2022 Small Group Accountability Challenge

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2022 Small Group Accountability Challenge

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  • Just making a new thread now it’s February! Decided to make a group for the year rather than having to make a new one each month 🙂

    We’re a group of three at the moment, if anyone else wants to join us feel free to comment!


    Hey Jen! I am here. Another good day for me, not fasting, but eating sensibly. I plan to fast tomorrow though x

    Heyyy! Good luck with your fast day tomorrow you’ll smash it 🙂 hopefully we hear from zz soon, I think she’s in a different time zone than us.

    Have a good evening 🙂

    Hi girls, fasting today, just checking in for accountability! 2pm and no food yet, looking to hold off as long as possible today, had a couple cups of coffee with almond milk though, so not a true fast but no solid yet. I find as soon as I eat food it sets off my hunger, so the coffee has done the job so far at getting me through 😊

    @secondtimearoundfasting well done! I hope the second half of the day was as successful as the first!

    Have a lovely evening 🙂

    Thanks @xamos – second half was good, got an exercise class in too! How has your day been?


    My day yesterday was long and boring but I stuck to my calorie goal and got 15K steps in so not bad!

    @zzzzz45 I do hope you’re okay? If you’ve fallen off the wagon there’s no judgement here, we’ll help you pull yourself back up 🙂 hope to hear from you soon.

    Glad it’s the last day of work today!

    Well done @xamos long boring days make not eating so much harder! What’s your cal limit per day? Is that a forever daily calorie or just to lose? I know that when I did 1400 per day I lost steadily, but I found it hard to stick with long term, which is why I’ve gone back to fasting, I’m also short so I’m not allowed a great deal of calories just to maintain weight when I get to that point. I found that 1400 was a big too low for me with all the exercise I do. Defo worked though!

    I’m currently at 1800 cals a day, like you I’m a shorty but try to do as much exercise as possible – I’m always walking and cycling and go to the gym when I can. I personally find if I go much lower I get super hungry and that usually ends with uncontrolled eating. I’m happy to find a balance and set a higher daily limit with treats included and not feel that need to eat everything in site after a few weeks! I think a lot of girls, especially short ones like us try to go too low and it backfires when realistically we can eat more than we think and still lose.

    I imagine I’ll eat more when I’ve reached my goal but we’ll see what happens 🙂 what’s your plan when you reach goal? One fast day per week to maintain?

    If I’m honest, I’m not too sure what my goal is, I’m just within a healthy bmi, but I have an issue with back pain, and I know that losing weight can help, so my aim is to lose as much as I need to to stop the pain, it will help with my kickboxing too as I’m required to do a lot of jumping kicks, which I’m finding more and more difficult with the extra mass! For perspective though, I’m 5’2” 10st 5lb. I don’t think I’ll need to lose a great amount but anything up to 2st should do the trick. And yeah, I reckon one fast a week to maintain, though I do want the health benefits of fasting also, so I will prob be stricter at eating within a time window daily, maybe a 6hr eating window

    Morning girls – another Monday another fast day.. didn’t have a particularly good weekend food wise, my choices were within a sensible calorie range but were a few fast food options chosen, which has made me feel more hungry than usual and tired, but they were the easy option and I fell back into the trap! So today has been good so far, 12.30 and having my first coffee, I really need to drink more water but as always I find that difficult, so just grabbing it ad hoc. I definitely feel a lot better being back on track with fasting, and I find that generally on my non fasting days I’m eating better foods, just need to try and be more sensible on weekends, always hard though when you are with the family and go out to eat or have movie snacks around for that movie night we usually have.
    How have your weekends been? Also, @xamos, how have you found your weight loss on 1800, is it steady loss? I think I may look to increase my cals to 1800 on non fast days

