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  • My local market has had fresh sea bass in recently, so yesterday I tried the Vietnamese Sea Bass recipe from The FastDiet Cookbook, and it was *delicious*! The piece of sea bass I had was 0.82 lbs. and quite thick, so it needed about double the cooking time recommended in the book, plus I had placed the fish on a piece of foil, so when it was still quite raw after 15 minutes at 375 degrees F I closed the foil into a packet and upped the temp to 400 degrees.

    I served it with a stir-fry of low-calorie veg: asparagus, baby bok choy, zucchini, a few mushrooms, a few leftover spinach leaves, and the rest of the scallions in the bunch (the fish recipe called for one scallion), with a sauce of the same ingredients used for the fish: a tablespoon of lime juice, teaspoon of soy sauce, half teaspoon fish sauce, half teaspoon agave nectar (no oyster sauce, so substitute for the sweetness in that), quarter teaspoon red pepper flakes, half teaspoon grated ginger. A side of steamed rice for my underweight son (and I served him about 2/3 of the fish). A very successful fasting day dinner (I had 500 calories available for dinner, but the fish comes in at under 200 calories, so really anyone could have the fish and a decent-sized serving of the veg).

    sounds really pretty yummy!! 🙂

    Do you think you’ll try it, ushush? It wasn’t hard to make.

    It sounds so delicious and healthy. I like eating fish during lunch or dinner. Fish is a good substitute for some meat but my kids doesn’t want to eat fish. Could you recommend some fish recipes for the kids? Thanks!

    Thanks for the recommendation. Love seabass and Asian flavours so will be putting that on the menu for next week 🙂

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