor visit to discuss my March blood test. I had that meeting this morning. My blood pressure and resting heart rate are slightly improved. Both the nurse and the doctor were impressed by my weight loss and they both wanted to see new blood tests. My doctor wanted to draw my blood today, but I told her I wanted to get tested in 3 weeks. Judgement day is June 21, 2017.

    I’ve found the 5-2 diet to be very easy. A fast day is a fast day. I have the same meals every fast. Lunch: almonds, miso, and seaweed. Dinner: egg, apple, beets, sprouts, and hot peppers. Some dinners I’ll add a little meat/chili on top of the eggs. The same routine every fast really helps. On feed days, I have a 7 hour feeding window. I’ll avoid breakfast to extend my fast and I’ll stop eating by 7pm so I go to bed hungry.

    Coming to terms with hunger is a big issue for me. Before, I could suffer through it. Now, I appreciate what’s going on inside my body. Hunger is just low insulin levels, higher growth hormone, and body repair. When I’m hungry in the fasted state I realize that I’m using muscle sugar, liver sugar, and fat storage: all of these things are good.

    I’ve found my notebook to really help with fasting. Every day starts with an empty box. If I’m fasting, I’ll put a circle. After lunch, I’ll put a slash through the circle. After dinner, I’ll put another slash through the circle to make an X. On feed days, I record my morning and evening fast with the letters “m” and “e”. If I fast until lunch, I’ll put an “m” in the box. After dinner, when I decide I’m done eating for the day, I’ll put an “e” in the notebook cementing my evening fast. After 9 weeks of staying on target, the fasting row is filled with “me” for feed days and an X’ed out circle for fasting days.

    For the other boxes in the notebook, I’ll usually put hash marks for the day’s count. Every day I eat apples, beets, nuts, and sprouts. One hash mark each. For the trampoline, baduanjin, and stretching, I try for 3 times a day.

    Now I have three more weeks before the new blood counts. My fingers are crossed for a better cholesterol level and a better insulin level. 3 more weeks and I’ll be firmly in the 210’s. Hard to believe, but easy to achieve with time, patience and the right plan.

    I’ve only had a few rough days where I was down, resigned, and cranky. I would just look forward to tomorrow and it was easy to power through.

    Last week was the only time I missed a fast day. My son graduated from high school and we had guests and a party. It was easy to forgive the skipped fast day and the evening snacks. This week is a new week to start again, back on track, 3 more solid weeks ahead.

    I don’t know my final weight, but I know I’ll be able to maintain whatever weight I choose with the 5-2 diet or the 6-1 maintenance.

    Hello bagua

    I’ve read your post. Congratulations on th eloss, did you get new results?

    If I understand correctly you’re doing 5:2 and 17:7 at the same time?

    And what do you mean that ”For the trampoline, baduanjin, and stretching, I try for 3 times a day.”? Are you exercising 3 times a day or did you meant something else?

    Hope you reach whatever numbers you’re striving for!

    Hi empres_migo,

    I rebound on a trampoline up to 30 minutes a day, usually 7-10 minutes at a time. Either rhythmic heel bouncing, light cardio, or high intensity bouts. It depends my mood and energy level. I aim to jump on the trampoline 3 times a day or more.

    Ba Duan Jin is also called the 8 graceful movements. Each movement is repeated 3 to 5 times. All of the movements are done standing up. It takes a few minutes. I aim to do the movements morning, afternoon, and evening. Baduanjin 3 times a day. Search youtube for baduanjin or the “Eight Pieces of Brocade”.

    Stretching is for my back; I have a special routine of 3 stretches to help my stay healthy and recover when I overdo it. When my back is really hurting, I stretch 5 times a day, but I normally try to stretch 3 different times a day.

    Each time I do one of the above, I make a hash mark in the right box. At the end of the day, the trampoline, baduanjin, and stretch boxes should each have 3 check marks.

    Sometimes, I’ll chain the trampoline, baduanjin, and stretching at the same time. Other times, I’ll do one without the others. Whatever I do, I get to make a mark.

    empress_migo, you are correct. I’ve done 5:2 every week and I do 17:7 almost every day.

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