    @secondtimearoundfasting hey! sorry I’m on my days off and being very lazy! Still doing well food wise though, sorry to hear you had a challenging weekend! I actually had a trip to Maccy D’s with my partner a few days back and just ordered within my calorie range, I had a McChicken Sandwich on its own while he had a double Big Mac burger meal haha! It felt good though there was no guilt or feeling of having to “burn it off” or make up for it – just these are my lunch calories and this is what I’m having for lunch. Blissful actually! I must admit I don’t really find junk food affects me in terms of tiredness or being more hungry. I got myself a cute flask with a straw built in that I strangely enjoy drinking from (that’s weird hahah), I just fill it with squash because I like it better than water. For me it’s really the season of being kind to myself about this and half way is so much better than not doing anything. Something that works for me when it comes to snacks is I’ve been buying little individually wrapped portions of everything (you can get all sorts and lidl and Aldi etc do their own brand versions) and I find that once I eat that I’m okay, I have a thing about eating the whole packet so opening the small package and finishing it satisfies that for me.

    I’ve only weighed myself once so far and I’d lost 4 pounds which is in line with what I was hoping for (1 pound a week) 🙂 I can update more as time goes on and I weigh myself more but I feel good and I feel like I’m getting smaller which is nice! Do you keep track of your cals on NFD’s or just roughly?

    I think we may have lost zz 🙁 I hope she’s okay..

    @secondtimearoundfasting hiya how are you getting on?

    Not so well @xamos.. I fasted Monday, but had a stressy day yesterday and had pizza. A lot of pizza. Today I was due to fast and again due to stress have not fasted. I can still get a fast in on another day but realistically I think I need to write this week off.. how about you?

    Oh no I’m sorry to hear that 🙁 how are you feeling today? Just get a fresh start next week!

    I’m still doing good just plodding along!

    I think fresh start next week will be the plan. I’m out for milkshakes with a friend this afternoon and out tonight so will more than likely be eating something highly calorific again…ah well… I will reset next week 😃

    @secondtimearoundfasting hey how’re you getting on? I’m still sticking to my calorie goal every day! Yesterday me and my partner went on a 4 hour bike ride for Valentine’s Day, I know we must be mental haha!

    Hope you’re doing well 🙂

    Well done! That sounds lovely. I’m into fitness so that sounds like a lush day to me.
    I’ve had a poor week, stressed out and making bad choices. I really want to stick with a sensible plan and after such a great start I’ve got back to set point. Very disappointed with myself. Even if I try to stick to small goals it doesn’t work. I’m wondering whether to really try something else to keep me accountable, like an insta page where I post photos and weigh ins! Ha who knows, it might work. Or I might just be as bad at sticking with it. I know it works also as I lost 18lbs first time I fasted , I have pretty much kept it off too. But I didn’t have the work commitments or school runs etc, my life is a lot more hectic now!

    Hey! Really sorry I somehow got locked out of the forums because of a spam filter?! Weird! How are you getting on now?

    Feb 24
    Hi guys! So sorry I’ve fallen out – did travel, family time, concentrating on work and study!!! Am doing my best to keep to the plan with occasional additional coffee and/ snacks. So far it is working, but I’m settling in for long-term as I think I need to change my v much ingrained habits. I’ll try and log in more often!

    Feb24. Am also making a consistent effort with exercise, but more for physical and mental health rather than weight loss

    @secondtimearoundfasting – please keep on keeping on! Unfortunately for all exercise and diet plans you need a degree of concentration that is v hard to maintain when you have various other responsibilities! But even small consistent efforts will help. Have I shared this link before?

    I found it really useful. You guys probably know all about it!

    @zzzzz45 yay so good to hear from you! So glad you’re doing well 🙂

    I’m doing well just the same as you finally come to terms with the fact that this needs to be a slow, steady burn and a long term thing, even after the weight loss phase!

    I’m happy with occasional updates too to be honest, I think that also helps with just integrating it into your every day life it’s just part of your normal and not that interesting to update on!

