15 weeks later…10 kg lighter!

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15 weeks later…10 kg lighter!

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  • Hi everyone,
    Today is a happy one for me, I have now lost 10kg since I started the fast diet. I started the 9th of November, so I worked out that makes it 15 weeks, but it should be more like 12 because I had a week off for exam week and I didn’t do any fasting over Christmas for two weeks.
    It shows how much fasting actually changes your eating habits that during these weeks “off” I didn’t put on any weight, I just stayed the same.
    I still want to lose another 5kg, but I’m not worried about it. I love fasting it really does work! I fast Monday and Wednesday and try not to overeat the other non fast days during the week but I have to be honest… I don’t say no to anything on the weekend!
    Also, I haven’t dramatically increased the exercise, I’m fairly active at work, and I walk my dog at least an hour everyday, the same as before I started fasting.
    I’ve got my first swing dance class today, something I have always wanted to do and now feel confident in myself enough to try! Wish me luck!

    Congratulations Isa! I love it too!

    Hi. That is awesome. Have u kept the weight off? I am cross with myself as I lost 5 kgs and looked and felt much better and then put it back on! I am starting the 5:2 again and need some encouragement! I did check my ttacker though and seeing that I lost 3 kgs in only 3 weeks last time that has given me a real boost!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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