20/4 keto only fasting

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  • Hi All… i’m in my fourth week of a very low carb, minimum 20 hr a day fast. iv lost 15lbs, 9lbs in week one, 3lbs week two, 3lbs week three. i eat at 3pm then 7pm, however some days iv gone 24 hrs as getting home late from work, so only ate once.
    I’v been classed as obese since the age of 12, never really been fat, but always stocky, rugby and sports as a young man. 5ft8 and around 14 stone for years, but i crept up to… and over 15 stone. im back down to 14 now, albeit carrying more fat than muscle these days…

    Has anyone else done a 20/4 diet for a long period, my plan was to do a month, but now feel i could go further, im just nervous of any health issues i might suffer.

    Hi @craige,

    I think what you’re doing is referred to as the ‘Warrior diet’. I don’t believe there are any negative health issues related to doing this level of IF. If it suits your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong restricting your eating window, providing you get the required nutrition, vitamins & minerals during that window.

    Congrats on the losses!!!

    Great to hear, thanks.
    im familiar with keto as used it before, the whole reason i started this 20/4 was to push myself into keto faster, then read up on fasting, got there “the fast diet” book..Audio And thought ‘go for it’ im interested in the body clean out side of fasting now, just not sure on the best method, the 5/2, or 4 day fasts or restricted eating hours like my 20/4 ?!?!
    iv got vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and im eating very well in my keto.
    Just nervous i could be doing more harm than good.

    Well… After losing 15lbs in three weeks, iv only lost one lb in week 4 ?! Still going 20 hrs “minimum” without food,Every day, with no cheats, and only eating good food when i do.
    Would adding some 48hr fasts help kick this plateau, or would that be too much ??
    iv gone 24hr without food and not struggled, just nervous ill be losing muscle this way.
    Any advise, experience would be appreciated

    It does sound as if you’re searching for more specific info about keto & extended fasting, thete’s a keto forum if you search for 2keto dudes (I think it’s called), they have some good advice & specific EF info, links to science articles etc which you woukd find helpful. I’ve done 48/60 hr extended fasts although did have keto coffee to get me through, don’t think I’ve lost muscle mass, keto is usually good for keeping that.
    I wouldn’t worry about not losing as much one week though, keep at it & you’ll lose again. Good luck!

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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