2 weeks in and I fear I've stalled?

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2 weeks in and I fear I've stalled?

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  • Have just completed my second week (Fast Mon – Thur Wk1, Tues-Thur Wk2) and stalled. My first week I was shocked to discover that I had lost 3.5 Ibs but the second week it was just under 1 pound!!!! To me I feel I have been doing the same things each fast day.

    I have been using a Salter MiBody scales which link body info to my Android. I have been getting a few weird results occasionally (So I take another to be sure) but I assume they are accurate. According to the scales my Muscle mass and body water has gone up steadily over the two weeks and my body fat has dipped more in this last week than the week before.

    It has knocked me back a bit I suppose after the first week (Bit too cocky!) I had no real probs fasting but I did find I couldn’t cope with black tea so on the second week I started having a little semi-skimmed milk in my tea about 5 or 6 times a day but made sure my total calories added up but I guess that’s not the same is it.

    Any way any tips, advice and guidance gratefully received please!

    Don’t fret! The same exact thing happened / is happening to me! My first week was over 3 lbs, then 1.5. Then over 2….then 4. I have accepted that it will never be consistent. The body has too much going on to be that exact! The way I look at it, a loss is fantastic! When I don’t lose as much as I would have liked, I read the forums here and refocus.

    I only lost 1. 4 this week, so today I am refeeding, and will start tomorrow anew. You are not alone!


    The stalling seems to be a part of the process.I found that when this happened if I bumped the fast up to 4:3 for a week or so it would stimulate the loss again. I spent the first year on 5:2 and 4:3 until I reached my target weight. Dropped 4 sizes and a lot of inches. Have been on the 6:1 Maintenance program and have kept the weight off…and I eat whatever I like. Hang in there…sometimes you won’t notice the scales moving but the fat is shifting as well. I noticed this early on as well. Good Luck!

    Many thanks for your kind supportive comments. I kept to the same regime and much to my surprise the next week I lost 6Lbs so I feel right on track having lost a total of 12lbs in 3 weeks!

    Hi everyone, I’m glad I took a look on the forum and found you. I was feeling quite despondent after a fortnight where I’ve lost half a pound each week, after an initially good start. (Just completed my third week, and I’m doing the HIT as well.) I was thinking I was doing something wrong, although I have to say I’m feeling so much better in myself. Another unexpected benefit has been that I don’t need to snack mid afternoon or eat so many carbs at tea time, so I reckon I’m saving 300 calories a day every day compared to how I ate before. Still only half a pound a week though!
    Do you think it will get going again for me?


    I don’t know about your eating regime but the week I only lost a pound I was working away from home, (Didn’t have facilities to cook my own food) and I found it really difficult to find healthy off the shelf food (I went to M&S and Pret) because they had a range of salad stuff but ended up having to eat stuff with pasta bits (Carbs!) in amongst the greens etc and bits of oil. Whilst I counted the calories and made it all add up (I’m not sure their calorie counting is that accurate and they don’t tot up the little pots of oil included) I think it wasn’t as good as the weeks/times I had followed the 5 to 2 recipes exactly and cooked at home. Whilst I was away I had hated the black lemon teas and was spoiling myself with milk in my tea but within the allowance.

    What do I know but I am guessing that this isn’t about counting calories its about the kinds of foods you are getting those calories from. I found the book really useful with regard to the science behind the Fast Diet re Carbs and blood sugar etc. Much to my surprise there were many foods that I thought were associated with “healthy” eating and “low fat” but with regard to blood sugar and calories were not at all – that included (Carbs obviously) but most fruits, nuts, beans etc.

    I was also surprised by the studies that showed how when some people were asked to lose 500/600 calories cutting down their normal diet across the week versus people who lost the same calories by fasting 5 to 2 – the people fasting lost a lot whilst the others lost very little if nothing. I have found myself watching people eating “healthy” meals with lots of greens but with pasta, mayo, tofu, beans, nuts and various exotic salad oils and I mentally tot them up and realise that the meal they are eating is a major chunk of their Non Fast Daily allowance.

    Sorry thats the extent of my knowledge so far – tomorrow morning its time to jump on my Salter Bio scales and see if I have managed to lose anything at all this last week because at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about – slowly creeping down has to be better than slowly creeping up and I have had too many years of doing that! (Listen to me boasting – I might be in for a shock tomorrow myself!!!!) By the way I haven’t done any HITs or exercise of any kind – I am in awe of you! Stick at it. I’ll let you know how I do – I too find this really useful to chat!

    Thank you so much, Whizzkid. It really does help to share experiences. I’m only 3 weeks in and the weight is falling, so far half a stone but most of that the first week. No need for despondency!
    Re different food types, my husband and I prefer vegetarian but we are trying the fast days with chicken or pork from the Skinny Slow Cooker recipe book, the recipes are really nice and make 4 portions so you can freeze some for another day.
    I find it easiest on a fast day to eat just in the evening. I never feel any hungrier than if I’m late with lunch, which is great, and I can even concentrate at work fine as well, which is just as well as I’m a driving instructor!
    Do you reckon that lowering the carbs on non fast days is a good idea then? This is difficult if you eat vegetarian as we do with bean chilli etc. We don’t use mayo or lots of oil. I did think the point of 5:2 was that you eat normally on non fast days (within the recommended calories for your body/exercise levels), and apart from the health benefits – I can feel them already! – that was a big attraction for me, as I hate having to completely exclude certain foods and feel like I’m dieting. Been doing that and failing miserably for 40 years now……


    Sounds like your doing some great cooking. Thanks for the tips. Re Carbs on non fast days – I must confess that I haven’t gone out of my way to not eat carbs on non fast days but to just eat normally but I think I might have subconsciously just started cutting down on them a bit and making other choices. Certainly agree with you re not excluding certain foods – it seems to suit me to be able to just concentrate for 2 days a week and then relax.

    Hope I manage to keep it going when I start a new job this summer where I will be away staying in hotels for most of the week and having to depend on shop bought ready made stuff!!!

    Wow, a new job this summer! Congratulations. Although I have to say hotel food can leave a lot to be desired – all the easier to do the fasting, I guess. We too are away for a while in the States, where I’ve always put weight on before. This time I definitely have a different relationship with my food and I’m sure I won’t go mad on the huge portions over there – maybe I’ll ask for kids portions, how about that.
    I wish you every success, with the job and the weight loss 🙂

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