16 hours "total fast" in the beginning or at the end?

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16 hours "total fast" in the beginning or at the end?

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  • I aim for a total of 16 hours without food. Either from 3 PM Sunday until 7 AM Monday, and then my 600 kcal before 3 PM Monday (divided in two meals). That way I have my  “24 hours” fast and get a 16 hour window with no food.

    Alternative I eat normal on Sunday night, it may be a late dinner so say I stop at 9 PM, then I fast Monday and have my 600 kcal split on a breakfast and a lunch at 2-3 PM. Then I eat again (normal breakfast) on Tuesday 7 AM.

    Question: Is there any scientific evidense if one way or the other is better (healtier, has more benefits)?

    From my perspective it is equaly hard/easy but different challanges

    Related question:

    There is a 16:8  (or 8:16) method where you eat normally and just stop for 16 hours, then you eaat normally again, so never a low calory diet.

    Is there any information how this method stands to our 5:2 diet?


    PS. Like to call this “a 5:2 eating strategy” (diet sounds like you MUST lose weight, strategy is more to keep healty!

    For years I have been eating just one meal a day; I did this in the seventies and again in the eighties; having only lunch and lost weight, my tatgets both times.  95 kilos the first time down from 115, and the second time 85 kilos down from 105.  For the last 11 years I have been eating only the evening meal apart for a stint in 2005-6 where I ate 3 meals a day; morning tea, lunch and dinner were I put on weight even though I had got very active back on the tools working on a high rise building.  In the last 14 years I have hovered around the 115 kilo mark.  Since starting the fasting on the 23rd of April; having eaten 13 days out of 31, I have lost 11.5 kilos.  I pland to eat 3 fast 4 days until I reach my goal of 85 kilos, and then adjust my fasting to maintain that weight, which I think will be the 5:2 diet.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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