    Great to hear from you and keep on keeping on! Chat to you soon 🙂

    Hi girls- I have been trying to take small steps the same as you, focussing on long term rather than short, I have been stressed with life stuff and have been unhealthy with my eating pattern. Spring is around the corner and I know I’ll be better once the sunshine is here. I always eat better spring/summer as I spend more time outside than in!
    Glad you are both sticking to your plans and getting on well x

    Hey ladies thought I’d check in on here quickly! How are you both getting on?

    As you know I’m only weighing myself once a month and the day of weighing came around again but unfortunately my flatmate caught covid so I stayed with my boyfriend right through my weighing window – instead of using a different scale and potentially throwing myself off I just decided to wait until next month. That’ll be three months following my plan so I’m excited to see the results! After the three month mark I plan to recalculate my calorie needs with my new weight ☺️

    Hope you’re both doing well, I think the warmer weather is finally on it’s way here in the UK!

    Hi @xamos – well done for your strength to not get on those scales! I agree it would really suck to see a non reflective weight, so good for you.
    I’m calorie counting, been good for couple weeks now with sensible choices. Now to keep at it x

    Hey ladies! How are we both doing?

    I completed my initial 12 week programme on the NHS app I downloaded and I’m very very pleased to say I’ve lost a stone (14 pounds!) since my highest weight at the end of December!

    I’ve recalculated my calorie needs using the app again and I’m knocking off a modest 60 cals per day and started a new 12 week block 🙂

    Very happy indeed and feeling more than capable of doing it all again – let’s see what I can achieve in the next 12 weeks ☺️

    I hope you’re both doing well and hope to hear from you soon!


    Wow that’s amazing @xamos well done! Can you share more details? I am using Lifesum app to track my calories but the calorie intake is low- I’m not really sure what I should be aiming for to maintain a good loss- which is why I end up yo-yo-ing! Would you mind sharing what calories you were on daily to achieve your loss? I have been eating quite well and exercising a lot! Focussing more on cutting out snacks and junk food, but still going out to eat with family Xx

    Hello @secondtimearoundfasting! Lovely to hear from you 🙂

    Of course I’m happy to go into more detail – so I downloaded this app (not sure if the link will work but it’s NHS 12 week weight loss on the App Store) – https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/nhs-weight-loss-plan/id1519208548
    My details were 5 foot 3, 12 stone 4 pounds female and moderately active and it gave me 1800 calories a day. The same as you I’ve tried calorie targets way too low before (even 1200 at times.. torture!) so I decided to just go with what the app said and give it the 12 weeks and see what happened, and it obviously worked!

    I write all my calories down in a little book rather than using an app as that calms any food anxiety I have. Honestly I don’t even focus on health that much just meeting my calorie goal and do my best to get fruit and veg in, but for me counting is the main thing and I still have plenty of treats 🙂 there’s only been a couple of occasions over the 12 weeks where I’ve had to say no to invitations out because I couldn’t count the calories, if I’m having a treat with my partner I just get a takeaway style ready meal that’s calorie counted or go to a restaurant that lists the calories which loads do nowadays 🙂 I think it’s surprising how quickly foods can add up if you’re not counting them and it’s so easy to undo progress.

    I hope that’s helps and you’re getting on well?

    Hi @xamos – thanks for sharing, that makes it simpler for me to get my head around by sharing your info. I’m 5ft 2 and 10st 5lbs – I find that the calories I’m allocated usually by calculating bmi are so low! I would not lose at 1800, but I can work out that 1400-1600 would be the area I’d need to aim for. Which to be fair, but cutting out take aways and unnecessary junk foods should be no problem to stick to. I think my problem is I have treat foods far too often, but I have a family and treats seem to become much more frequent, as in weekends are spent going out and eating, after work if I’m too tired to cook for the family we will order in etc etc. But I have been doing well lately at reducing the times we have take aways, roughly one a week and eating out is about once a week too. Ideally I’d like that to be once every two weeks, as that would have been the norm for me pre kids! I think habits change once you aren’t the only one to think about. But like I mentioned before, the weather is changing and it’s much easier to do activities that don’t include food!

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