2 or 3 meals on fast days?

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2 or 3 meals on fast days?

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  • Hi all, I’m hoping you might be able to help?

    I’m curious as to whether you have 2 or 3 meals on fast days? From some of the things Ive read on the forum most seem to have 2? Does anyone have 3 or is it too difficult with 500cal?

    For those who have 2 what have you found is the best combination? Breakfast, lunch dinner? Do you have a snack?

    Thanks for any advice

    It really depepnds on how and when you feel more comfortable to eat. 3 Meals within 500 Kcal is a bit too hard to do, 2 is doable.

    Good luck!

    Thanks Fitlmogen.
    Ya, 3 seems tough alright after I calculated it out! I started today with a lunch at under 200 cal (Here’s hoping I calculated it right!!) And I’ve my dinner measured out which is just under 300 cal!

    I’m going to give it a good whirl & hopefully I’II shift those unnecessary pounds 😉

    Opt for good food, too. Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables. Especially vegetables – they are your biggest friend in weight loss and not only 😉 Low kcal, full of vitamins, mineral and fiber, so that you feel fuller for longer.

    Hi Bejoiu , ive just started today and i am going for 2 meals , no breakfast , i had a low cal yogurt 60 calories and 4 grapes and tonite is lasagne 340 calories and some salad leafs thats it for today ….tummy rumbling as I speak !!!

    I’m not great for fruit & veg but making a real effort MollieP. For lunch I had a 2 egg omelette with peppers, onion, chilli & garlic! I used no oil & was careful measuring everything to ensure I’d the right calories!
    I’ve my dinner measured which will be stir fry without oil, lol! I’ve chicken breast, peppers, courgette, sweet potato, chilli, Garlic & gem lettuce!

    Jillyblossom I hear ya! I think though for me it’s my mind playing tricks on me cause I’d an omelette for lunch at under 200 cal! Roll on the weight loss!!!

    I roll the total other way, no food at all water only.

    For me it’s just easier. If I eat a little once or even littler twice a day. I just keep myself worrying on food. This way I know I can have it tomorrow. A good steak and all the trimmings. Just easier for me. Plus I get to keep off an extra 1200 calories a week.

    Fair play to you QuietOne! I wouldn’t be able to that myself! Do you find it works well for you in that you lose more weight?

    Hi Bejoiu and welcome:

    I agree with Quiet – easier and I lose weight a little faster if I don’t eat on diet days.

    Many people find after some time doing 5:2 that one evening meal on diet days high in fat/protein works best because they are less hungry on diet days and sleep better the diet day night.

    I also agree that you can’t do it, because, as Henry Ford said, ‘If you think you can or think you can’t you’re right.’

    Here are some tips that might help you with 5:2: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Bejoiu I lose a little faster I think, the main thing is that it is so much easier. I can just put food totally out of the mental equation. After a few water fasts I didn’t even notice that I’m not eating, well the odd sudden crave when I smell something great (usually totally bad for a person like fully loaded pizza where each slice is about 2000 calories) other than that truly I don’t think about food on fast days.

    Also I sleep better with water fasts though I tend to wake about an hour earlier in the morning. Eating I’d wake up in the middle of the night with stomach rumbles.

    Do what works for you. I suggest strictly adhering to the 5:2 for two months before changing anything. Then change small things and wait a few weeks before tweaking a bit more.

    You will find the fit for yourself that you can do almost effortlessly, though even after a year I know I have to think and be mindful. Sliding off is easy to do, rebuilding a broken pattern would I think be more difficult.

    I’m pretty happy with my way of dealing with it all. It’s sort of three meals a day.

    I have late breakfast (1/2 cup of porridge,coconut oil, cranberries, mulberries, cinnamon, flax seed, 3 tbsp probiotic yogurt) around noon and mid-day (4:00 oclockish) snack (1/4 cup of the same concoction, 1 tbsp yogurt) for a total of 250 calories. When I started I just ate it all at breakfast, but I find dividing it up like this makes a huge difference to my energy levels. As I eat porridge every other day of my life, I make big batches in advance (6 cups water, 2 cups steelcut oats, 3 tbsp coconut oil, 1/4 cup dried cranberries, 1/4 cup dried mulberries) and microwave daily.

    I have one dinner for Monday and a different one for Thursday. If I was male, I’d add butter to everything.

    Monday is 100 grams roasted salmon, on a bed of 100 grams roasted fennel (I do them side by side in the toaster oven on foil with a little Pam for the fennel) and 100 grams blanched and sauteed (a little onion and garlic) rapini (so some Pam is used but very little) with a sauce made of lemon juice, onion, dill or cilantro, sriracha. This also comes out to about 250 calories.

    Thursday is 2 eggs cooked for about 4 minutes in a spray of Pam, under a sauce of 100 grams tomato, 1 tbsp finely chopped onion, 1/2 tsp turmeric and sriracha (I’m pretty sure I found this recipe on here) with a bowl inverted over it to increase the heat, on a bed of 150 grams rapini. This totals out just under 250 calories.

    The shopping is down to a science – both meals are very satisfying because they have some decent fat in them and are bulked out by veg.

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