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  • I have several health issues (kidney cancer, Hashimoto’s, melanoma). I thought starting 5:2 was, for me, a good example of closing the barn door after the horse has run away. But I decided to give it a go anyway. Well, I just had my regular CT scans for the kidney cancer and my fasting glucose which has been 99-101 for many years is now 73. 73!! In 3 weeks! My oncologist was pleased.

    And I’ve lost 16 of the 40 pounds I need to lose. I’m noticing the weight loss mostly in my abdomen. My doctor even warned me not to lose too much weight (ha!) in case I need to start some of the nastier chemo drugs. Even better, my husband has lost the same amount of weight and his severe GERD is almost non-existent now. Neither of us has been too hungry on fast days so we’re agreeing this is the easiest “diet” we’ve ever attempted.

    I think we’re successful because I measure & weigh everything we eat so I can learn proper portion sizes and eventually will be able to stop all the weighing.

    Dr. Mosley is right, it’s inspiring us to eat much more healthily on our non-fasting days. By the way, I highly recommend SkinnyTaste.com for delicious, healthy, low-calorie recipes. (The Zucchini Lasagna is amazing!)

    Thank you, thank you, Dr. Mosley!

    How wonderful! Congratulations, and all power to you and your husband!

    Amazing story and I sincerely hope your success continues. Fasting can be very powerful!

    Splendid, Melania. If you want more recipes that fit this Lifestyle, try: fastingme.com.
    Usually men lose weight faster than women, but it is great that you are both losing at the same rate. Be aware that weight loss will slow down a little in the future, but well-begun is half done.

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